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Fuck trump n his family forever n ever n ever

1 day ago

Fuck trump n his family forever n ever n ever

I was thinking this weekend about how awkward it was that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them insists that Americans call muggles “no-maj.” First off, it just doesn’t sound like an abbreviation we’d use, and it sounds even worse in plural. But I finally realized the more important point: it’s too direct. Especially for the time period, Americans would never have been that straightforward in talking about a topic that sensitive. And so I would like to submit, in the spirit of early twentieth-century slang, a list of possible euphemisms we may have used for muggles:

He washes his dishes with a cloth. He pays in nickels and dimes. He rides the trolley to work.  He takes his boots to the cobbler. He’s grateful for Mr. Edison. He’s one of Grisham’s boys. (here imagining that Grisham was a prominent wizard who famously fathered no magic children) He dances on the ground. He writes with a pen. He’s fond of a two-piece suit. He’s more King Arthur than Merlin. He’s got to wind his pocket watch. He gets his wax from bees. His wife darns his socks. He treats his ailments with tonics. His portraits stay put. His broom is only for sweeping.

I’m having a little too much fun with this, so if you have any to add, please send them over.

I think to most fun thing about this is that after a while of these phrases being popularized, they would end up getting shortened, like Trolley boys or Two-piecers.

I’m just saying, imagine how scandalized (or ecstatic) Arthur Weasley would be if he found in America, muggles were called “Arthurs”.

1 day ago

I was thinking this weekend about how awkward it was that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them insists that Americans call...

Hey guys not to poison your dash with stupid Pokemon shit, but I did some research and I thought I would share


1 day ago

Hey guys not to poison your dash with stupid Pokemon shit, but I did some research and I thought I would share

So Scientology has recently been purchasing ad spots on social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. Scientology has always worked hard to recruit young people it seems like they’re investing in social media as well now. I know most people think Scientology is a joke but it’s a seriously dangerous cult which uses fear, extortion, violence, vandalism and various other unethical actions against those who oppose them both inside and outside the church. Here is key information on the abuses committed by Scientology: 

•Scientology uses a form of pseudo-therapy called auditing which focuses largely on embarrassing and traumatic memories. Scientology collects the information you share and uses that information to threaten you if you oppose the church. They also charge huge amounts of money for auditing sessions (which is why they really are doing all this).

 •They are extremely anti-psychology and psychiatry and pressure you against taking any antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication or any other drugs for mental health.

 •They believe homosexuality can be “cured” and are blatantly homophobic. •Enemies of the church are labeled “suppressive persons” and it is forbidden to communicate with such people. This isn’t just to limit the negative press they receive but also is a manipulative tool. If you are in the cult and decide to leave or criticize the church you stand the risk of being completely cut off from your friends and family. “Suppressive Persons” are often also harassed, stalked, or threatened. 

•If you’re new to Scientology and your family or friends are worried about you being in a cult you’re instructed to cut them out of your life, increasing your reliance on the support system (though there’s nothing supportive about it) the church give to you. 

•Scientology’s doctrine includes the concept of “Fair Game”. This basically says that those who are judged a threat to the Church can be punished and harassed by any and all means possible.

 •Because of this, they have no moral qualms about having their members lie in court which they use to defend themselves from lawsuits or charges that they’ve broken the law and also to help win lawsuits against their enemies. •They essentially spied on and stole information from the IRS and tried to frame the mayor of Clearwater Florida for a hit and run. 

•Scientology filed 50 different lawsuits in one year against the Cult Awareness Network, an anti-cult organization. Using false testimony they won one of the suits and because the organization couldn’t pay the fine Scientology took the organizations name and logo so if you were calling to get out of Scientology you’d be unknowingly telling Scientology of your intentions. (For full transparency my mom was a member of the Cult Awareness Network before it was taken over and was sued individually by the Church of Scientology) 

•Scientology has an official branch known as the Sea Org, a mixture between a paramilitary group and slavery, comprised of their most dedicated members including many children/teens who’ve been raised in Scientology. This is where some of the most rampant and terrifying abuse in Scientology occurs. 

•Sea Org members often work over 100 hours a week for Scientology for around 2$ per hour.

 •Sea Org member’s living conditions are terrible; they live in overcrowded communal rooms with up to 12 other people, are not given healthcare unless there is a free clinic in the area, often are forced to miss meals or sleep in order to successfully completed their work. 

•Several former Sea Org members have accused the church of physical abuse. •Sea Org members may not have children and women who have become pregnant have reportedly been forced/coerced by their higher-ups to have abortions. 

•Leaving Sea Org without permission automatically makes you a suppressive person, so young adults who’ve been raised in Scientology who want to leave are cut off from everyone they’ve ever known with no money or job and getting permission to leave can require 3 years of hard labor, social isolation, and group pressure.

thie above is 100% true. one of my friends has scientology and other cults as a special interest. there are hundreds of pages of documentation of their abuse that you can publicly read about.

it’s one of the scariest “religions” you’ll ever meet if not THE scariest because it was PURPOSELY created to make money. unlike most cults that do have some seed of genuine belief however twisted and off base the founders are, scientology was never a belief system - it was a get rich quick scheme for a terrible hack author who saw that there was more money to be made in manipulating people into a cult and then not letting them leave. higher and higher levels of scientology, which you have to take to be truly “clear” aka free of evil spirits, will cost you thousands and even millions of dollars. they will literally hook you into a billion year contract and then pursue you for any money you “owe” them, thousands of “back fees” for their religious training, if you try to leave.

oh and it has literally driven people to suicide as part of its goal to keep “suppressive persons” from spreading information. someone even made a fucking song about its abuses.

stay the fuck away from anything marked scientology or dianetics. narconon (NOT the same as narcotics anonymous, the 12 step program) is also their thing. never even step FOOT into one of their free dianetics “auditing sessions” because they will use it to manipulate you into joining. they are incredibly persistent and will use every trick in the book to get you on board.

scientology: not even once.

Off the top of my head, a non-exhaustive list of “Brand Names” used by Scientology:

Narconon Dianetics Associate of Better Living and Education (ABLE) Criminon Applied Scholastics Delphi Schools The Way to Happiness Foundation Author Service Inc. Bridge Publications Inc. Golden Era Productions New Era Publications Citizens Commission on Human Rights The National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice

Do not join any of the organizations.  Do not work with them.  Do not use their materials.  Do not give them your money.  Do not sign any documents.


I can add nothing to this post except to say that this is true. I’ve crossed paths with these people several times. It’s a fascinating and terrible psychological control.

Took notes on Scientology from a public speaker and regrettably this is very true, based on the research done afterwards. But I think the obvious tell is the fact that the speaker began by explaining for 20 minutes straight about how “Scientology is not evil. It’s not a cult. People are just wrong and stupid.” Anyway if you have to preface your speech with a multitude of reasons why people shouldn’t think your belief system is god awful, then you may have a problem.

I fucking heard a commerical for them on a fairly popular radio station and am absolute appalled 

I’ve heard them, too, and they’ve set up their own TV channel as well.

Particular PSA for the Tumblr crowd as I know there’s a lot of creators on here: They’re also behind the “Writers of the Future” and “Illustrators of the Future” contests, which are run by “Author Services Inc” and “Galaxy Press” so beware of those if you’re looking to submit anything to contests

I knew the top few names, but the last few on the list are new. Interesting to see the way its names adapt over time.

Scientology is a dangerous cult that destroys lives and tears families apart.Stay the fuck away from Scientology. Stay as far the fuck away as you can.

2 days ago

Important Warning Please Read and Share

okay. i know this has been said, like, a million times already, but. you know how there’s a whole plot point in the fifth book where harry gets expelled for doing magic outside of school? this movie LITERALLY OPENS with harry doing magic outside of school and it’s NEVER mentioned again and i don’t want to nitpick but this is so egregious it made me scream into my sleeve


oh no - i’m not talking about the “blowing up aunt marge” scene, which is in the book and has a function and is mostly fine, i’m talking about the pre-opening credits scene of harry repeatedly and verbally casting lumos under the covers, which is not explained in-universe and makes me mad every time i see it

my only problem with the aunt marge scene is the integral part it plays in the unholy trinity of “scenes that are popular within certain very specific fetish groups, along with the clip of violet beauregarde turning into a blueberry and that one episode of spongebob squarepants”

underrated draco malfoy line: “i’ll get you for this! you and your bloody chicken!”

wow so uh. this movie really played up the “rivals with bonus subtext” thing, didn’t it. my god. 

the ostentatious apple crunching the borderline-desperate attempts to catch each other’s attention ”hey! potter!!! POTTER!!!! is it true you FAINTED????? i mean you actually FAINTED?????” when harry manages to tame buckbeak and malfoy instantly goes Oh No! Egad! My Détested Rival Has Prevailed…. I Must Outperform Him Right Away, Or Something Dreadful Will Happen malfoy making harry a little personalised note, folding it into an origami bird, and blowing it gently towards him, for the sole purpose of going “ha ha im gonna mash u at quidditch tomorrow” can they chill out for five minutes maybe

ah yes, and how could we forget the iconic delivery of

T U R N   T O   P A G E   3 9 4

i feel like we don’t give lupin enough credit for keeping a poker face when he finds harry wandering around with the map that he helped design (which he presumably hasn’t seen for, like, a decade). the guy is a solid professional. he doesn’t even do a double-take even though internally he must be going HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK

side note: i desperately want to know if the marauder’s map actually does insult anybody who tries to read it without permission, or if it was specifically designed to insult snape and only snape. i just really enjoy the image of the marauders sitting around in their common room like

sirius: idk man i feel like it’s missing something. maybe we should install a failsafe in case snivellus ever gets his greasy hands on it. i mean that’ll never happen obviously but just in case

james: lmao brilliant ok let’s brainstorm some insults

lupin: how about “we give our compliments to snape, and request that he keeps his abnormally large nose out of other people’s business”?



sirius: put it on the list


lupin 15 years later, staring at the map while snape stands next to him frothing with impotent rage:


2 days ago

harry potter and the regrettable movie rewatch 2019: prisoner of azkaban edition

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At Target this lady told her son he couldn’t have a Wonder Woman doll because “that’s for girls” and then bought her daughter...

2 days ago

At Target this lady told her son he couldn’t have a Wonder Woman doll because “that’s for girls” and then bought her daughter...

not to Discourse but I’m a cis man and my partner is an afab enby and if you call us a “straight couple” I will personally come to your house tie you to a chair and make you listen to a podcast about gender identity on endless repeat

this is specifically @ the people who saw us at pride together and saw them wearing a “THEY/THEM” button and still referred to them as my “girlfriend” you’re all cancelled thanks


it’s called respecting queer people juice

y'know the really amazing thing about the notes on this post - apart from just the sheer number of people who are, like, viscerally terrified of the existence of a person who isn’t cis - is how many of them are responding to things that aren’t here. specifically, you’ll notice I said nothing about my sexuality. I didn’t say I identified as non-het, or that I considered myself part of the LGBTQIA community. on the flip side, I also didn’t give you any reason to believe I’m not bi, or that I’ve never been in a relationship with a cis man. y'all know nothing about my sexuality from this post and you don’t need to and I’m not going to tell you about it now because! this post! was not! about me!

it was about respecting my partner’s identity. and the fact that they don’t get that respect from people in the exact community that they should be able to count on getting it from.

ie, you.

they are not het or cis, and no relationship they are in will ever be a “straight relationship” because they. are not. het. or. cis.

everyone in the notes gatekeeping me because I’m “not oppressed”? I never said I was. the person you’re really attacking and invalidating by shitting on this post is them, a pansexual nonbinary person who is unerasably queer.

huh. it’s almost as if the whole “we can’t let straight men use queerness to worm their way into our community” discourse is just an excuse to hate trans people, isn’t it.


2 days ago

not to Discourse but I’m a cis man and my partner is an afab enby and if you call us a “straight couple” I will personally come...

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Oh, oh, this reminds me of the only known bilingual palindrome:  Anger? ‘Tis safe never. Bar it! Use love.  Spell that backward...

2 days ago

Oh, oh, this reminds me of the only known bilingual palindrome: Anger? ‘Tis safe never. Bar it! Use love. Spell that backward...

Things I've learned driving around the country for work:

-Cracker barrels are always crowded. This is because they're great.

-Even if you're driving 10 mph over the speed limit in the right lane there will still be that one clown riding your ass. He likely has a punisher sticker on his rear window.

-that kind of dumpy guy you see in a white pickup and high vis clothing probably has a bigger part in making sure society properly functions than any politician.

- there are phrases that sound sweet and pleasant but are absolutely an insult. Bless your heart.

- every once in a while you'll drive through a dead town. Once there were thriving local businesses here. Somebody's hopes and dreams died here. Try not to think about it too hard or you'll get really sad

- You have not seen how bad roadkill can get until you've driven through a rural road in Appalachia.

- Opioids are a serious epidemic in this country

- this Jesus fella is still pretty popular, especially down south

- There are still stretches of this country where there is simply... nothing. No gas stations. No homes. Maybe farmland. It's eerie, especially at night

- that small restaurant you can barely see from the highway may have the best food you've ever tasted. It may also give you food poisoning. This is one of life's greatest gambles

- rest stops are a blessing and should be used whenever you need a break. They're also the best place to see dogs.

- everyone in this country, regardless of race religion or political affiliation, is just trying to make their way. Nobody really knows what they're meant to do. Everybody has dreams of what they want to do. This makes folks afraid, and people cope with this fear in different ways

- Hampton inns are overpriced.

2 days ago

Things I've learned driving around the country for work:

The sign under the register said:


Bruce stared at it. “Shit.”

Clark snorted, and started to make a joke about buying a pack of gum with a hundred dollar bill. Then he remembered who he was with. “Wait, are you—”

“It’s fine,” Bruce said before Clark could finish asking. “Excuse me,” he said to the woman behind the register. Her hair was the approximate color and consistency of straw. She had somehow conspired to form her bangs into a sort of tumbleweed above her forehead. Her pants were a distinctly visible shade of a pink camouflage print. Bruce held up a pack of gum. “I don’t suppose I could get this on store credit?”

She scoffed. She was chewing nicotine gum actively and open-mouthed. It was impossible to say if she didn’t know how to chew it properly, or just didn’t care. “Store credit’s for locals that I know are good for it,” she said. “No offense, but I don’t know you from Adam.”

Bruce could hear, over the chewing, the shaky breath of Clark trying to laugh silently.

“That’s understandable,” Bruce said mildly.

“I’m getting stuff anyway,” Clark said. “Throw it in with mine.”

“I can write a—”

“You’re not writing a check for a dollar.” Clark took the gum from Bruce’s hand before he could stop him. As usual, he did not care that powers were cheating. He did that thing where he used his shoulder to hide the unnatural speed of his hand from any possible audience.

Bruce didn’t even want gum. He was only buying it because of the other sign, the one that declared the bathroom was for paying customers only. “Where’s your bathroom?” he asked, the ramshackle wooden building seeming too small to hide such a thing.

“Outside, take a right,” she said, reaching beneath the counter as she entered prices into the register. She tossed him the key, attached to a piece of driftwood whittled in the shape of a gun.

Clark said nothing. It was a very meaningful nothing.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Bruce said as they stepped back outside, past the bushels of deer corn.

“But I did,” Clark said cheerfully, offering Bruce his gum.

“Hey!” the cashier called from the doorway, and both men stopped and turned. She held up a tabloid, and pointed at it. “This you?”

Bruce Wayne was on the cover, a classic paparazzi shot of a hotel balcony. He was on his phone, and had an expression of utmost exhausted disdain.

“No,” Bruce said.

“This says you’re supposed to be a billionaire,” the cashier said, ignoring him to bring the tabloid down and squint at it. “But you couldn’t even afford a pack of gum.”

Clark and Bruce exchanged the look of two men both trying not to look at each other while wanting to check and see what their expressions were. It was fleeting and confirmed all their suspicions.

“I’m always telling Jodie these things are fake,” she said, self-satisfied. “Just wait until she hears about this.” With a grin, she disappeared back into the gas station.

Clark opened his mouth to say something.

Bruce snatched the pack of gum from his hand, and stalked wordlessly around the building.

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hey guess what updated

chapter two wasn’t originally supposed to end with a cliffhanger but it was getting long and also i thought it was funny

speaking of things that aren’t what i’m supposed to be writing: chapter three

in which things… get weird

2 days ago

The sign under the register said: CASH OR CHECKS ONLY NO LARGE BILLS 50+ Bruce stared at it. “Shit.” Clark snorted,...

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It’s almost like the producers are the problem and the consumers don’t have much control over what they’re given  🧐

2 days ago

It’s almost like the producers are the problem and the consumers don’t have much control over what they’re given 🧐

Know what I’m salty about?

In all my art classes, I was never taught HOW to use the various tools of art.

Like yes, form, and shape and space and color theory and figure drawing is important, but so is KNOWING what different tools do.

I’m 29 and I JUST learned this past month that India Ink is fucking waterproof when it dries. Why is this important? Because I can line something in India Ink and then go over it with watercolors. And that has CHANGED the ENTIRE way I art and the ease I can create with.

tldr: Art Teachers: teach your students what different tools do. PLEASE.



yall calligraphers out there this is extremely fuckin important if u wanna get into illumination shenanigans because i swear to you there will b discoveries like these^

heres some of mine, pls take with a grain of salt im a total gotdamn amateur:

a lot of the time, the ability for colored ink to bleed will vary wildly WITHIN A SINGLE BRAND OF COLORED INKS. my cobalts bleed like fucking CRAZY compared to my reds, which, when u reference manuscripts that tend to put white ink ON TOP of either red or blue… you see where shit gets real and real annoying.  u can buy an aeresol, fully transparent workable sealant for like 5-10 dollars at your local art store. when i realize a piece ive been working on needs a color on TOP of a bleed happy ink, i give it a layer of this stuff. trouble is it CAN warp the paper so its important as soon as it dries to use heavy things (paperweights, books) to counteract the paper curling. ink solvent, like koh i noor’s rapido-eeze, is only compatible with SOME inks, but will work on most acrylics. If you happen to be working with sturdy vellum that you have pre-sealed, it can be possible to literally use ink solvent to wipe away your calligraphy mistake like a goddamn bounty commercial

Shit I Learned Working At Dick Blick: 

WD40, found at your local hardware store, will remove Sharpie marker from almost any hard surface.   Acrylic inks will show brush strokes in large areas but are waterproof and quick-drying.   Acrylic gouache is vivid, fluid, dried matte, is UTTERLY opaque on black paper, handles exactly like watercolor, and is waterproof.  Putting an oil painting in the sun will turn the yellowed portions back to their original white and wont hurt the painting.   Cheap acrylic paintings will bleach out if left in the sun - get UV protectant spray or varnish. Nicer acrylic paints are less prone to sun bleaching, but they still do. Plan accordingly. Oil paints are much less prone to this.  Solvent-based markers blend together MUSH MORE SMOOTHLY than alcohol-based markers.  There is an acrylic paint medium for literally every effect you can conceivably think of (fabric paint medium, gloss medium, fluid medium, sand medium, fast-dying/slow-drying medium, etc.).   If you’re going to buy student-grade paint to save cash, buy earth-tones (burnt sienna, ochre, etc.); they are made with cheap pigments already, and you wont tell a difference. You WILL tell a difference between student-grade and artist-grade bright colors (all yellows, blues, and reds).  If you’re working with markers but aren’t using marker paper, you need to switch. Markers don’t blend on printer paper, they just layer (even expensive markers).  If you want a glass palette for paint mixing but don’t want to shell out the cash, buy a giant picture frame at Goodwill, take the glass out, and electrical tape it to a piece of foam board the same size for stability.   Hog bristle brushes are for oil paint, sable brushes are for watercolor, and synthetic brushes are for acrylic and oil (but not watercolor because synthetic bristles can’t absorb water).   If you’re going to splurge on any aspect of your creation, splurge on the paper. Get the good stuff - crappy markers/paint/pencils look good on good paper, but not the other way around. (There is more, but these are the big ticket items)

Some more, also from working at Dick Blick:

- Palette knives are for mixing paint and TRUST ME you want to learn how to use them. When you mix with your brush you loose paint and it’s hard in your brushes.

- DO NOT FIX YOUR ARTWORK WITH HAIRSPRAY. If you’re proud of your work and want to keep it, buy the actual spray fix. Hairspray is not archival in the slightest and will damage your work.

- On top of that, be careful how you store your work. Newsprint is handy and cheap, but also not acid-free and it will yellow your paper. Foamboard? Matboard? Also not always acid-free (but you can get them acid-free).

- There is no food-safe paint. Period. There are lots of ways you can decorate pottery that aren’t glazes, but only glazes are food safe (and even some of those aren’t).

- Also not food safe: Polymer clay (sculpey), air dry clay, oil-based clay, ceramics that have not been glaze fired, oil pastels, sharpie, glues of any kind, or mod podge (even the ‘dishwasher safe’ kind).

- Don’t even get me started on mod podge. It’s not consistent. It’s not archival. It’s not a sealant, it’s a glue (setting aside some of the weird hyper-specific ones they make that I’ve literally never seen in real life).

- If your glue isn’t archival or at least acid-free, don’t use it in your artwork.

- There are so many different kinds of paper out there, just go try them. But also make sure you know if it’s acid-free or not (it probably is).

- Marker paper is usually 15 to 20 lbs. News print is usually 30 to 35 lbs. Tracing paper is usually 25 lbs. Rice paper can range from 20 to 50 lbs. Printer paper is 20 lbs. Vellum paper is usually 48 to 55 lbs. Sketchbook paper is usually 50 to 60 lbs. Drawing paper is usually 70 to 80 lbs. Cardstock can range from 50 to 110 lbs. Charcoal paper is usually 50 to 65 lbs. Pastel paper can range from 70 lbs to board. Bristol paper can range from 50 lbs to board. Mixed media paper can range from 90 to 140 lbs. Printmaking paper can range from lbs 90 to 300 lbs. Watercolor paper can range from 90 to 500 lbs.

- The heavier and rougher the paper is, the more it will absorb. If you’re using a paper too smooth for your medium it will take forever to dry and may smudge. If you’re using a paper too light for your medium, it will warp and curl.

- If you’re working heavily with water, you need to stretch your paper (aka seal down your edges of the paper to a hard, water resistant surface). If you don’t like doing that because it’s a hassle, buy a watercolor block instead of a pad/individual peices.

- If you’re working on a thicker paper, and make a mistake that your can’t erase or cover- you can scrape and/or cut it out! With a really sharp exacto knife, you can very CAREFULLY remove the top layer of paper fibers on most paper.


- If you paint with oil, buy a silicoil jar. It’s the best $10 you’ve ever spent.

- Acrylic paint is basically water-based plastic. It will basically fuse with anything plastic (like a plastic palette), and will not stick to anything oil-based.

- Acrylic paint and house paint are not the same thing and you cannot mix them together. Acrylic paint is made from a water-based acrylic polymer, and house paint is almost always latex and can come both water-soluable and not.

2 days ago

Know what I’m salty about? In all my art classes, I was never taught HOW to use the various tools of art. Like yes, form, and...

Everyone complains about how annoying film students are to know but you don’t really understand the depths of film student hell until you’ve been in film classes

-The kid who tried to convince the professor that men’s rights activists were good and like feminists because he thought the class was too focused on feminism and it wasn’t fair

-The girl who was inspired by an ISIS attack to write a romantic drama about a woman who falls in love with a terrorist

-The guy who didn’t know “beat” in a script meant that you paused the length of a musical beat and would hit the table every time he saw it

-“My character is a kind, likable, smart, funny, talented jock that everyone loves. His weakness? He’s too perfect and popular.” “What’s his character arc?” “A girl who doesn’t like him learns to like him.” “But how does he grow and get better?” “Oh he doesn’t.” “What’s his flaw?” “He doesn’t have one.”

-The professor who asked us to argue one side of an argument or another for our papers but only let us use references that agreed with her opinion

-The guy reading aloud my script and didn’t understand that “he runs his hand through his hair anxiously” meant his own hair so he started anxiously running his fingers through the other guy’s hair

-“My character is based on me. He’s a nice guy who doesn’t have a lot of friends, he’s smart, girls don’t really pay attention to him and he’s never dated or had sex. … He’s not entirely based on me actually I shouldn’t have said that.”

-The professor who had us watch porn for homework then again in class while high schoolers were visiting

-The guy who was a super atheist who only wrote movies making fun of religion and took zero criticism because no one “got” his ideas

-“It’s about a society where robots have taken over all manual jobs so society is in upheaval as half the population is out of work. My main character is a super hero.” “Is he fighting against the rich people like Robin Hood?” “No he’s fighting the unemployed rioters.” “… That’s a bad idea.”

-The guy who wanted to be a voice actor so found every excuse to do his horrible voices in class with his favorites being a cartoon Asian accent and jive talk

-The time we had to be in groups and write a kids story and the group that unironically wrote about a scared bunny who learned to be brave and that playing in traffic is fun

-The film writing professor who didn’t know what the word climax meant in relation to plot points in a script and said she didn’t think films had a concept of having a story climax and it only happened in books

-“That reminds me of this time I was in the Louvre on shrooms…”

A 10,000 watt industry illuminated by 10 watt bulbs.

2 days ago

Everyone complains about how annoying film students are to know but you don’t really understand the depths of film student hell...

some man online: “arya’s a mary sue. rey’s a mary sue. i simply don’t believe a young girl could be that skilled.”

what they expect me to say: “well, no, actually, canon supports it, because if you look back as far as season three, she’s been training for–”

what i’m actually gonna say: “good. good. about fucking time. in the next movie i hope rey blows up a dreadnought with finger lightning that she learned earlier that day. i hope she rips palpatine’s spine out with her bare hands while everybody claps”


Neither of those are coherent reasons beyond whining “I want! I want! I want!”

Whoosh, their point really went over your head

the point of “I want it! I don’t care that it’s sloppily made! I want it, I want it, I want it!”?

white straight cis men: [getting to eat candy exclusively for like seventy years, just drowning in candy, candy, putting up billboards with pictures of candy]

anybody else: may i also please… have some candy

you, an intellectual: candy rots your teeth. what are you, some kind of fucking baby

how’s that in any way, shape or form related to wanting fiction to be well made, and not just a strawman made by you so that you can mock someone who dislikes sloppy writing and doesn’t mind bad ideas being criticized?

hey, if it’s asking questions time, here are some of mine:

what’s “sloppily made” or a “bad idea” about a trained girl assassin doing an assassination?

what’s “sloppily made” or a “bad idea” about a girl discovering she can use a quasi-magical force in a universe where quasi-magical forces exist?

what’s “sloppily made” or a “bad idea” about having a gay superhero in a story that takes place in a world where gay people exist?

what’s so hard to understand about my original post? is it not obvious that i’m making a joke? a joke about the way that gatekeepers expect us to be constantly proving the “quality” and “merits” of us getting any scraps of representation at all? when we should not have to fucking do that?

i’m tired of being forced to do fandom homework for gatekeepers. i shouldn’t have to write a dissertation on arya’s training with the faceless men to establish the validity of her actions to people who’ve been watching the fucking show all along but just have such misogyny-soaked brains that they can’t recognize the difference between “bad writing” and “my own shitty internal bias.” there is PLENTY of shitty writing on game of thrones: nearly all of it! but this was a logical plot development, and yet fandom still lost its collective shit, because skilled women are somehow the most fantastical element of a fucking ice zombie story.

that dude asking “well why should there be a gay avenger?” is a perfect example: he wants his homework done for him. he wants an essay in 12-point font with one-inch margins outlining Ten Solid Reasons for the inclusion of a gay avenger and their Relevance to the Plot, but i will tell you what he deserves, which is to be told to fuck off. there should be a fucking gay avenger because there are fucking gay people alive on earth and that is IT. we’re alive in the world, and so we deserve stories. stories about people like us. it’s that simple.

the point of my original post is that i am done politely providing footnoted essays on why there should be heroic lead characters that i identify with. “rey’s a mary sue” is not a statement that deserves to be refuted with evidence, it deserves to be fucking laughed at, and i was.

so i didn’t build a strawman for you: you carried one in here. feel free to escort it back out.

Reminds me of the time some dude complained that I offhandedly mentioned that a character a lesbian because it was “unnecessary” and I just replied with their classic “jeez its hard to say stuff these days” they usually weaponize against POC and LGBTQ. I’m still proud of that lmao.

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some man online: "arya's a mary sue. rey's a mary sue. i simply don't believe a young girl could be that skilled." what they...

Katara: It’s not magic. It’s waterbending, and it’s- Sokka: Yeah, yeah, an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah. Look, I’m just saying that if I had weird powers, I’d keep my weirdness to myself. 

So I wanted to talk a little about Katara, because I think we often focus on her grief for her mother, and forget her relationship to her culture, and her experience of the Southern Water Tribe genocide (unlike the Air Nomads genocide, which was for the greater part over after four big terrifyingly effective simultaneous strikes, this one took place over a long length of time - more than 40 years? 50? - and it wasn’t total, but it definitely was one. genocide = the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group, fwiw)


(Kanna’s village - before and after)

All of the Southern water benders were exterminated or taken away to rot in prison (where they all died eventually except for Hama). Katara was born the only bender left in the whole South Pole. Then when she was eight years old, she survived a raid that was meant to kill her, but took her mother instead (she probably was too young to realize that, to her it must have been a question mark up until she met Yon Rha - gratuitous cruelty? Why her mother in particular? They took nothing else!).

So Katara from a young age had a double burden to bear: that of her mother, and the legacy of her bending (and she was shown as painfully aware of her situation and what it meant on both front). But here’s the thing: Katara could be a mother, she was naturally good at it, and her grandmother could teach her what she didn’t already knew. Her family and tribe demanded that of her, they needed her to be that for them (especially after her father and the rest of the men basically abandoned them). However, there was no one left to teach her how to waterbend - she had almost no hope of ever becoming a master without formal training, her brother thought it was silly and weird and let her know, her grandmother thought it was a waste of time. But she kept practicing, because she knew how important it was, to her and to her tribe, that she kept trying (as the only one left who could).

(…an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah…)

(Of course she would obsess over that waterbending scroll)

When she gets to the North Pole, she meets Pakku, and with him the opportunity of finally becoming a true master. But because she is a girl, he judges her unworthy. He judges her, the only remaining southern waterbender, unworthy of carrying on their culture. The Fire Nation didn’t care about the gender of their prisoners, men and women - they all fought side by side for their freedom in the South, and they were all taken away to the last one, and killed to the last one. In the South, the women had the choice to learn how to fight, or be defenseless. And privileged master Pakku couldn’t possible realize the extend of what he was denying her in that moment.

Katara had to prove herself, she had to earn her right to these teachings. And if she had been less good or less stubborn or not Kanna’s granddaughter - well the North would have refused their sister-tribe the power to use their common cultural heritage to fight back against the nation that destroyed them.

(It’s sexist and terrible.)

Meh, thankfully, she was that good, stubborn, and Kanna’s granddaughter, and she did get to become a master.


But, of course, her story doesn’t end here, and wrt her culture, the next chapter is a much more traumatizing experience. In the Fire Nation, she meets another master. This time it’s an old woman from the South like her (“You’re a waterbender! I’ve never met another waterbender from our tribe!”), and she is, ah, more than willing to help her.

Look how happy Katara looks at the idea to learn from her in particular:


Katara: I can’t tell you what it means to meet you. It’s an honor! You’re a hero.Hama: I never thought I’d meet another southern waterbender. I‘d like to teach you what I know so that you can carry on the southern tradition when I’m gone.Katara: Yes! Yes, of course! To learn about my heritage… it would mean everything to me.

But when Hama starts her lesson, the techniques she teaches have been obviously developed with one goal in mind: survival in enemy territory. They can’t possibly have been invented in the South Pole, where water is abundant everywhere. They are deadly and cruel, and the damage they do to the environment leaves Katara sad and uncomfortable, but Hama waves that off as unimportant. It doesn’t matter, she doesn’t have the time to worry about flowers or beauty or nature. To her that peace and beauty is probably just an illusion anyway, a lie: years after her escape she is still living the war, and war is ugly and rotten and messy (her world is ugly and rotten and messy - this is her comfort zone).

The last technique she teaches Katara is bloodbending. She forces Katara to learn something she finds disgusting, repulsive (just like Hama was forced to learn?) by torturing her (Hama was tortured), by overpowering her, invading her, making her lose control over her own body, bending her blood (Hama herself is clinging to the last remain of control she managed to get back after rotting in prison for years), and finally by threatening to have the two people she cares most about in the world kill each other right under her eyes (Hama lost everyone too, she had to say goodbye).


(Katara: But, to reach inside someone and control them? I don’t know if I want that kind of power.Hama: The choice is not yours. The power exists…and it’s your duty to use the gifts you’ve been given to win this war. Katara, they tried to wipe us out, our entire culture… your mother!Katara: I know.Hama: Then you should understand what I’m talking about. We’re the last Waterbenders of the Southern Tribe. We have to fight these people whenever we can. Wherever they are, with any means necessary!Katara: It’s you. You’re the one who’s making people disappear during the full moons.Hama: They threw me in prison to rot, along with my brothers and sisters. They deserve the same. You must carry on my work.)

And this, this, is the only truly southern waterbending Katara is ever going to learn. This is her tribe’s bending heritage, what’s left of it: blood, grief, suffering, hatred, loss of control over both your body and mind (because it’s terrible, but I think that’s what’s implied by the show: bloodbending makes you lose your mind. Hama’s only mean of regaining physical freedom ended up trapping her in another nightmare). Hama gifts her with a power she despises (but will use anyway in her darkest hour when she loses control) and a philosophy of violence and revenge.


Katara chose peace and forgiveness. As an adult, she will have bloodbending outlawed, she will become the greatest healer in the world, and she’ll teach her daughter, the next avatar, probably many others. These choices matter, and we should talk about them with that background in mind. Katara redefined her heritage - or rather she created a new one for herself: she refused the condition that was forced upon her (bloodbender) and ensured nobody could legally do to someone else what Hama did to her (and it’s implied this law is valid anywhere in the world). She transmitted Pakku’s warrior teachings, the ones she fought for, to the next generations (and did a great job of it!), but she also taught them how to heal, refusing to separate the arts as in Northern Water Tribe tradition - and healing was something she discovered by herself, that she felt was always a part of her. At that, she became the universally acknowledged best. Her legacy, despite everything that happened to her, will never be one of violence.

tl;dr: Katara is one of the strongest fictional characters ever created bye

something interesting about Katara is how she initially embraces violence – she doesn’t want to heal, she wants to fight. She calls herself a Waterbender from the very beginning, but even when she is offering to heal she never calls herself a healer, she just says she has healing abilities. She didn’t even want to learn how to harness them, because she was so focused on using her bending to fight the Nation that stole her mother from her. And part of that might be because her healing abilities didn’t manifest to help anybody but herself. For someone as community and family-oriented as Katara, who puts the safety and happiness of her loved ones above her own time and time again, that must have stung. Her mother had been murdered but her healing only showed up when her friend accidentally burned her. Her tribe, small and dying, had dedicated everything to fighting the Fire Nation – violence for the sake of others was honorable and just, to the point that her father left his orphaned children behind, for years, just to fight for their sake.

And yes, Katara is a combat genius and a prodigy. But the last significant act of bending we see her do is saving Zuko’s life by healing him. No matter how hard they had just fought for each other’s safety, it was her healing, not her combat bending, that kept him alive. She didn’t even beat Azula with a water whip or a wave, but with quick thinking and trickery that caused absolutely no physical harm. 

And then she grew up to be the most powerful healer the world had ever seen.

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Katara: It’s not magic. It’s waterbending, and it’s- Sokka: Yeah, yeah, an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah....


if you told me there was an anime fighter based off of les mis i would fucking attack you like an animal

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if you told me there was an anime fighter based off of les mis i would fucking attack you like an animal

he is right and he should say it


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he is right and he should say it

Super Smash Bros moves performed by Marvel stuntmen

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Super Smash Bros moves performed by Marvel stuntmen

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[pixiv] [part 2]

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[pixiv] [part 2]

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Man found the stoplight cameras were activated during yellow lights and decided to cut the wires of it.

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Man found the stoplight cameras were activated during yellow lights and decided to cut the wires of it.

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Art tutorials by Disney artists Griz and Norm Lemay

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Art tutorials by Disney artists Griz and Norm Lemay

Marcus stopped abruptly in the middle of the grass. A woman in a blue dress was already sitting on the Crisis Bench. He didn’t recognize the dress. She looked up from where she was sitting.

“Sorry,” he said, holding up his hands. “I didn’t think anyone would be over here.” He didn’t think he remembered an introduction to anyone in that dress. It was a memorable sort of a dress. “I believe I ran into your mother inside?” he ventured, because he ran into so many mothers.

“She’s not here,” she said, which was not what he wanted to hear and which he absolutely could not handle at the moment.

“Right,” he said, trying to recover, pretending as if he’d just remembered something. “Your father–”

“We haven’t met,” she interrupted. “I’m not anyone.”

“Oh thank god,” he said, abandoning propriety to collapse onto the bench, dropping his head between his knees. “Thank you.”

“Too many people?” she said sympathetically.

“I’m really bad with faces,” he admitted.

“A lot of people are,” she assured him.

He dragged his hands down his face. “I just confused a Duke with a waiter.”

She bit her lip. “As long as you aren’t rude to waiters, you should be fine,” she said.

“I wasn’t rude,” he said. “I’m never rude. It would have been better if I was rude.” He buried his face in his hands. “I tipped him,” he said, anguished, muffled by his palms. Why had he been dressed like a waiter?

She burst out laughing, loud and with her head tipped back, overwhelming the empty garden. He separated his fingers to stare at her.

“Sorry,” she hiccuped, which immediately descended back into snorts. She laughed like she was hunting for truffles.

“Thanks,” he said, though he almost did feel better. “I’m feeling very supported in my time of need.”

“There’s only one thing you can do,” she said, wiping tears from her eyes, trying to dab at them to not destroy her makeup. Reflexively, he offered her a handkerchief, which she accepted. “You have to flee the country. It’s the only way.” She checked the handkerchief for signs of smeared eyeliner. “Leave your family. Change your name. Get a new family. Never tell them your dark secret.”

“I think my old family might notice if I got a new family,” he said, now resting his chin in his hands, elbows balanced on his knees.

“That’s why you have to burn your house down,” she said matter-of-factly, now holding his handkerchief in a neat fold in her lap. “Just burn the whole thing. Everything but your favorite hat. You leave the hat on top of the ashes for your family to find. ‘This must be him’ they’ll say. 'He would never have left his favorite hat’. It’s the perfect crime. Once it’s done, you become a pig farmer. Anyone comes around asking questions, you feed them to the pigs.”

“You seem like you’ve put a lot of thought into this,” he observed. “How are your pigs?”

She looked him over sidelong. “Hungry,” she said primly.

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Marcus stopped abruptly in the middle of the grass. A woman in a blue dress was already sitting on the Crisis Bench. He didn’t...

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“In a performance protest against the Australian shark cull and the global slaughter of sharks, a woman risks it all to dance on...

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“In a performance protest against the Australian shark cull and the global slaughter of sharks, a woman risks it all to dance on...