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Ben’s point of view 

4 days ago

Ben’s point of view 

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Dance! Dance! DANCE!!!

2 months ago

Dance! Dance! DANCE!!!

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reblogging this


hey everyone! there’re many reasons why you may feel stressed: too many things to do and not enough time, procrastination, pressure, mental health problems, … regardless of the reason nobody wants to feel stressed. so here i am to help you! some weeks ago was a very stressful times for me, i had driving lessons, an incredible inconvenient class schedule, exams, exams, exams… (u get the gist) but! i managed to live through it while maintaining somewhat sane, so i hope i can help some of you.

- ̗̀ reminders  ̖́-

accept that you’re stressed / will have a stressful time. the more you overthink it, the worse it will be. believe me, i was that person that complained all the time and u know what. things were worse (or i just didn’t do the things and was even more stressed). so this might sound dumb but just don’t think about it. just do it™ okay but srsly count till 3 and just do the thing you need to do. set priorities. and what i mean with this is set priorities that suit you. some of us need 8 full hours of sleep to function, so please give yourself that sleep you need. others need to work out to relieve stress. i need to do at least something fun to not burn out completely (i watch a youtube video, an episode of a series or check twitter before i go to sleep for example). don’t expect too much of yourself. when finals season approaches, you can’t expect yourself to do a hundred other productive things, so focus on what you really need to do and give yourself time to relax and don’t feel guilty taking that time. talk to people. ok, so what i noticed is, that i feel a lot better when i don’t neglect my social life completely when i’m stressed. try talking to your family or friends (or at least your teddy). just catching up with somebody can make you feel better and remind you that life is not all about studying. or use your lunch breaks to eat and have fun with friends, bc you need a break from studying too. be smart about your time. okay so i know everyone always tells you to divide your tasks, start as early as possible etc. but sometimes a level of certain procrastination is okay. and instead of feeling guilty, try to enjoy your free time. but still, try to plan your time in a way your health won’t suffer (pulling an all-nighter might not be the best thing for you, for example) live at least a little bit healthy. like, eat three meals, some fruits, drink enough (maybe even go for a walk, stretch a bit) and stuff like that. listen to your body, it just wants to keep u alive. cut things out of your daily routine that just waste your time and may even make you feel worse (cough*scrollingthroughtheinstagramexplorerspageforanhour*cough) be thankful!! i know everything is super stressful right now and you just want everything to stop but i promise there’re some positive things in your life too!! what i like to do is write down 5 things i’m thankful for or just good things that happened that day. this can be really small things, like the cinnamon roll you ate that morning.

- ̗̀ to-do  ̖́-

these are some things you can do to immediately relieve stress:

journal. write everything down. everything. if that’s enough for you, you can stop after that, but what i like to do is to identify the things i’m stressed over and then find a “solution” for them (sometimes the solution is to just stop worrying because i can’t do anyhing about it) do nothing for 5/10/15 mins. i mean it. lay down and just do nothing. and then count till 3 and start. you can also set an alarm out of your reach so you have to stand up. mandatory midday break. this post talks about taking an hour-long break every day. definitely check it out!! stretch. nothing too complicated, just get yourself moving a bit. i find stretching super relaxing idk why baking. okay this might sound weird, but baking can be super relaxing. i’ll just bake something super easy like brownies and while doing that i just focus on the task and don’t worry about all the other 548679 things on my mind listen to music. yea pretty self-explanatory. just throw your fav music on and dance around a little bit take a shower or even a bath! cleanse all the stress away (i promise, u will feel better after that) watch something you really love. dogs, cats on yt, your fav series, things you’re a fan of, … drink some tea and talk to someone while drinking it

this is the best post i’ve seen all day

2 months ago

hey everyone! there’re many reasons why you may feel stressed: too many things to do and not enough time, procrastination,...

2 months ago

Girls struggles with mixed messages: Be beautiful, but beauty is only skin deep. Be sexy, but not sexual. Be honest, but don’t...

I need to talk about hope. This is Pollyannaish but, for once, I refuse to be embarrassed.

Across book tour, I’ve been having conversations with readers I meet rather than the more traditional “read then talk at an audience” format. It’s a little selfish, because I don’t wind up preparing a 60-minute talk, but it’s more about wanting to connect and a desire to find out what’s going on with readers. I think we all need to know how we’re doing these days and to try to meet each other as people.

The answer is that we’re not doing so well. Any of us. When I do talk about the book I say, “It’s not necessarily a cheerful book, but it’s a very hopeful one.” And I believe that.

The news cycle is killing hope, which is leading to inaction. Even in sitting and talking with older white readers, in theory the people who are the most comfortable and least affected by current and future world horrors, there is an overwhelming sense of resignation to the idea that we’re all doomed. I ask them what they’ve been reading, if they’ve seen any hopeful news lately, perhaps that article in the Guardian about how many trees we need to plant and where to plant them, or any of the pieces about the potential trapping carbon underground offers. Sometimes they have, but they’ve forgotten it, because the screaming we hear is too loud.

I talk for a little while about altruism, and the hope I find in the space program. It’s hopeful for me because astronauts go to space do so at enormous personal risk, for a greater good. They are individuals with a sense of a larger planet.

Which we all are, or we can be.

When we are overwhelmed with stories and shouting about the many current horrors, we fall into inertia and forget that we, as individuals, each have in us a bit of that hopeful, altruistic spirit that makes change. Inertia is what guarantees that the worst of our fears will happen. Raising awareness does nothing unless it comes with actionable steps, unless it engages the human desire to do something to alleviate suffering.

The very best thing about humans is how we lean toward love. The very best thing about humans is our individual need to fix a hurt. Those drives always have an impact.

When I’m talking with people now, I tell them about the amazing science being done trying to fix our carbon problem, the cool part space plays in that, and the individual things we can do. I tell them about tree planting campaigns I’m involved with. I tell them about the guy from my high school on a one-man mission to get plastic out of the ocean. I talk with them about how often I call or write representatives. I tell them that yes, it’s okay to be scared, being scared is human, but it’s not okay to let being scared stop you.

Sometimes I believe myself.

I ask if they’re donating to causes, calling people, showing up for protests and whatever else they can do. And we talk again about individual impacts on larger situations, how individuals are the beginning of group. We talk some about reading books by people who don’t look like us. We talk about the boxes we don’t know we’re in, and how it’s important to step out of them, and how doing so makes good change.

Sometimes we talk about swearing, and how vital it is to swear. We all need to be allowed to swear right now.

And hope. The best part is always talking about hope. I am now familiar with the expression a person makes when they are beginning to think they might be able to hope.

I’ve found across these past few months is that people are so incredibly frightened, and so very, very tired. Audiences walk in looking as though they’ve just been fired and haven’t slept in a week. Scaring anyone any more about the state of the world is pointless. If we’re not at peak fear yet, we might as well be. I’ve found that by talking about things, hopeful things tied to actions, I can lessen that chest-clenching fear even for just an hour.

At a library last night, I believed myself again.

Hope, of course, isn’t happiness. But it’s essential to our worth as individuals, and for understanding our importance in the world. As a depressive, I’m keenly aware of the importance of hope and how it is, ultimately what keeps us living. It is my depressive side, ironically, that is fueling my current hope and optimism. Lack of hope has always been the disease at its worst. Looking for ways I can help, actions I can take, helps keep the disease at bay.

We are in a moment where we assume horror drives people to action. This is a false assumption. Horror is causing fatigue and paralysis. It is the hope of changing a situation that makes action. Hope can be an impetus. Individual action can lead to change.

The most important thing, the most wonderfully human thing, is that we continue to try.

There IS hope. You *can* do something.

And, because I am a depressive, but also quite hopeful, here is one of the things I’m doing: A Small Fundraiser For Reforestation

I have great hope that you have hope, and that you are doing something too.

It’s difficult for anyone to talk about how bad our world is getting (deforestation, glaciers are melting, corrupt rulers, slavery, etc.) except from the news. And every time we hear about these topics, I lose some faith in humanity and what we’re capable of. Thank you, erikaswler, for being a leader and an lighthouse for the lost boats at sea.

2 months ago

On Hope.