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Hello there! My name is Candela (but you can call me Demi). I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Former TVD stan blog, now it's pretty much entirely dedicated to Mr. Henry Cavill and I will occasionally post other stuff (like GOT, DC, Marvel, etc.)
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Charles laugh ♥

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Well, we she consents to make love to me again, strike a medal to commemorated

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Can you recommend some good writers? I need more Henry and Chris in my life

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Charles season 4 opening credits

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Charles season 4 opening credits

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Yes, Charles, we know you like to play with hearts “sometimes” 😏


"...I am exposed, I am undone,

Come tear my walls down one by one"



Soooo... I was lying in bed, at 2am in the morning reading smut... and somehow this happened 😄😆

Inspired by this hot, hot, hot story "The Fantasy" written by @demivampirew


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(Again I allowed myself to tag some people, hope you don't mind and I hope you'll like it. Just let me know if you want to be added or removed from the list)

And again I just want to thank every single one of you, from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness and support!

Ohhhhh  🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

@eastwesthomeisbest​  Thank you so much for reading the story and for providing such hot visuals 🔥 😏 ♥

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"...I am exposed, I am undone,

you can find the rest of the scene in this link...

1 day ago

you can find the rest of the scene in this link...

you can find the rest of the scene in this link...

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you can find the rest of the scene in this link...

Charles ♥

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Charles ♥

This scene just breaks my heart 😭🥺

1 day ago

This scene just breaks my heart 😭🥺

This scene just breaks my heart 😭🥺

1 day ago

This scene just breaks my heart 😭🥺

I’m close to finishing watching season 2 of The Tudors and I like the relationship between Katherine and Charles, but then I remember how their story ended and how she barely appears in the last season (except a short cameo at Charles’ funeral) and it saddens me.

For those who don’t know about her story, she was only 14 years old when Charles married her (he was 49 years of age). Charles originally planned to marry her to his son Henry when he came to age, but Charles needed the money Katherine’s father left her, so he couldn’t wait until his 11-years-old came to age to marry, so he married her himself. There are no records of they being in love, but they had two sons together. Brigitte, Charles’ mistress is a fictional character in the show, but she did not exist in reality.

The reason I’m sad about her not being present in season 4 because she was quite an important character in Tudor history. I’ve been reading and watching videos of Tudors experts, who believed that King Henry had intentions of either taking her as a wife or a mistress after Charles’ death.Another important fact about her is that she was a strong protestant and close friend to Catherine Parr and even encourage this to publish a book about their beliefs.

She was quite a sassy woman; she even had a dog named Gardiner, after bishop Gardiner, to make fun of him - for those who watch the show, Bishop Gardiner was the one who prosecuted protestant in season 4 of the show.

She fled from England with her second husband when Mary I was the queen on fear of being executed for being heretics. I’ll leave a few sources in which you can learn more about her if you are interested.

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I’m close to finishing watching season 2 of The Tudors and I like the relationship between Katherine and Charles, but then I...

Dear Henry, will you do me one favour and get a piercing somewhere on your face? Because I like my fucking seat decorated! Thank you

Your little Lin ♥️

@iloveyouyen​ OMG Lin!


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Dear Henry, will you do me one favour and get a piercing somewhere on your face? Because I like my fucking seat decorated! Thank...

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Then I shall die a happy man.

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Charles we shouldn' father will kill you. (kissing sounds)

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Now, where were we when we were so rudely interrupted

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Poor you

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I will never not reblog this.

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I will never not reblog this.

I started to watch The Tudors again, so you can expect to see a lot of Charles  😏🤭🥰

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I started to watch The Tudors again, so you can expect to see a lot of Charles  😏🤭🥰

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His level of cuteness is unmensurable.

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His level of cuteness is unmensurable.

👀👀 not gonna name names but SOME of u are sweet and kind and deserve the world and i am rooting for u

i’ll name some names @savetheghostswemakeforourselves @simplyclockwork @mcdarkandshiny

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I didn’t get tagged but I know some people and I wanted to add them to this list

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👀👀 not gonna name names but SOME of u are sweet and kind and deserve the world and i am rooting for u

Rules: Tag 10 people you want to know better. I was tagged by the very lovely and talented @rainbow-motors, thank you! :)

Relationship Status: Lucky to be married to my best friend and perfect partner in life

Favorite Color: Green

Three Favorite Foods: Sushi (particularly salmon sashimi), steak and chips, marzipan

Song Stuck In My Head: Jingle Bells. It’s my son’s favourite song and he requires that I sing it with him at least twice a week, all year round lol

Last Song I Listened To: Prophet by King Princess

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Dream Trip: seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland

Anything I Really Want: more pets!

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Relationship Status: Single, proud member of the dying alone club. 

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Three Favorite Foods: Sushi, pizza ai quattro formaggi, Cannelloni 🥺

Song Stuck In My Head: Man of Steel’s theme - Terraforming 

Last Song I Listened To: Ashikno - Hi it’s me

Last Thing I Googled: Carla Gugino

Time: 5pm

Dream Trip: New Zealand

Anything I Really Want: To be the mother of Henry’s babies and live the happy simple life with him.

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Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Color: Purple / Blue

Three Favorite Foods : Sushi, Pasta, Pizza

Song Stuck In My Head: Savage Love by Jason Derulo . I blame TikTok for this.

Last Song I Listened To: LP - The One That You Love

Last Thing I Googled: the word Intensifying. Checking how it was spelled.

Time: 5.55 pm

Dream Trip: Back to Australia to see other places there and then hop over to New Zealand.

Anything I really want: Marry the man of my dreams and have children.

Crap forgot to tag people:

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Relationship Status: Single and not looking to mingle 🤭

Favorite Color: Red

Three Favorite Foods : Pasta, Pizza & Cheesecake

Song Stuck In My Head: You’ll be back - Hamilton

Last Song I Listened To: Satisfied - Hamilton (just a coincidence (?) 🤣 )

Last Thing I Googled: the current weather 🤣

Time: 18:37 p.m.

Dream Trip: London, Finland, Norway.

Anything I really want: Continue to learn languages and keep writing.

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Rules: Tag 10 people you want to know better. I was tagged by the very lovely and talented @rainbow-motors, thank you! :) ...

Rules: Tag 9 people whoever you want that you want to know better/catch up with and then answer these questions.

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3 ships: SuperWonder, Jean/Logan,  Shayera Hol/John Stewart

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3 Ships: Jamie/Claire, Morticia/Gomez, Angel/Lil Papi

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Currently consuming: Buffalo chicken dip

Current craving: Dick. And nachos.

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3 Ships: Klaroline / Jonerys / Gendrya

Last song: Satisfied - Hamilton

Last movie: Anne of the Thousand Days

Currently reading: fanfiction (I’ll be back reading books soon, hopefully 🤭 )

Currently watching: Lots of British history documentaries (from the Plantagenets to the Stuarts)

Currently consuming: nothing at this moment (I’ll have a tea in a little bit)

Current craving: Sweets and a hot coffee (but I haven’t bought coffee so I’ll have tea instead 🤣

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What Goddamn Day Is It? Questionnaire Break

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My favourite portrayal of Anne Boleyn! (yes, I like it even more than Natalie Dormer on The Tudors)

4 days ago

My favourite portrayal of Anne Boleyn! (yes, I like it even more than Natalie Dormer on The Tudors)

4 days ago

When you get this you have to answer with 5 things you like about yourself, publicly. Then send this ask to 10 of your favorite...

August x Reader x Sy one shot

Triggers: smut; threesome; agressive sex; *nal; male dominant. (some fluff too)

You can find more of my writings in the Masterlist

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A/N: It’s almost 3 am but I couldn’t help myself, I needed to write this 🤭

“Your neck is so soft and delicate,” the tall handsome man told you as he kissed it and wrapped his hand around it. His tongue explored your smooth skin until it reached your mouth. The taste of liquor on those heavenly lips was intoxicating and the hair of his mustache gave you tingles. You were giggling as he continued to gently kiss your neck when you noticed a man sitting across the bar looking at you. It wasn’t strange for a man to look at you after it was normal for men to desire you, but the intriguing thing about that man is that it looked like the man who was tasting your skin at that very moment. There were a few difference between them, though: one had a lot of hair and a mustache, the other had a bushy beard and shaved head. The one sitting on the table had camel coloured cargo pants and a Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt; the other had suit pants, a shirt and a tie. Even the energy was different. The one kissing you seemed to have more aggressive energy than the other man, who looked more serious.You grabbed the handsome man’s chin and made him look at you and then you nodded in direction to the other guy.- I think I just found your doppelgänger.- you laughed playfully, biting your bottom lip.- He’s my brother.- he explained without paying to much attention and putting his lips back of your neck.After grabbing his hand and smiling at you kissing partner, you walked towards the table were his twin was sitting. You sat next to him and the other brother sat next to you. - Hi, nice to meet you. I’m y/n- you introduced yourself smiling- And you are?- People call me Sy or Captain Syverson.- he replied.- Captain? Are you in the military?- you questions curiously.- That’s right, ma'am.- he confirmed. He had a thick Southern accent.- Why do you have a Southern accent and you don’t?- you asked, first pointing at the gentleman you were talking to and then to the one who could no stop kissing your neck.- Because when our parents got divorced, he went to live with my mother in Georgia and I’ll stay here with my dear father.- the well-dressed man explained. When he mentioned his dad, he did it sarcastically, it seems like they did not get along, but you felt that it was better not to ask.- But didn’t you tell me your last name was Walker?- you questioned confused.- I legally changed my name after I moved. I do not want to keep anything that relates me to that man and he has our mother’s surname.- So this is the reunion you planned for me, brother? Am I supposed to spend my night watching you play with the lady? I thought this was a night for us to get some drinks and get acquaintance after a long time of no seeing each other.- the military man reproached his brother.- Relax, Jack. Have a drink, maybe find yourself a lady.- he suggested and his brother rolled his eyes.- Let’s go. I’m sure both of you would be better off in your place and I can’t spend one more minute listening to this crappy music.- he suggested. It was no surprise; a man who listens to classic rock would not like dancing music.

Since your home was the closer one, you offered them to go there. You had an empty room with a comfortable bed for Sy to sleep in if he wanted to. He shrugged and accepted the offer.

After getting to your place, the Captain went straight to the spare room and his brother waited for you to change inside your room. You came back from the bathroom wearing a black mini skirt - it was no much longer than a thick belt, with a thong underneath and a matching bra and high heels sandals. You walked towards Walker and he grabbed you by your ass, pressing his huge hands and grabbing it. He was sitting at the edge of the bed and made you sit on his thighs facing him. He exposed your breasts without taking away the bra and started to suck your nipples. He was no delicate but that was even more appealing. You felt his erection pressing your pussy and you were already wet. To be honest, you weren’t just aroused by the attention that man was giving you, but because you kept imaging what it would be like to be with his brother too. He was extremely handsome as well and his attitude excited you.- May I ask you a question?- you asked.- Sure.- he said without much care, concentrated on sucking and bitting your breasts.- Would you be offended… Do you think your brot…- you said but stopped yourself at the thought of how weird it could be for him to hear that you had the fantasy of being with both of them.- You know what, forget about it.- you dismissed the question but he stopped what he was doing and looked at you raising an eyebrow. He seemed amused.- If you want to fuck my brother too, I don’t mind. But you’ll have to ask him and he’s not that freaky.- he explained as he laid back, putting both elbows on the bed and smirking.

- Come in.- Syverson said after hearing a knock on the door.- Hi, I just wanted to see if you needed something.- you said entering the room. You covered yourself with a satin robe.- Everything is great, thank you.- he replied.- Were you trying to sleep?- you questioned.- That was the plan. Unfortunately, I don’t sleep much. Too many years on service…I’ve seen too much shit that takes my sleep away.-he sighed.- Sorry, I don’t want to spoil your night.- he apologized. - It’s ok, don’t worry.- you assured him. You walked slowly and then sat on the side of the bed. He looked at you confused but captivated. You slowly put your hand on his face and delicately started to stroke it. His eyes were fixed on you. You could feel the goosebumps your touch provoked on him. You got closer and kissed his lips. - Maybe I can help you forget about the horrible things for one night.- you whispered and he froze.You unzipped his pants, peaking at his face to make sure he was ok with that. He didn’t speak but there was no need for words; his eyes said everything: he wanted you. You slide his briefs and grabbed his cock and let a big amount of saliva to fall on his member so it would hurt him as you moved your hand up and down, slowly at first and the fast. After a few minutes, you let him feel your mouth. Your beautiful soft lips caressed the skin of his manhood as your tongue circled it. He got desperate to taste you. He grabbed you by your hips, making you sit on top of him as he kissed you as if that was his last day on earth. He couldn’t wait to be inside you, to please you.  As he was trying to take off your underwear, you cupped his face and gently looked at him.- I want you. I’m with your brother, though.- you said.- I…he said…he said he’d be ok with you joining us, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.- you explained- but I want you, be sure of that. Although, I’ll completely understand if it isn’t something you are comfortable with.You pressed your forehead against him and then got up from the bed and walked to the door and before leaving you turned around to face him and said “think about it” and left.-I thought that you were never coming back.- Walker said amused.You took off the robe and went back to your previous position. He tasted your breasts and pussy. August liked it rough. He fucked your throat until he saw tears coming from your eyes and doggy style was his favourite position. He would grab both of your arms and put them on you back and he pounded you hard. After his first round, he continued sucking your nipples when someone knocked on the door. You walked to open it and Sy was at the other end, looking at you, speechless by looking at your naked breasts and the rest of your body.- Would you look at that… I didn’t know that you had it in you, brother.- August said smirking devilishly at his brother as he lied naked on the bed, looking at his brother with amusement on his face.- I knew this was a mistake.- he said after looking at his sibling and turned around and was about to walk away when you stopped him.- Sy wait! You stopped it! - you gave August a warning look and he rolled his eyes and stood up and walked into the bedroom’s bathroom.

The military man looked at you as your eyes fixed on his and you grabbed his face and kissed him sweetly. He pulled you closer to him, embracing you and then picked you up by your thighs and walked inside the room, placing you on the bed. Out of the two brothers, there was no doubt Syverson took the price for the best at pleasing a woman with his mouth. He hit the right spot with every movement of his tongue. He got on top of you and you felt him inside of you. The brothers could be so similar yet so different. August was the kinky one, the aggressive lover, the one who expected tears from the woman. Sy, on the other hand, was the passionate one. He made love, he wanted to feel the connection.You were interrupted by August clearing his throat. “I saw her first, brother. I have no problem sharing her, but I have to be there too, that’s the deal” the tall man with the mustache reminded you. Caressing his face, you whispered to him “Just concentrate on me, and close your eyes if you want”. He laid on the mattress and you got on top of him. You started to ride him and made him close his eyes while you took August on your mouth. You tried hard no to make too many sounds as he fucked your throat so Sy wouldn’t lose his arousal by remembering that his brother was on there too.It was indescribable the pain you felt to have them both inside of you at the same time. Both of them were much bigger than average and them fucking you at the same time was something unimaginable. August was the one fucking your ass so he ruthless pounding style had you on the edge. But to say that you were in pain it didn’t mean that you weren’t having the time of your life. That was, without any doubt, the best sex you’ve ever had.After fishing, August left you to entertain his brother for a little longer and went into the other room to catch some sleep.Now, having you all to himself, Sy put quite a show. He showed off his talents at oral again and fuck you again and again until sunrise. He wasn’t quite imaginative or dominant as his brother, but he brought another thing to the table: he was a true lover. He would make you feel like the most unique woman on earth.You woke up at noon and your body laid almost entirely over Syverson’s. He had woke up earlier -or maybe didn’t sleep at all. He kissed your forehead and caressed your face with his thumb.

- Good morning…or afternoon.- you greeted him, chucking.- Good afternoon.- he confirmed.- Were you able to sleep? -you questioned moving slightly to be able to look at his face.- Yes. My brother woke me up when I heard him left.- he explained and you remembered the crazy night.You looked at each other and laughed.- I’m sorry if I made you do something you weren’t comfortable with.-you apologized.- That’s ok, you didn’t force me. I stay because I wanted to.-he assured you.- You know, my brother thinks I’m vanilla when it comes to sex. I’m not, though. It’s not because I felt weird about being in a threesome with my brother that I doubted for a moment …it’s because I liked you too much and I didn’t want to share you, but he was right, he saw you first.- He might have seen me first and had me before you as well… but you’re the one I would like to keep seeing if you want to.- you said.- Absolutely.- he agreed.

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The Fantasy

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A/N: I usually don’t include important storyline and smut in the same chapters if someone doesn’t enjoy smut, but this time I did. So if you don’t like smut, you can read the first part and when it says “keep reading” don’t read it because it’s smut.

Triggers: first half: talking about body issues, eating disorders, bullying, body change, thoughts about possibly having kids; family issues. Second half: SMUT.


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Even if you were alone in your house, you closed the bathroom door just in case Henry happened to walk in. Every day, you would grab a pillow and put in under one of your sleeping shirts -that you stole from your boyfriend. The plan was to see how you would look like if you were pregnant. Giving the fact that you suffered from body issues for a long time, and it wasn’t completely a thing of the past, you thought that you should feel comfortable with your body changing if you were to have a baby someday. People would think you were shallow if they knew you care so much about your appearance, but you couldn’t help it: usually, people like you, who grew up in a town were all the girls looked like skinny Barbies and did not fell into that stereotype and was bullied because of the way you looked, as well as dealing with eating disorders, having that kind of body change could be extremely traumatic.

No matter what was the reason you gave to justify your decision of not wanting kids, people always would find a way to make you look bad: if you cared about your looks, you were vain; when you said that you didn’t feel that maternal desire, they would assure you once you had the baby in your hands everything would change and if you pointed out that there are people who never develop that motherly instinct, they would lose their sh*t. A constant question you’ve heard was “Who’s going to take care of you when you’re old if you don’t have kids?” “well, isn’t it selfish to bring a kid to the world for the purpose of taking care of you?” you would reply, which of course would make people go mad.As a contrast to that people, you didn’t judge them for their decision. If they wanted kids to have company and not to feel lonely or because they wanted someone to take care of them when they’re older or put their desire of being parents above everything else -like economic stability, to make sure that you’d have the time to take care of it, etc. that was ok, it was none of your business.Oddly enough, the looks weren’t what scared you the most about pregnancy. Whenever you thought about carrying a child, you got a claustrophobic sensation; it simply felt weird. The other terrifying thought was labour. Some of your closest friends had traumatic experiences while bringing their kids into the world and you didn’t know if you could ever go through something like that.

Despite all those negative points, the thought of having a little kid to play with you and your man was delighting. You adored his nephews and niece and loved to play with them. The ones who lived in London were practically teenagers now so you could play your favourite video games with - like Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil. With the younger ones who you met when you were in Jersey, you would like to play games outside and more artistic activities like drawing. Thomas was probably your favourite because he wanted to learn guitar and you started to teach him - even bought him a black Les Paul Gibson that you were planning to give him as a Christmas present.

After taking a shower, you changed and put on some makeup and when you finished getting ready, you called a cab to take you to Henry’s place so you would go to the airport together.

Henry’s family invited you to spend Christmas with them in Jersey. At first, you didn’t know how to react: on one hand, you were super excited; your family rarely celebrated the holiday -for them it was just another day. For you it was not, you would pretend that it was, but secretly wanted a big family celebration and you were finally getting one. On the other hand, however, you were nervous because his family knew about your break up. It was silly because it wasn’t like you fought or anything, but you weren’t sure how they would look at you for that. Henry assured you that he had to hear his mom gave him a speech about he was making a huge mistake and she was overjoyed when she found out that you were back together.

Henry was used to flying in business class but flying in first class was one of the few luxuries you liked to give yourself.

As you went to the toilet, your boyfriend awaited for you. He was reading one of the books of The Wheel of Time series, again - he read those books like a thousand times.

A hand covered your mouth as you opened the door to get out, and then you were back inside as Henry looked the bathroom.

- What are you doing? - you spoke softly and he shushed you and smirked devilishly.

He started to kiss you and then you felt his hand inside your pants. He pressed you against the tiny wall and pressed his lips against yours and other parts of your body while his finger rubbed your clit. His free hand grabbed yours as your fingers intertwined. He kissed that hand and then his mouth reached yours once again. You moaned silently against his mouth after reaching climax. You would have loved to pleasure him with your mouth, but he was so big for that little space that it was hard for you to get on your knees.  So you copied him and used your hand to please him. After playing with his manhood for a few minutes, it was hard and ready for action. He picked you up, holding you by your tights and after you put him inside of you, he started to pound you. The adrenaline that gave you the fear of being caught made things even hotter. You knew that if somebody found out what was happening, you would end up in every magazine and website because both of you were famous and people love a good sex celebrity ‘scandal’. The tongues danced in each other’s mouth ferociously as your hands grabbed his hair between your fingers. It wasn’t a big problem for you to remain quiet because you were more into the silent type of lover, you showed your pleasure through gestures rather than noises, your man on the other side, he was always as loud as it gets and he was suffering by not being able to grunt and moan loudly as he does when you two have sex. He wasn’t the kind of aggressive lover - he was passionate but tender, but this time, when he finished he bit you quite hard on the shoulder to avoid making noise. Of course, you did not complain about that pain was delicious.  You were extra careful when it came to using protection and always used condoms, but once in a while you would forget about it so, thankfully you had an IUD for extra security -and both got tested to be sure there was nothing to worry about it you were to forget a condom.

He went out first so you could refresh yourself and then you joined him.

Thankfully, first class wasn’t packed of people and apparently, no one noticed that you two were gone. You spent the rest of the flight giggling and he kissed your hand as he told you that he loved you, not with words, but with those ocean blue eyes and that smile that brightened even the darkest of days.

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