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God okay so I’m going to say this now; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not risk your health or anyone’s in the form of getting a “cheap” binder of ebay or where ever. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save your $4-$10 dollars for those cheap ebay ones and put it towards a gc2b binder. Or if you want an Underworks go for that but I highly suggest gc2b. They’re about $40 (with shipping) and will last you WAY longer than any cheap ebay one. They are MEANT for lasting you. I wash mine many times week, wear it daily, Wear them daily. I have two. Had them for almost a year now. But I cannot urge you enough to PLEASE save up your pennies for a PROPER SAFE binder. Binders you can breathe in, binders you can move in, binders that don’t crush your ribs, binders that are comfortable, binders that are safe.

This isn’t a safe binder:


It uses clasps and not compression.

This is a c2b binder; made by trans people for trans people:


These binders have no clasps but uses spandex to compress you safety. 

Measure your chest before ordering to make sure you don’t get one too small or too large.

UPDATE (06/12)

I wanted to add more information on where you can buy binders and info in general about binders

You can buy binders from these sites

@gc2b-apparel​ (OPs #1 Recommendation)

@shapeshiftersinc​ (AKA underworks)

Used Binders

If you can’t afford a binder, don’t despair! Used binders are often passed on by post-op trans men or those whose binders may no longer fit. There are a few programs available that help distribute donated second-hand binders:

In A Bind – Started in 2012, to date In a Bind has provided safe compression garments to over 1500 youth in need. Trans* masculine and genderqueer youth living anywhere in the USA can apply to receive a free binder. In a Bind depends on donations. Recently had top surgery? Go up or down a size? Find a style that works better for you? Donate those binders you’re no longer using! Black Trans Advocacy FTM Binder Grant MORF Binder Exchange – Since February 2011, MORF has been providing free binders to trans* masculine people in the UK and around the world. The free scheme (all you pay is the postage) has so far redistributed hundreds of binders. In 2014 alone, over 280 binders were sent out. FTME Free Youth Binder Program – Age 24 and under only; USA only. Replace the Ace – USA only Big Brothers Used Binder Program – Donation required Mazzoni Center’s Binder Recycling Program – Only for youth enrolled in P.A.C.T.S., Philadelphia. Point 5cc Tshirt Company – Free binder with purchase of t-shirt Come As You Are’s Binder Bucks Recycling Program – Canada only Qmunity Binder Exchange – BC, Canada only. Trans Fellas Northern Ireland Binder Scheme –  Age 25 and under, N. Ireland only.

You can also try asking around for an inexpensive hand-me-down binder on one of themailing lists for trans guys or check out LiveJournal’s FTM Garage Sale and the FtM Sales, Swap, and Support group on Facebook.

How to Choose a Chest Binder

If you still remember your old bra size, you can find out your binder size by using theBra to Chest Size Converter Tool. If you don’t know your old bra size, you can measure yourself the old-fashioned way:

Take a snug measurement of the fullest part of your chest using a tape measure (best if measured while clothed) and write that number down onto a sheet of paper. Measure underneath your chest where the crease is and write that number down as well. Add those numbers together and divide the sum by 2. This number will differentiate your size not only from brand to brand but from binder to binder as well.

Selecting a binder brand and style can be difficult: there are so many options that it can be overwhelming! Plus, there aren’t very many reviews of binders other than those about Underworks’ and T-Kingdom’s more popular models. After buying your binder, help make the experience easier for guys in the future by contributing your review to one of the review sites listed below.

Essentially, there are two types of binders: short ones and long ones. The short ones end right at your waist. The down side of these is that if you carry some extra weight, short binders tend to roll up and act more like a bra. The long ones can be pulled down past your waist by several inches, however it’s inevitable that it will still roll up. To reduce the chances of this, wear a belt. Choosing between a short and long binder has more to do with your body type, specifically your abdomen, and not your chest size.

Lastly, consider the location of the company you’re buying from. Buying from a company that’s closer to you can save you a significant amount of money on shipping costs.

How to Put On a Chest Binder

It might seem silly, but you’re probably going to need some help figuring out how to put on your new binder, particularly if you purchased one of the longer styles.

Put your binder inside out and upside down. Step into your binder and pull the bottom of it up, ideally to your belt line. The binder should still be inside out and upside down. Use the sleeves as handles to pull the top of the binder (the end closer to your feet) up to your shoulders. Put your arms through the sleeve holes and adjust your chest to your needs. You may need to pull the bottom of the binder out from underneath itself if you don’t want it folded under. For others, leaving it folded under may help stop the binder from rolling up.

Don’t be disappointed if you look in the mirror and it looks like you have one big boob in the middle of your chest. You just need to adjust your chest. Reach in from the neck hole and push your chesticles down and out. You’re basically pushing your nipple toward your armpit to achieve the flattest looking chest possible.

FTM Chest Binding Tips

Very important: When binding, you should not by any means feel as though you can’t breathe or like you’re going to pass out from a lack of oxygen.

Binders aren’t the most comfortable things in the world. To make binding more comfortable, and to reduce the possibility of the binder moving around a bit, some guys wear a light shirt underneath.

Depending on the size of your chest, you may need to layer clothing on top of the binder to get optimal chest flattening. You’ll find that some of the shirts in your closet require you to layer more than shirts in your wardrobe.

You can swim in your binder. Just wear a sleeveless or sleeved T-shirt over it. Don’t worry if your binder seems less effective after a swim, this isn’t permanent. Simply wash it and it will go back to normal.

Your chest will look bigger than it really is when you look down at it. Check in the mirror for a more accurate side view.

Not all binders breathe well, and the reality is that you’re probably going to get hot. If you’ve already started testosterone, you’re definitely going to sweat. The build up of sweat can irritate your skin causing rashes and sores. Wearing a thin cotton shirt that breathes well underneath your binder may help prevent this. If you find this uncomfortable, try applying corn starch to your body before putting on your binder to help keep it from holding in moisture. If you’ve already experienced skin irritation of some sort, take care of it the same way you would an open wound. Washing the irritated area with anti-bacterial soap will keep it clean and help it heal faster.


Chest binding, as cumbersome as it may seem, can be very freeing for transgender men. There’s a plethora of quality FTM chest binding products available for body types of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of what you use for binding, please remember to put your health first. Now that you’re armed with all the information you need to find the right binder for you, go forth and feel more comfortable in your skin!

FTM Chest Binder Reviews

Chest Binder Reviews Site: Written reviews of various chest binding products. Binders are rated for effectiveness, comfort, and discreetness. Binder Reviews’ YouTube Collab Channel: This is a collab channel dedicated to providing reviews of a wide variety of chest binders on different sizes and shapes of people.

(Note: These sites are no longer updated.)

More FTM Chest Binding Resources

Binding Safely for Your Body: Tips for All Body Types and Sizes The 6 Best Tips for Binding in the Summer Hudson’s Guide to FTM Binding: Includes a complete list of other products you can use for chest binding, such as compression garments and sports bras. FYI Binding Tips: The Butchelor has some useful tips on how to put on a binder, how to keep it from rolling up, and how to wash a binder.

Do you have any tips about binding? Want to share your experience with a particular binder brand or model? Do you know of other binder manufacturers, particularly those outside of Asia and the US? Please leave your comments below.

Last updated: 05/20/16 (x)

This isn’t a userbox but I wanted to reblog this here for all of our followers who bind!! Stay Safe lovelies and just a reminder not to use Ace bandages!!! - Daniel


5 days ago

God okay so I’m going to say this now; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not risk your health or anyone’s in the form of getting a “cheap”...

Knowing that trans women of color started the movement in the united states and were literally immediately erased and excluded from what they started is the most deeply jading knowledge.

It is the original sin of the so-called queer community and it damns it from the cradle.

no white gay boy will ever reblog this, watch:

no white gay will reblog this

no white lgb person will reblog this

Without Stonewall, without the efforts of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, the LGBTQ Community wouldn’t be where it is today. Don’t forget the roots, don’t forget the catalyst.

and then TERFs wanna be like, “hmm well the LGBT community existed before Stonewall!”

but like…Becky, of course LGBTQ+ people existed before Stonewall. We’ve all existed since the beginning of time. But the movement got a shock to its senses, a jump-start, a rocket-into-space when that glass shattered via Marsha P. Johnson, and when Sylvia Rivera was up on-stage protesting guess who was on the sidelines heckling her?

The same fuckers who won’t ever reblog or acknowledge this


My apologies to the original poster as I photo captured this post to add to the thread-I reposted this last year for pride and expect to repost it every year I have left-it’s our history people.

Marsha P. Johnson allegedly died of suicide in 1992, and her death was never investigated. Even I, a mere prole, could catch the “she was murdered” vibes from the circumstances surrounding the discovery of her body.

Without a trans black woman, LGBT+ rights would not exist. Never forget. Never “pay it no mind”.


And whatever you do, don’t watch that awful movie Stonewall.  Go watch a documentary on Marsha P. Johnson instead.

27 days ago

Knowing that trans women of color started the movement in the united states and were literally immediately erased and excluded...

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ATTENTION COSPLAYERS:   I would like to make the paint brand “Angelus” known. It is a special paint that is for leather, faux...

1 month ago

ATTENTION COSPLAYERS: I would like to make the paint brand “Angelus” known. It is a special paint that is for leather, faux...

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Hands Row 1 & 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 & 6 Row 7

1 month ago

Hands Row 1 & 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 & 6 Row 7

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Crusty French Bread Recipe  Really nice recipes. Every hour.  Show me what you cooked!

2 months ago

Crusty French Bread Recipe Really nice recipes. Every hour. Show me what you cooked!

so it turns out one reason why kissanime’s been sucking ass lately in terms of load times is cause rapidvideo literally uses your browser to mine cryptocurrency???

And that’s just like, one of the hundreds/thousands of other sketchy things the site has going on in the background by just sitting on any of its web pages without an adblocker/scriptblocker


Yo, if you wanna use KissAnime, you gotta be able to protect yourself & your computer from its shadiness. This post is discouraging, but sadly, there aren’t any less shady alternatives (aside from the legal streaming sites, of course) Anyway, if you wanna use any streaming site, you should download these Chrome extensions:

- uBlock Origin

And then you’re gonna wanna add this list to your uBlock filters…it blocks a lot of the nasty popups. 

- Kiss Essentials

Removes ads and adds functionality. Can never be too safe, right?

- Pop Up Blocker 

This extension is a lifesaver, seriously. Personally, I’ve never seen it used on Kiss, but it works a lot on other streaming sites. With uBlock, Essentials, and Pop Up Blocker, it’s very rare that I see ads. 

- Minerblocker

As the name suggests, it blocks crypto miners. I can’t vouch for its reliability yet, as it hasn’t blocked anything for me atm.

I also use a tampermonkey script to block the “Are You Human?” thing. Pretty sure it’s on the Kissanime reddit (also, if you use Kiss a lot, browse that sub even more!! It’s really useful to know what the hell is going on the site before you risk your computer). Make sure to download Malwarebytes, too! 

reblogging this again because this is a much better version than just saying “dont use kissanime”

All illegal streaming services do stuff like this, so instead of going somewhere else, learn how to protect yourself from malicious advertisements.

2 months ago

so it turns out one reason why kissanime’s been sucking ass lately in terms of load times is cause rapidvideo literally uses...

Everyone may *think* they hate country music, but when Jolene, Before He Cheats, Take Me Home Country Roads, or Life is a Highway comes on, everyone is suddenly a liar.

I know this is a funny post but

There are a few major points in Country Music’s history that got the entire genre labeled as ‘annoying’

Post 9/11 nationalism A term that I couldn’t make up “Bro-Country” which intensifies themes of booze, objectifying women, and partying that were present in past decades but not to such an extent This is Gospel Music But With an Accent

Now looking at the songs op listed there is

A woman pleading to another woman A woman wrecking a shitheads life A guy loving the scenery of where he lived A song that could easily be mistaken for a number of other genres

But it is easier to say that one hates country while privately enjoying select songs than explain why one doesn’t like the current market oversaturated with our nation’s problems of nationalism, sexism, and so on

see also jhonny cash/willie nelson era songs which were deeply emotional stories often about painful and deep subjects. prison, loss of loved ones, hard labor, facing despair, passion. ‘ghost riders in the sky’ and the like are also deeply satisfying as they bridge more into folklore then ‘murica fuck yeah im sponsored by bud light yall’another example- ‘midnight in montgomery’ where hank williams junior sings about the ghost of his father

“ … And felt the wind die down,And a drunk man in a cowboy hat, Took me by surprise,Wearin’ shiny boots, a nudie suit, and haunted, haunted eyes,He said: “Friend, it’s good to see you, It’s nice to know you care”Then the wind picked up and he was gone,Was he ever really there? ‘Cause when the wind is right,You’ll hear his song,Smell whisky in the air,Midnight in Montgomery,He’s always singin’ there, “the reason we ‘hate country’ is because we know its supposed to have FEELING and its infuriatingly absent now

70s country - bluegrass traditional

80s country - power ballads

90s country - pop crossover

00s country - white supremacy

2 months ago

Everyone may *think* they hate country music, but when Jolene, Before He Cheats, Take Me Home Country Roads, or Life is a...

Got a cosplay idea but the character has lots of arm (or leg) tattoos? Don’t feel like painting on yourself with body paints or hunting down that horrendously expensive temporary tattoo paper? Here’s a quick tutorial for making tattoo sleeves using nylons and sharpie markers! 



- Supplies are cheap! You may even have many or all the supplies you need right at home.

- Quick and not very messy! No paint is involved, and sharpie marker dries instantly. 

- Easy! Great artistic skill not required.

- They move with your skin! People have legit thought these were real tattoos. From a distance, yes, but I had guys at cons with actual ink on their arms come over to compliment on my full (fake) sleeves. 

- You get to eat pringles! More on that later. 


- They are delicate. Nylons get holes in them super easy and forearms run into stuff, lean against things, and generally make it hard for the sleeves to survive. But if you only need them for a weekend, that’s ok.

- I haven’t experimented too much, but unfortunately this technique probably doesn’t work for wearers with darker skin tones. Sharpie ink is transparent, so any color it rests on just multiplies and the tattoo won’t show up very well. You’ll want to go the fabric paint or body paint route to get the best bold, bright tats. 

- Can’t do white sections, because sharpie ink is transparent and doesn’t come in white. I leave them blank and they read OK, but the white areas will always be pink, tan, brown, etc. unless you dab in a little fabric paint, which will not be covered in this tutorial.

- Sharpie is supposed to be permanent marker, but on skin…it’s not. The ink will most likely wear off onto adjacent clothes. Not that big of a deal for me, as I tend to wear my tats with white shirts that can be bleached, but other shirts may not survive as well.

OK, let’s go! Here are your supplies: 


You’ll need a pair of nylons, scissors, tape, a set of sharpies, your designs printed out on 8.5 x 11 paper, some bracelets, and a can of Pringles. You can use any design you want, of course, but Here is the link to these fine Newt Kaiju tattoo designs. 


If your nylons have an undies part, cut the legs off and wear the undies on your head for the rest of the tutorial, if desired. Put the legs on your arm like so, and cut the toes off so you can slip your hand through. You can cut some of the top of the sleeve off as well, but don’t cut too much because you can’t put it back on if your sleeves are too short. 


Here are my creepy sleeves. Now for the pringles.


Tape your design template to the Pringles can. It doesn’t reach all the way around but eh. The Pringles can gives you a nice stable surface to draw on that is roughly the shape and size of an arm. It’s a little short, so just roll up the rest of the nylon above the workspace and adjust both template and nylon down when you get to working on that part of the sleeve.


Color with the markers! I recommend doing the colored areas first and then doing the black outlines on top of it, to avoid the black ink contaminating the ink pads of the lighter markers. Remember how that always happens to the yellow ones? Eww. Nylons are thin and slide around a bit, so it’s best to use short strokes and dotting to get the ink on.


Take the template off the Pringles tube, flip the paper to the blank side and put it back on again. The paper collects the extra ink, so it’s hard to see any missed spots. Now you can see any bits you may have missed. Fill them in for completion. Also, the paper doesn’t manage to wrap all the way around the Pringles can, so now is the time to free-hand a bit of the design where the template doesn’t reach. For Newt tattoos, that’s the back of the arm. 

When you’re all done coloring, put them on!


There’s a rough end to the tattoo right at the wrist, of course. Disguise where the sleeve ends and your skin begins with some pretty bracelets:


There we are, much better!

Now…you’re done! Have some Pringles! 


from a tattooist perspective: use the navy sharpie not the black or blue for your lines, they will look like healed black ink.

This is amazing. Particularly “if your nylons have an undies part, cut the legs off and wear the undies on your head for the rest of the tutorial, if desired.

2 months ago

How to Make Quick and Easy Tattoo Sleeves

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I haven’t seen Promare but im already in love

3 months ago

I haven’t seen Promare but im already in love

So I found a site that does a subscription box for your period- it sends you basics like hygiene products, pain medication as well as snacks and pampering stuff to make you feel good, 

but the best thing is they have a specialty boxes, like vegan or kosher only snacks but also 


they specifically offer boxes for menstruating guys and nb folks. 

which is pretty darn cool.

it’s called bonjourjolie and I think it’s 1000% awesome tbh 

i think this is the best thing omf

@mygenderadventures, don’t know if this is content you’d put on your blog, but I think this is fantastic.

I don’t tend to post non-art stuff but thanks for the shout-out anyway!!! I’m sure this will be of interest to a few people here :)

This is such an exciting thing!!

Please don’t read the comments, some people are so embarrassingly uneducated and cruel. YNA supports our trans and nonbinary followers! ❤️❤️

Whoever came up with this idea is just awesome. They really take their costumers’ diets into account, like there’s so many options. Look at all this


And if they still don’t have a box to accommodate your needs, you can even order special items and ask for a box that doesn’t have anything you’re allergic to in it


Not to mention how amazing this is


I hope this service might help some of you guys

This is lovely. In addition to what has been said above, there’s also an option at the checkout to donate a $12 period pack to homeless charities. What a great initiative.

3 months ago

So I found a site that does a subscription box for your period- it sends you basics like hygiene products, pain medication as...

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I made new acc on Instagram for these hand reference! Feel free to follow me there! IG: mizore_ref...

3 months ago

I made new acc on Instagram for these hand reference! Feel free to follow me there! IG: mizore_ref...

lets make a videogame how hard can it be

nevermind you have to know shit about computers

hey!! sorry to hijack this post, but there are a bunch of ways you can make videogames without knowing shit about computers!! 

for starters, there’s Twine, which is fucking great for making all kinds of interactive experiences (it’s what Crystal Warrior Ke$ha was made in so you KNOW it’s good) at all skill levels (i picked it up and made a game in two minutes a few nights ago)

if you want a bit more involved experience there’s Inform 7 which is a simple language for text-based adventure games that reads like slightly-weird English and also relatively easy to learn

you can do some pretty fucking cool stuff with Unity (my personal engine of choice) but you may need to dig a bit farther to get at the good stuff. there’s lots of really good presets though (i made an entire game just mixing and matching pre-existing templates and adding in my own art, won an award at a game jam for that one) and if you want help the community’s pretty dang friendly from what i’ve seen!

this is just a taste of what’s out there from what i’ve seen, but there’s so many cool resources out there. if anyone wants help getting started, i’m around to give you a leg up on making something in the coolest, most unexplored art medium around!

I’m addin’ to this post because lowering the barrier to entry for making games is super important to me!!!! If y’all have any questions about making games, you’re welcome to come and ask! I made this list a while back with some friends, so it has some of the programs John already mentioned.

2D Editors:

GameMaker : Potential for pure drag-and-drop “programming”. It is recommended to read-up on the program’s functions to make good use of it. Good for prototyping. Uses its own language called Game Maker Language (GML) that is similar to a C language (e.g. C++ or C#). For both Mac and PC; free version available.

Construct2 : Drag and drop level editor that uses an “If-Then” event sheet structure for programming. Good for prototyping and for beginners. For PC; free version available.

GameSalad : Drag and drop with no code requirement. Good for programming. For both Mac and PC; free version available.

Solpeo : HTML5 based game engine for 2D and isometric game development. Some programming knowledge needed. Platforms supported: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+. Free version available.

Stencyl : Drag and Drop “programming,” templates you can edit the variables/values for.

Scratch : Lego-block-style coding platform by MIT; totally free and a great intro to thinking in code. Very kid-friendly and comes with a community site. Browser version available.

3D Editors:

Unity : 3D editor that creates 3D games. Can build games for browser, as an app, or for mobile devices (iOS and Android). For both Mac and PC; free version available.

UDK (Unreal Development Kit) : Full-fledged, highly advanced editor. Features a complete set of tools that go from level design to visual scripting to cut-scene creation. Uses it’s own programming language called Unreal Script that can be arranged with Kismet, a visual code editor. For Mac and PC; free.

2D Art/Animation Software:

GIMP : Free photo editing and digital painting software.

Easy Paint Tool SAI : Free digital painting software with a UI similar to Photoshop.

Mischief : Free digital painting software with an endless canvas.

3D Art/Animation Software:

Sculptris : From the company that created Zbrush, this free software is ideal for beginning 3D sculptors.

Maya : Animation, VFX, lighting, and rendering software.

Magical Voxel : Voxel Art (3D Pixel Art). Very intuitive and quick to pick up.

SketchUp :  Architectural modeling software, great for creating 3D environments and buildings. Free version available.

Text-Based Games:

Twine : Create interactive text stories using Twine’s visual map system that links your game together. Easy to learn and use. End result is browser-based. For Mac and PC; free.

Quest : Interactive text stories that you can build in-browser.

Ren’Py : Create visual novels using a modified version of Python that reads like a combination of stage directions and a CYOA novel. For PC, Mac, and Linux; free.

Audio Resources/Editors:

Indie Game Music : This site offers free indie music with no need to worry about royalties or licenses.

Audacity : A free, open-source, cross-platform sound editor that allows you to record and arrange sound.

Super Flash Bros. : This site allows you to record theremin-like (8bit) sounds and export them as .wav files for your games.

FL Studio : Free music composition software.

Miscellaneous Tools:

Donjon RPG Tools : Randomly generates maps, items, XP, etc.

W3Schools : Web-code tutorial database: HTML, CSS, Javascript+.

Debut Video Capture : Video screen capture to record Let’s Play videos, showcase your game on Youtube, etc.

Korsakow : Free tool for creating interactive and database films.

Processing : Flexible programming language used for visual and interactive artworks and simulations.

From Student to Designer, Part 2 : Tips for making a well-rounded, solid portfolio

Places to Publish/Share: : Platform for self-publishing games : Place to share Twine Games

@slimetony how does it feel to have your shitpost be turned into a helpful resource

It feels like a betrayal of every tenant of humor I subscribe to. Helping people is an alien concept to me. It makes me upset.

3 months ago

lets make a videogame how hard can it be

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Hey, I made a short, simple game that you can play here for free. It’s about helping others and finding the courage to confront...

3 months ago

Hey, I made a short, simple game that you can play here for free. It’s about helping others and finding the courage to confront...

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Don’t know if anyone has mentioned it before but a suitable replacement is And it has:   No ads  Playlist...

3 months ago

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned it before but a suitable replacement is And it has: No ads Playlist...

3 months ago

hi sorry just i have GOT to ask--where did you get those trousers(cool poofy leg clothes idk what you'd call something that COOL...

Honest to god you all have to stop taking the bait. I can’t really find a way to report the bad picrews myself but good god contacting staff is PROBABLY a better solution than making shitty picrews yourself. Especially with that new terf picrew, if I see more low effort picrews made as a “response” to the hateful ones I’m literally going PAY for the site to be the region locked.


I’m also not sure about what the etiquette is in terms of the language barrier so if I could have some responses regarding the proper way to go about it, that would be appreciated. For now, I think the best course of action is to at least mention hate speech since that will likely be the first thing noticed.

heres an example of a report my gf made to use as a reference:


the message body has the kanji “差別発言 “ which according to my friend translates to “hate speech” or an equivalent to that (a search on google with that term brings up multiple articles regarding discrimination). If this is wrong, a correction would be greatly appreciated. 

I’m not really an expert on Japanese, but you can also use 憎悪表現

You can also just use the katakana ヘイトスピーチ  which is far more recognised. ヘイト is also used for discriminatory actions.

If it’s hate speech in English (which it is) you can also use “English hate speech/hate” - 英語のヘイトスピーチ or 英語のヘイト


人種差別 racism

女性差別 misogyny

トランスフォビア transphobia

同性愛嫌悪 homophobia

3 months ago

Honest to god you all have to stop taking the bait. I can’t really find a way to report the bad picrews myself but good god...

I got pretty fed up with looking for words to replace said because they weren’t sorted in a way I could easily use/find them for the right time. So I did some myself.

IN RESPONSE TOAcknowledgedAnsweredProtested

INPUT/JOIN CONVERSATION/ASKAddedImploredInquiredInsistedProposedQueriedQuestionedRecommendedTestified


FOR SOMEONE ELSEAdvisedCriticizedSuggested

JUST CHECKINGAffirmedAgreedAllegedConfirmed


LEWD/CUTE/SECRET SPY FEELAppealedDisclosedMoaned

ANGRY FUCK OFF MATE WANNA FIGHTArguedBarkedChallengedCursedFumedGrowledHissedRoaredSwore



NERVOUS TRAINWRECKBabbledBawledMumbledSputteredStammeredStuttered

SUAVE MOTHERFUCKERBargainedDivulgedDisclosedExhorted



WEAK PUSYBeggedBlurtedComplainedCriedFalteredFretted



BRUH, CHILLCautionedWarned

ACTUALLY, YOU’RE WRONGChidedContendedCorrectedCounteredDebatedElaboratedObjectedRantedRetorted

CHILL SAVAGECommentedContinuedObservedSurmised

LISTEN BUDDYEnunciatedExplainedElaboratedHintedImpliedLecturedReiteratedRecitedRemindedStressed

BRUH I NEED U AND U NEED MEConfidedOfferedUrged


TOO EMO FULL OF EMOTIONSCroakedLamentedPledgedSobbedSympathizedWailedWhimpered

JUST SAYINGDeclaredDecreedMentionedNotedPointed outPostulatedSpeculatedStatedToldVouched

WASN’T MEDeniedLied

EVIL SMARTASSDictatedEquivocatedOrderedReprimandedThreatened


SHHHH IT’S QUIET TIMEEchoedMumbledMurmuredMutteredUtteredWhispered

DRAMA QUEENExaggeratedPantedPleadedPrayedPreached

OH SHITGaspedMarveledScreamedScreechedShoutedShriekedYelpedYelled





I WONDERPonderedVoicedWondered

OH, YEAH, WHOOPSRecalledRecitedRemembered




reblog to save a writer 

Reblog because the titles for each category are comedy gold.


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Words to replace said, except this actually helps

Rape Escape   Easy and very effective  Requires nothing but your body  Includes attack

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Rape Escape Easy and very effective Requires nothing but your body Includes attack

Satet:  (January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26)  

Nile people are very determined, passionate, and peaceful people. They are leaded by their dreams and passions and bring harmony wherever they go. They are very analytical and are great with details. Their open-mindness makes them well liked, they treat all walks of life equal and help anyone in need of a helping hand. 

Amun Ra:(January 8-21, February 1-11)

Amun Ra is the god of creation. Those who belong to this sign are strong, firm, athletic, and hard working. Their strengths are strong will-power, courage, and self-confidence. They are also excellent leaders and organizers. Their known weaknesses are intolerance and anger. They can excel in financial related professions. 

Mut: (January 22-31, September 8-22)

If your Egyptian astrological sign is Mut, you have a great vision on how you want to live your life. You are determined and focused on making your dreams come true. Mut people are often sensitive and shy and keep their true feelings hidden from those around them. Only when they get to know someone really well, they will open up and show who they really are. 

Geb:(February 12-29, August 20-31)  

People born under Geb are reliable, honest, and caring with their families and friends. Their personality is friendly, endearing, and authentic which make them well-liked. Geb people trust their intuition and feelings and have strong sense about things. They can by shhy, sensitive, introverted, negative things can get to them easily. 

Osiris: (March 1-10, November 27 to December 18)

Osiris is the god of the underworld. Those who take their birth under this sign are extremely perplexing and misunderstood. Their strengths are dynamism, intelligence, smartness, and enterprising. Their only weakness is that they try to avoid responsibility. These people are good in teaching and selling. Osiris people are optimistic, positive and passionate about their future and therefore excellent with starting new endeavors.  

Isis:(March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31)

The goddess Isis is the deity of discipline. People born under this sign are honorable, proud, and idealistic. They’re also very logical and intuitive. People under the influence of Isis are mostly calm, generous, and optimistic. Their strength lies in being active and self-reliant. Isis people are also quite popular among their friends and are very good communicators. Their weaknesses are extreme obsession and withdrawing, when the chips are down. 

Thoth: (April 1-19, November 8-17)

Thoth is the god of wisdom and learning. People born under the sign of the god of divine words are excellent in solving their problems and skilled at organizing things and events. Nevertheless, they can forego anything in exchange for a better offer. Thoth people are seasoned, original, and authentic. At times, they are very rash, impatient and hasty. 

Horus:(April 20 to May 7, August 12-19)

Horus is the God of the Sky and the Shining Sun. The people who are born under this sign are courageous, daring, and aggressive. Horus people are optimistic, social, and extremely motivated to achieve their goals. They want to achieve the best of life. However, they could be unrealistic, stubborn, and extremely reluctant to face others. Family is very important to people under this sign, and they tend to place the needs of their loved one’s before their own. 

Anubis:(May 8-27, June 29 to July 13)

Anubis is the deity of the underworld. It’s probably the most determined and tolerant of all signs. People who are born under this sign are self reliant, self confident, and has the ability to carry out any task. They are extremely sympathetic, generous, loving, affectionate, and caring. Their weakness could be that people may take them for a ride at times. Anubis people are very generous and creative. Their emotions are sometimes intense, authoritative, and unpredictable. 

Seth:(May 28 to June 18, September 28 to October 2)

If you are born under this sign, you are a free spirit that does not like to be held back. You are seeking change and new adventures that offer you new challenges in life. You dislike any kind of routine and like to try new things and go to new places. Seth people are natural leaders and strive to exceed in everything they do. No challenge is too big for a Seth. You are very determined and persistent in pursuing your goals and dreams and will not give up until they are accomplished. 

Bastet:(July 14-28, September 23-27, October 3-17)

You are searching for harmony, peace, and balance in your life and you dislike any kind of confrontations, chaos, and stressful situations. As a Bastet, it is easy for you to put others’ needs above your own and lend a helping hand whenever you see need. You’re not only loyal in romantic relationships but also with family and friends. You can be truly counted on. Bastets can be sensitive, vulnerable and emotional, but at the same time very protective over those they love. 

Sekhmet:(July 29 to August 11, October 30 to November 7)

Sekhmet is the Goddess of War and Vengeance. Those who are born under this Egyptian zodiac sign are mentally brilliant, imaginative and optimistic. They’re extremely jovial and talkative with people. They are witty and accommodating and their strengths lie in their hospitable character. Sekhmet people are honest, sensitive, and good in business. Their weaknesses are anger, impatience, argumentative, and are characterized by their lack of indulgence, their uncompromising side and their sense of values. 

(Credits to and visit Egyptian Witchcraft for more great stuffs about Egyptian Astrology!)

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Traditional Egyptian Zodiac Signs

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Looking for an alternative bargain this Prime Day?  What if I told you that you could net custom fanart, sketches of your OCs,...

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Looking for an alternative bargain this Prime Day? What if I told you that you could net custom fanart, sketches of your OCs,...

Know what I’m salty about?

In all my art classes, I was never taught HOW to use the various tools of art.

Like yes, form, and shape and space and color theory and figure drawing is important, but so is KNOWING what different tools do.

I’m 29 and I JUST learned this past month that India Ink is fucking waterproof when it dries. Why is this important? Because I can line something in India Ink and then go over it with watercolors. And that has CHANGED the ENTIRE way I art and the ease I can create with.

tldr: Art Teachers: teach your students what different tools do. PLEASE.



oh man your teachers did not do there jobs!

-Yo painters, use pencil if u must underdraw beneath an oil painting, the lead is archival but ideally you should be doing underdrawings in a muted earth tones (siennas, umbers, ochres or earth green) with some titanium white added to it. (The white nearly matches the canvas and earth tones naturally blend with all colors on top unless u do super thin glaze washes).

-Trying to make a natural looking warm black? Don’t use black straight from tube, Mix alizarin crimson and viridan. add raw umber to adjust for light depth.

-If your into mixed media ALWAYS use acrylic first and oil on top (the gesso on primed canvas is acrylic based and oil sits on top of it great). NEVER put acrylic paint on top of oil, the acrylic will crackle/decompose and fall apart/off the canvas.

-India ink is permanent and if your using ink from a jar it should say it’s permanence. professional art grade pens usually have there permanace listed either on the pen or the companies website.

-Red cinnabar is poisonous, DO NOT EAT IT, no matter how much like fruit loops it smells.

-Translucent and transparent are NOT the same. translucent is *shiny* and a cloudier color, ideal for mixing usually ordor making vibrant colors like for eyes, cars, etc. Transparent is matte and usually a 50% transparency from an opaque color.


-any paint made with “true alizarin crimson” “red lake” and “chrome yellow” pigment is a fugitive paint. Fugitive means the pigment fades dramatically and disappears over time, (usually 5 to 15 years) lots of van goghs paintings have this problem. be very careful with these pigments. Alizarin crimson especially smells extremely sweet and like fruit loops or fruit loops, don’t eat it.

-gauche is a mix of watercolor and ink, proceed with caution as this material can be an asshole.

-Watercolor can be made darker/thicker by letting it dry slightly in cake form or in liquid form and can be dry brushed if u get the timing down.

-Paint liquid rubber or lay down thin pieces of painters tape on edges in watercolor paintings to Prevent bleeding between lines if u need super sharp edges.

-always tape down the entire paper edges when u paint with watercolor to a board to prevent the paper from curling as it dries.

-add salt directly into wet watercolor paintings to absorb pigment and make shit look like space.

-Always paint in well ventilated areas and avoid getting lots of paint on your hands. lots of paint is made with heavy metals and can cause cancer.

-natural materials aren’t always safe, especially

-Ones u collect yourself, do your research before grinding, burning, sanding these things especially indoors.

-use NATURAL bristles on your brushes with oil paint and SYNTHETIC bristles on your brushes for acrylic and watercolor. synthetic bristles literally break off into oil paint and stick into your painting, and natural bristles can’t handle the weight of acrylic paint and rip into 15 directions. Use hard boar bristle for the underdrawing/underpainting of an oil painting as it will force the paint into the canvas pours more effectively cause it’s stronger, use softer bristles for outer layers of oil painting and blending, boar will pierce outer layers and is to hard for anything but the first layer. can’t tell what u have? clean it up and brush it on your face, softer it is the better it is as doing outer layers of color.

-if you have a decent painters’ tape, you can prewet your watercolor paper, tape it to a surface & weight it down with some books to press it flat while it’s wet and help keep it from buckling later once dry, this is especially useful because for some reason, watercolor block is half again as expensive or more than a comparable sized pad or large sheets to cut down, even by the same brand

-natural sable is good for watercolor if you can afford it, i have two smaller brushes i shelled out for to try it, and while i probably didn’t treat the finer point one right, the other one is a miracle i’ve had for nearly 20 years.

-chinese calligraphy brush sets are fantastic for large work and washes and way, way cheaper most times than standard brushes, and it doesn’t seem to matter how cheap they are, either. they may shed a little, but they do a really good job holding and distributing water.

Rb for any art students

A trick i learned in art school, if your paper still warps/curls and your piece is finished/mostly finished: dampen the BACK and then press it flat again til dry. This works well with thicker papers! I have not had much success with thinner material. Test it out to get the hang of it before trying on your art!

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Know what I’m salty about? In all my art classes, I was never taught HOW to use the various tools of art. Like yes, form, and...

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oh hey new guide thinggg~ some basics on how to practice! there’s SO much I could add to this, so it’s just the basics :O  short...

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oh hey new guide thinggg~ some basics on how to practice! there’s SO much I could add to this, so it’s just the basics :O short...

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i made a guide for ppl

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i made a guide for ppl

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Carrie (1976)   “Whether she’s volunteering to take her sister’s place in the arena or grooming her son to lead the resistance;...

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Carrie (1976) “Whether she’s volunteering to take her sister’s place in the arena or grooming her son to lead the resistance;...

Me: No one is hiring me

Adults: you’re just not trying hard enough

Me: oh yea, sorry about that. Let me apply “harder” this time. I’ll be sure to write my contact info extra “hard” this time. I’ll make sure to touch up my resume and make it hella “hard” this time around too.


Adults:  You just need to hit the pavement, knock on some doors, call the hiring manager!


Fact: Our reception pool forwards the names of people who call unsolicited on to HR, who puts the names on a DO NOT HIRE, CANNOT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS list.

This is what is the most terrifying about re-beginning the job search.

Fact: My brother was a store manager at AT&T for several years, and handled the hiring process. People that would call and call about the job wouldn’t get hired because, “They seemed to be the kind of people that would constantly need attention on the job, or wouldn’t make a good fit in customer service, because they don’t have the patience to wait for us to call them back.”

Meanwhile I’ve always been taught to do exactly those things because it “shows that you care and take initiative”

Here’s how I got my new job:

Made a profile on Indeed. Crammed that fucker with every damn skill and job I have ever had. That time I ran roller-coasters for a month? On there. “Property Managing” my mother’s rental for six months because she was too lazy to drive over? On there. ALSO. If you are skilled in, say, Photoshop, don’t JUST put Photoshop as a skill. Also put Adobe Suite, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Put every possible term for your skill under the skills. Google skill lists and start slapping them in there if you have even a tiny bit of skill in them. Downloaded the Indeed app on my phone. Set up a saved search to show me all full-time jobs paying $15 or more per hour in my area, and set it to only show jobs with instant apply. I did not narrow it down by field or anything else. Just full-time, my area, $15/hr. Wrote up a three sentenceish generic cover letter that was basically “I am good at customer service, client management, and handling the variety of tasks this job will involve. I will be available on X date and would love to speak to you about this position at your company.” But slightly more professionally put. Just fucking clicked apply on everything. Anything that sounded like something I’d be willing and probably able to do. Like, I wasn’t applying to mechanic jobs or anything. But front-desk at a mechanic shop? Sure. Towing dispatcher? Sure. Print shop coordinator for some fancy real estate agency? Sure. The beauty of Indeed’s mobile/quick apply is that once you’ve set up your profile on there clicking apply is literally all you have to do for about 75% of the quick apply jobs. Some will have a couple additional questions like how long you’ve done certain things, or when you’re available to start. Some have random fun questions like your favorite superhero (usually startups). You click that button and off your resume goes. I spent about an hour every day doing this, submitted several hundred applications in the process, and heard back from…maybe 20. Got an interview at 4 or 5. Got hired at an insurance company that pays RIDICULOUSLY WELL. Took about a month. Do I want to sell in insurance? Not particularly. But this job will support me, my art, my ability to buy a house, and PROVIDE RESIDUAL INCOME ONCE I RETIRE. Which. If I play my cards right I could do in as little as ten years.

Your mileage may vary with this technique, but given the way job hunting is set up now carpet bombing an application site like Indeed is always worth a shot. I will note that when I came across a job I thought sounded extra interesting and more in line with the fields I wanted to be in I’d save the application instead of applying, then take the time that night to put together a better full application.

Good luck. Job hunting is terrible.

This is all solid advice. One more piece of advice is be on the lookout for any career groups. If you manage to join any they can be a huge help whether it be making connections or just helping to keep your head on straight.

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Me: No one is hiring me Adults: you’re just not trying hard enough Me: oh yea, sorry about that. Let me apply “harder” this...

This is a list of just some of the LGBT+ content out there. Anything on this list was contains LGBT+ characters or was made by LGBT+ creators. All entries on this list were sent in by followers and have not been confirmed by the mod.


They Both Die At The End - Adam Silvera (mlm) Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire-Saénz (mlm) Symptoms of Being Human (genderfluid) Lily and Dunkin - Donna Gephart (trans/trans woman) The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - Taylor Jenkins Reid (wlw/bi) The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice and Virtue - Mackenzie Lee (mlm/gay/bi) Been Here All Along - Sandy Hall (gay/bi) History Is All You Left Me - Adam Silvera (mlm/gay) Blue Is The Warmest Color - Julie Maroh (wlw/bi/lesbian) Mask of Shadows - Linsey Miller (bi/genderfluid) Once and Future - Cori McCarthy (wlw/mlm/gay/bi/nonbinary) Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda - Beck Albertalli (mlm/gay) Leah on the Offbeat - Becky Albertalli (wlw/bi) Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew Smith (questioning/mlm) The Rest of Us Just Live Here - Patrick Ness (mlm/gay) Flying Tips For Flightless Birds - Kelly McCaughrain (mlm/gay)


Welcome to Night Vale (mlm/gay/wlw/nonbinary) Dreamboy (mlm/gay) Alice Isn’t Dead (wlw/lesbian) The Penumbra Podcast (mlm/bi/genderfluid) My Favorite Podcast (trans men) Within the Wires (wlw) The Adventure Zone (mlm/wlw/trans/gnc/nonbinary)

TV Shows/Movies

One Day At A Time (Remake) (wlw/lesbian/nonbinary) Love, Simon (mlm/gay) A Single Man (mlm/gay) Brokeback Mountain (mlm/gay) In The Flesh (mlm/gay) Weekend (mlm)


The Prom (wlw/lesbian) Be More Chill (mlm/bi)

Obviously this list is far from complete so feel free to add to it or let me know of anything else and I’ll edit the post to add it!

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Gotta Be LGBT+

have some fucking tips for androgynous presentation that mixes femme and masc styles and isn’t just ‘be afab and wear trousers from the men’s section’

recently I wore some of those trousers with the wide non form fitting legs   and added small heeled boots. 10/10 would recommend I felt very high fashion. looked masc but was making the femme click clack heel sound. basic loungy outfits can be made 100% more queer by adding colour. srsly jeans with a nice tshirt is queer as fuck if the jeans are orange. wearing the femmest outfit possible, long skirt, cute blouse, etc. becomes a power move when you do so without a single shred of makeup. bonus if your hair is short. bonus if it’s not a pixie. bonus if your shoes are stompy find all your Statement Pieces. wear them together. voila. we all know about suspenders. now put them where they don’t belong. attach them to skirts. attach them to your trousers but leave them hanging literally just wear stuff you think looks rad because if you enjoy both masculine and feminine clothing styles it naturally follows the stuff you think looks rad together will end up being genderfuck embrace alternative fashion/weird charity shop finds/vintage/stuff that breaks fashion rules even if its ‘technically’ femme/masc. part of fitting into gender roles is wearing mainstream and current femme/masc clothes because gender roles and their associated accepted dress are always shifting so anything that differs from that is automatically subversive. billowy shirts. undo them as much as you’re comfortable with. somewhat obvious but the howl’s moving castle vibes are v strong. am I a femme arts student or a dashing masc pirate type? who knows.  floral patterns feel a billion times more masc if the colours are bold.  personally after I stopped wearing makeup I felt I lot more able to just be like huh. that’s my face. and feel kinda triumphant  in the ugly parts of it and just be unabashedly weird. and if that’s not genderfuck idk what is. same w not shaving my legs tbh. I enjoy just existing. that said if you do like makeup, using just (just. no foundation or shit) eyeshadow or just lipstick? also a power move.  If you go for the classic dapper style of androgynous presentation but want something closer to androgynous than just weird masc, try adding a soft girly jumper to your manly trousers and etc. adding an emphasis to your natural waist to a masc outfit (with a belt or something) is a good way to feminise it and vice versa with emphasising a dropped waist in a femme outfit to bring attention away from your smaller natural one (again with a belt or maybe low waisted trousers) long coats are very good I feel my most formless and inexplicable when my outer layer goes straight past my knees.

obviously all this is gonna be slightly biased to my agab/personal style/body type/etc. but yeah. there’s my tips and hopefully none of them are weirdly unachievable or equate androgyny with masculinity 

Love this. 💕

Some other androgynous styles I like:

• Not shaving underarms and wearing lacey tank tops

• Wearing makeup but contouring to appear more masculine

• Shaving the sides of your hair but growing the rest really long

• If afab, binding your chest when wearing a dress or other high-fem outfit

• Makeup for creative, not gender-related things. Put glitter and fake freckles and purple eyebrows and shit

• Super masc clothes with makeup, painted nails, and fem jewelry

• Huge cloaks. Can’t see my gender under my fucking cloak

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have some fucking tips for androgynous presentation that mixes femme and masc styles and isn’t just ‘be afab and wear trousers...

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This answers and raises questions

4 months ago

This answers and raises questions

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♡ Alignment Pride Buttons - Link in the source! ♡

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♡ Alignment Pride Buttons - Link in the source! ♡

ALRIGHT SO my pal @kalreyno wanted help with drawing fat characters and as a fat artist i felt like i could give a bit of helpful insight on that. there’s also been a lot of complaining about “boo hoo fat characters are hard to draw so i can’t include them in my work Ever” goin on lately so if that’s your case then this is for you too!! and also just for anyone who would like help with fat bodies in general, ofc. anyway, let’s get this show on the road!!


let’s start with some common misconceptions. these are the two main attempts at chubby bodies i run into, so i’ll focus on them. 

the Anime Chubby i see everywhere, and it’s just……so wrong in many ways. first of all, there is almost no additional body fat compared to your average thin character - except for where it’s added in “attractive” places (breasts, hips, thighs). the breasts are way too perky, and don’t have the realistic shape fat would give them (though how to draw accurate breasts is another tutorial all on its own lmao). there is still a thigh gap, which usually only happens in very thin people, and bones are still visible on the surface of the skin, which also rarely happens in fat people.

the Michelin Man is better in some ways, but still not that great. it’s a slightly better attempt, but basically all that’s done there is taking a thin character and blowing them up, while giving no thought to fat distribution. the thigh gap is usually still present, and they look a lot more hard than soft - and fat is very soft and pliable.


here’s a chart on how fat usually distributes (if you can’t read my messy writing, “1. next to no fat, 2. moderate amount, 3. most of the fat distribution”). basically, the more muscle an area has, the more prone it is to develop fat, such as the abdomen, thighs, and upper arms. it’s important to note that fat sits on top of muscle, and that it does distribute in different levels, and not evenly across the body as shown in the Michelin Man. 


now, here’s an accurate fat body with all of that kept in mind!! notice how the fat isn’t only kept to aesthetically pleasing areas, and how it sits realistically on the character’s body. their breasts sag a lot more, which happens even in thin people with larger breasts, and the nipples are pointing more downwards than straight out. there is no thigh gap in sight, there are no bones in sight, and most importantly, they have fat rolls, which are very important in drawing a convincing fat character!! as far as i know i’ve never met a single person with no rolls at all, and everyone has them, whether thin or fat - they’re just more prominent and more consistently present in fat people. pay close attention to where they are and how they’re shaped.


here are a couple of drawings showing how fat is affected when sitting vs stretching. as seen in the first, the fat specifically on the stomach is distributed a lot more evenly and stretched out, so it becomes “flatter”. the love handles are still pretty visible, though, as well as the fat on the thighs and arms. the breasts are raised with the shoulders, and the fat on the shoulders and near the neck forms rolls as it’s being pushed together. 

in the second, there is a lot less room for distribution, so the fat is all pushed together. the breasts sag and the stomach forms rolls and spills into the lap. a good analogy for the way fat works is to liken it to a water balloon, and thinking of how its shape would change when resting flat on a surface, hanging off of a ledge, held upright, etc.


here are a few extra tips i find a lot of people miss!

first on the top is the hip/pubic region. the first circle is showing the way the bellybutton is folded in fat people, as opposed to stretched out in thinner people. the second is the stomach fat spilling over onto the pubic region and creating a separation in the two areas, which is something that’s missing in a lot of art. in addition, the pubic mound also gains fat, making it round as seen in the profile drawing i did up there (i’ve heard people refer to it as fupa?). the last in the hip region is the lack of a thigh gap. i can’t stress this enough!!!! if you’re trying to draw a convincing fat character, make sure their thighs are pretty much always touching!! for reference, mine literally don’t separate until my feet are about 2ft from each other.

the bottom right is showing the double chin, which a lot of people are afraid to draw!! fat does distribute itself here too, and there’s nothing wrong with it, so don’t feel like you shouldn’t give fat characters a double chin in your work for fear of it looking like a caricature.

in the bottom middle, it’s showing how fat affects different types of breasts with the presence of more or less breast tissue. 

lastly, at the very right are stretch marks with their usual locations and directions, which i also can’t stress enough!!!!! i sometimes forget to add them honestly, but they’re so important in accurately portraying fat characters, as they literally come from the skin being stretched from fat being gained (and they’re also just rlly neat lookin like why wouldn’t you lmao). some people have less and some people have more, feel free to experiment with them!


the last thing is body types!! there isn’t one single way for a person to be fat, so feel free to experiment with shapes once you’ve learned the basics!! 

so there you have it, a tutorial on how to draw chubs!! now go forth and make some accurate fanart or some rad fat characters, because the world could always use more of both. hmu if you have any questions or concerns, and thanks for reading!!

EDIT: someone pointed out the bad wording in the tutorial. thank you for bringing it to my attention and sorry for offending anybody. i’ve updated the tut, so please reblog this one!

Okay so I am literally about to cry.I’m not an artist, but I love looking at art. And like. It makes me feel so worthless to see beautiful art with “fat” characters that are just extra curvey because I am so not that, and seeing only the sexy curvy drawings makes me feel like I am somehow the wrong kind of fat. But this. This is so spot on. I have stretch marks and I have a double chin and I have like a fatty pouch in my pelvic area and my breasts are not perky and my thighs do not touch and just… All of it.Seeing art of someone who looks like me makes me feel… Worthy. Some artist thought a body like mine was worth drawing, and that is so wonderful and validating and flattering. People enjoying said art is so good too. And like. Wow. I just want to cry.

This is a very good resource. Take note, people: “I wasn’t trained to draw fat people” is not an excuse.

4 months ago

fat bodies tutorial!

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SenshiStock’s gallery consists of millions of pictures that are free to use as reference.  General Drawing Poses Sit and Kneel...

4 months ago

SenshiStock’s gallery consists of millions of pictures that are free to use as reference. General Drawing Poses Sit and Kneel...



Less Than Three Press

Ninestar Press

Harmony Ink

Dreamspinner Press

DSP Publications

Loose ID

Pride Publishing

Riptide Publishing

MLR Press

JMS Books

Blind Eye Books

Interlude Press

And there are many many more

I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can produce a list of scifi/fantasy/fiction books with queer female main characters.


I’ll do this as soon as I’m at my computer, since doing it on my phone is impossible

Alright, I may be too little, too late, but here is my contribution at any rate. I hope some of them suit ^^

Keeper of the Dawn by Dianna Gunn

As I Descended by Robin Talley

Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

A Darkly Beating Heart by Lindsay Smith

Of Fire & Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

Romancing the Inventor by Gail Carriger

Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher 

The Best of Both Worlds by Victoria Zagar

All Things Rise by Missouri Vahn

Beauty & Cruelty by Meredith Katz

A Question of Counsel by Archer Kay Leah

Breakfire’s Glass by A.M. Valenza

The Broken Forest by Megan Derr

Clariel by Garth Nix

Ash by Malinda Lo

Waiting for You by Megan Derr

Crystal Cage by Victoria Zagar

Glove of Satin, Glove of Bone by Rachel White

Hair to the Throne by Meredith Katz

Skyborn by Helena Maeve

The Galloway Road by Catherine Adams

The Scars of Jocasta Lacroix by Jack Harvey

Treason by Althea Claire Duffy

Walking on Knives by Maya Chhabra

Winterbourne’s Daughter by Stephanie Rabig

Addict by Matt Doyle

Shaper by Christine Danse

Nightshade by Brooke Radley

The Caphenon by Fletcher DeLancey

Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones

The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz

Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner

Okay, hopefully that’s a good start <3

the OP of the screenshotted tweet is on tumblr, and an author too, having put out Chameleon Moon and related stories. 

I’m really relieved that both RoAnna and Heather’s books are linked on this post because if their tweets were going to be circulating around Tumblr with no way to indicate that Heather’s written a three-book (so far) fantasy series about magical lesbians and bi women in early 19th century Central Europe and RoAnna writes hopeful superhero dystopians that feature the only f/f/f triad MC’s I can think of in any book, that would have been hecking unfair.

@affablyevil, I hope that helps, but if you want more books, here’s a list I made a while ago of ten SFF f/f’s where they don’t die, and I am continually reading more and recommending more. (Have you heard of Flowers of Luna? College f/f set at fashion design college on the moon.)

[image description: a tweet from RoAnna Sylver (@RoAnna Syvler) reading “This June, please rememeber that there are more LGBT books than the ones you see everywhere put out by the Big 5, ad indies are amazing/worthy.” The next reblog is a tweet from Heather Rose Jones (@heatherrosejones) reading: “Making a list of queer SFF for Pride Month? Remember to look outside the mainstream presses. Don’t shut queer publishers out of queer lit.”]

Here’s a bunch of Goodreads lists that might help! 

Speculative Fiction (SFF and Horror):

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Featuring Lesbian Characters Bi WOC SFF Lesbian and Bisexual Women (etc) Sci Fi / Lesbian Sci-Fi Lesbian Fantasy Lesbian & Bi Women Medieval Fantasy Lesbian and Bi Women Dystopians F/F Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Lesbian & Bi Women Fairy Books (Stories about fairies) Lesbian Steampunk Books Lesbian Horror Lesbian Zombie Books Lesbian Ghost Stories Lesbian Werewolf Books Lesbian Vampire Books Queer Mermaid Books Lesbian & Bi Women YA SFF2016 f/f SFF (sci-fi & fantasy) with HEA/HFN

And some more lists, including a whole history of LGBT SFF!

Lesbians In Space: A Reader’s Guide to Lesbian Science Fiction LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 (Part 1) LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 (Part 2) LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy Before 1970 LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1970s LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1980s LGBTQ Protagonists in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Also worth checking out is Queership!

I’m betting it’s in one of these lists, but I can’t let this hobby without adding The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers, and also the Lost Alliance trilogy by Zen DiPietro!

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Paolo Sebastian, spring/summer 2018

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Paolo Sebastian, spring/summer 2018

the greatest skill a woman can learn for herself is self reliance

to clarify … so many strong women in my life rely on men. that dependence is dangerous. ladies here are some good ref resources I’ve found helpful on my journey towards self reliance


changing coolant changing oil changing tire jumping a car


toilet running basement flooding replace a faucet clogged drain


replacing light switches blew a fuse installing overhead light earth vs. neutral vs. live wires


patching drywall finding studs

this list is in no way comprehensive feel free to add on

a lot of ‘man things’ are a lot easier than you think they are. especially considering the fact that most of these things when buying the parts come with directions on the packaging that men usually don’t even look at (and often end up doing it wrong because they were taught by fathers who also did not look at the packaging). 

like i recently had to change my car battery and freaked out cause i thought id electrocute myself but turns out new batteries come with directions and its the easiest shit in the world so long as you can lift the damn thing. 

so yeah, ladies dont ever feel like a man is a necessity for life, you can do this shit on your own its easier than you think!  

When I moved into a room in somebody’s house when in college, the first thing I did was rewire every plug in the place. (Seriously, it was a fire hazard).

I tried to get my landlady to learn how to do it, but she could not get past it being a “guy’s job.”

I did an end run around her, though.

I taught her ten-year-old daughter instead.

(This was back in the 90s when rewiring plugs were a thing).

Refusing to do stuff because it’s men’s work (or, of course, women’s work) is dumb and decreases your survival chances.

4 months ago

the greatest skill a woman can learn for herself is self reliance