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Like this if u cry every time

Having to take a 4 hour accounting final.

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You know what’s a damn waste of a good hair day?

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7, 12 and 15! Sorry I'm a little late for the writers ask, but I'm going to give it a shot anyways!


Ursprünglich gepostet von viluys

As always, us mods here at FeudalConnection want to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the second quarterly Inuyasha Fandom Awards!! We had so much more interaction this quarter than any of those before. Your participation and support for this fandom is simply awesome! 

And now, without further delay, here we are!

Winners for the Quarter 2 2020 Inuyasha Fandom Awards, hosted by FeudalConnection!

Best Action Fiction: “Oblivion” by @meggz0rz​Best Alternate Universe/Reality Fiction: Making Waves” by @clearwillow​ / brigidthefae (Ao3)Best Canon Fiction: “The Ronin” by @mamabearcat​Best Angst Fiction: “One Last Ride” by @lemonlushff​Best Dark Fiction: “Double Trouble” by @hanyoyokai​Best Drama Fiction: “Real” by @keichanz​Best Humor/Parody Fiction: “Teeth are White” by @kstewdeux​Best NSFW Fiction: “The One With The Fantasy Type Thing” by @shinidamachu​Best Oneshot Fiction: “Aeonian” by @sassybratt9791​Best Character Portrayal: “The Pilfered Bride” (Kagome) by @artistefish​Best Romance Fiction: “Your Lying Smile” by @dangerouspompadour​ / dawnrider (Ao3)Best Serial Fiction: “Splendent Shorties” by SplendentGoddessBest Ficlet: “A Monk’s Advice” by @a-mad-youkai-tea-party​Best Antagonist Portrayal Fiction: “Adverse Effects” (The Entrepreneur) by @fantastiqueparfait​Best Completed Fiction: “It’s About Time” by @akitokihojo​Best Action Artwork: “Holy Power” by pink-hudy (DA)Best Alternate Universe/Reality Artwork:  “Enchanted” by @thunderpot​ / JessyM Best Canon Artwork: “since your skin is so terribly weak…” by @caramocciiBest Angst Artwork: “Brothers” by @complexwish​Best Dark Artwork: “Oblivion Watercolors” by @kirrtash​Best Humor/Parody Artwork: “Untitled” by @artsy-dg-try​Best Kiss Artwork: “Sakura” by La-sera (DA)Best Character Artwork: “Inuyasha” by @kay-i​Best Duo/Pairing Artwork: “Affections Touching Across Time” by @alexandria-monik-art​Best NSFW Artwork: “InuKag Sketch Part 3″ by @britonell​Best Romance Artwork: “With You” by lenbarboza (PX)Best M/M & F/F Artwork: “Pastel Punk Wolf Boys” by @danikatze​Best Group Depiction Artwork: “A feudal fairytale” by @ramblingrhubarb​Best Doujinshi Artwork: “To You, A Thousand Years Later” by @heavenin–hell​Best Overall Artwork: “朔の日” by mtb_umk (TW)

Congratulations to all the winners! Your awards are ready for pickup, so please contact us or shoot us your preferred email address so we can get those to you as soon as possible!

As this quarter comes to a close, FeudalConnection will be taking a short hiatus. This time is always spent reviewing the process and seeing what can be revamped for the next quarter. 

During this time, there are a couple Inuyasha-inspired events going on. 

InuKag week will be hosted June 8th to June 14th! The Inuyasha Fanfiction Book Club, created by @lemonlushff​, will have its first meeting Saturday, May 30th, from 9-10pm EST. For June, it will be a Queer-centered piece for Pride Month!

We will officially be back in full swing starting July 1st! We will still be around in case you have questions or concerns, but please take this time to read new fanfiction and find new fanart. We strongly encourage for everyone to nominate different writers and artists for the next quarter, so to spread the love of this fandom around. 

As the day gets closer to the start of the third quarter of 2020, we will be keeping everyone in the loop when it comes to changes and updates. Thank you again for making this an amazing experience! See you soon!

- FeudalConnection

I’m in shock, to be honest. Thank you! And congratulations to all of the other winners and nominees!

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Quarter 2 2020 Winners!!

6 days ago

Witchy do you have any fic recs or any good fics that you have read recently that you would recommend?

so I think it’s safe to say I’m back in action.

7 days ago

Just filled up two notebook pages with ideas for later chapters

Pictures 5
The struggle is real  extra:

7 days ago

The struggle is real extra:

Surprise! Two months late, but a Tumblr exclusive for you all. There’s more here, I know for sure. I just don’t know when it’ll be finished… maybe later this summer. Keep an eye out; it’ll be posted to AO3 and FFN whenever that time comes.

Tag list: @heyy-ahriii, @meggz0rz, @dangerouspompadour, @disgruntledbeast, @umacaking, @ideasthatbuildcities, @hinezumi (I’m going from memory here, so my sincere apologies if you’ve been left off the tag list – let me know if you’d like to be on the general tag list going forward).

“I don’t think I can do this.”

The breeze picked up, lifting a strand of hair and tickling it across Kagome’s face. She wrinkled her nose at the sensation, tucking her hair back behind her ear as she slouched back against the trunk of the Goshinboku, her knees to her chest. She looked up, relishing in the dappled sunlight that filtered through the remarkably early leaves on such an unseasonably warm January day. She never wanted to leave this place.

She was startled from her daydream as a larger hand grabbed her own, a calloused thumb caressing her palm. Kagome turned her head to take in the sight of Inuyasha sprawled against the trunk of the tree, dozing lazily with Tessaiga cradled in his left arm.

“Who the fuck is telling you that?” The question was barely audible, more of a groggy mumble than anything else. He cracked an eye open as he turned to meet her gaze.

“Nobody’s telling me that,” she grumbled, moving to rest her forehead on her knees. “It just feels so… final,” she sighed, her voice thick with emotion that she wasn’t ready to confront. “I’m not ready.”

Not ready for what the future held, not ready for the possibility that…

No. Think about that later. Not now. Not here.

She heard it before she felt it – the quiet metallic clink as he set Tessaiga down on a nearby root before he shifted closer to her, draping an arm around her shoulders as he twisted his body to rest his forehead against her temple.

“Nothing final but death,” his breath ghosted down her neck, hot against her skin. “Hell, even that ain’t final sometimes,” he scoffed.

Kagome let out a short laugh, if only to keep from sobbing.

“Don’t know why you give these tests so much power over you, anyway,” he murmured. “Especially since you say this one is optional. Just see how it goes and decide from there.”

It was true; even her mother had said the same thing. Worst case, she could study again for next year. Best case, she could choose to defer her studies until life was more manageable. Either way, there were positives to a year off.

Kagome didn’t want to think about that, though. She wanted to live in this moment forever. She wanted to memorize every detail, to hold on to everything that she could – the way the light played across her legs, the way his hand felt in hers, the warmth of his body…

“Besides, you already passed the hardest test of all,” he smirked as he set her hand down and picked up Tessaiga, rising to leave. “What’s there to worry about?”


“Don’t go.” Her voice was shaking; she cursed herself for it. “Please? Stay with me just a little longer.”

Unexpectedly, Inuyasha obliged. He returned to where Kagome sat, picking her up and resettling them both: Kagome between his legs, her back against his chest.

“Just until you fall asleep,” he conceded.

They stayed like that for a while. Minutes? Hours? Kagome wasn’t sure. She tried to stay awake, to keep the conversation going; anything to delay the inevitable.

“You need to sleep,” he would respond to her attempts (which were growing feebler by the moment), stroking her hair or dropping a kiss to the top of her head. The last thing she remembered before succumbing to sleep was the way Inuyasha’s voice was carried off by the gentle breeze.

Kagome Higurashi woke up alone, five hundred years in the future, on a cold Saturday morning in January: the first day of the National Center Test for University Admissions.

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Fluff Prompt 78: “I need you. Please, stay.”

11 days ago

fuck marry or kill: 90 day fiance contestant - Andrei, 90 day fiance contestant - elizabeth's russian fiance and 90 day fiance...

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Song teaser for the prompt I’ll be posting this weekend. I’m really digging it, and it’s likely to turn into a longer piece at...

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When you spend most of your writing session napping and still manage to churn out two sentences

Okay, finals are over, I got everything finished and in on time, I managed to keep my 4.0 GPA aaaaand Chapter 56 (first draft) is almost done!

Damn girl, teach me your ways.

12 days ago

Okay, finals are over, I got everything finished and in on time, I managed to keep my 4.0 GPA aaaaand Chapter 56 (first draft)...

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Hey I saw a bunch of people doing sailor moon screenshot redraws and i wanted to join but i didn’t rly watch sailor moon so i...

12 days ago

Hey I saw a bunch of people doing sailor moon screenshot redraws and i wanted to join but i didn’t rly watch sailor moon so i...

Is this hiatus going to be when I finally finish out all of those fluff prompts sitting around my inbox?

Hard maybe.

12 days ago

Is this hiatus going to be when I finally finish out all of those fluff prompts sitting around my inbox? Hard maybe.

13 days ago

Voting’s finally over! Now to wait for the results. I’ll get my popcorn.


These types of relationships can be some of the most interesting and enjoyable, both to read and write, because they show us many sides of the same characters and the growth from a hatred to mixed feelings and finally to genuine love and acceptance is often heartwarming to experience. But relationships like also require finesse to portray in a believable, healthy manner.

Before we begin, some ground rules: 

1. Stay away from abuse.

A hate to love relationship is not an “abuse to love” relationship, and none of these tips are aimed toward writing such a thing. Check this list for things to keep out of your healthy end-game relationships.

2. These characters need to be ‘ship-able’ already!

If your character would not naturally end up in the end-game relationship, you’ve got a problem. The character’s ability to be friends – shared interests, enjoyment of each other’s company, comparability in communication – is crucial for the transition from hate to love.

Now then, how do we set up this hate to love relationship? 

1. Examine why the characters hate each other.

There’s a slew of different reasons two characters might start out hating each other, including (but certainly not limited to):

They come from opposing sides of a war, feud, or have some other group-oriented dislike. They have very bad first impressions of each other. They already hold distasteful misconceptions about each other based on what trusted companions have told them. One (or both) of them are acting or believing something the other has good reason to hate. 

In order to pull off the first part of the relationship – the hate – you have to both have a reason for the characters to hate each other and convince the reader that the reason is a good reason. 

Unless you’re writing in omnipresent, you’re telling the story through your character’s eyes. No matter how good their current ‘enemy’ may be on the inside, the pov character won’t be looking for that goodness. They’ll see all the flaws and turn offs they anticipate the character to have, and this will likely (hopefully) effect them on an emotional level the reader can connect with.

2. What needs to change for this hate to be repealed?


13 days ago

Writing Relationships: Hate to Love.

Nimble fingers moved along the torn edges, drawing the needle back and forth and managing to avoid the daggers that protruded from the ends of his fingers. Each movement was done with such a casual air he could feel the envious and perplexed pair of eyes lingering on them. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He didn’t need to look up. 

“When you’re bored for weeks on end.” he stated, giving the string a tug, thumb coming up two inches up the length to slice away the slack. He didn’t need more comment, her own movements becoming more swift. 

“I would have thought you’d keep yourself busy… I don’t know…” It was his turn to watch her small hands made  rough with living. “Building things. Helping plant crops. Killing demons.” 

“Village man things.” he offered, tying off the strand and tugging to make sure his stitch was secure. 

“Not to say sewing isn’t-”

“I’m mending.” came his sour reply. 

“Pardon?” she questioned, head lifting from her work. 

“Sewing suggests I’m making something new.” The haori was lifted, one of many folded in the basket that was left outside of their doorway that morning. “I mend things. Fix the damage.” 

Her cheeks rounded as a tight lipped smile bloomed over her features. “Is this why we keep getting these jobs?” she adjusted the fabric of the trousers laying over her lap so she could finish the patch over the knee, “You’ve turned into the village mender?” 

He snorted, a dog-like habit but these days he found he enjoyed the little giggle that she offered in exchange for the gesture. “I don’t sleep as often as they do. Don’t have to hunt for food, got a roof over my head if I want it, and empty time. Helps, too, to pull my weight when there isn’t a demon to slay. For the first year or two they didn’t want me plantin’.” 

“Why not?” 

“Half-demon. Worried I’d bring curse to the crops or something. You know how they can be.” he tossed the haori into the basket, digging around for a set of fabric he liked the colors of, drawing it out to begin unfolding it over his lap. “Don’t look at me like that.” 

“You like fixing things now.” she stated. Her voice was smooth, relaxed and almost awed. It was as if the very idea was foreign to her and it caused him pause, golden eyes turning up toward her while his ears curled back a bit; he would have looked stricken if it wasn’t for the defiant expression. Before he could offer a retort a gentler smile crossed her lips, her head dipping to return to her work. The motion caused wisps of raven hair to brush over her shoulders and frame those soft cheeks and any anxiety he had felt melted away into an edge of anticipation. He had missed watching her. He still didn’t do enough of it. 

“You always seemed so rough, you know? Temperamental and rude. You’ve grown up a lot, InuYasha, and perhaps it was our time apart that lets me appreciate it more.” she folded the trousers once they were finished, setting them in the basket and fishing out a new garment as well. 

“It reminded me of you.” his voice was quieter now. Eyes down on his work he didn’t want to look up. She had changed much in him but expressing such things was still difficult to face so boldly when being so sincere. “Fixing things, that is. When it was quiet, and there was nothing to distract me, it was hard. I would think about what would come of me. What if you never returned? They never fully accepted me here? Was I going to just live on the outskirts for the rest of my life? Everything was so negative at night.” he paused in his speaking, reaching for the smaller basket of modest threads and spools, fingering through them to produce a more appropriate color and beginning to string his needle. 

“I remember thinking, ‘Kagome would be disappointed.’ one night.” the needle began its dance again, in and out of the fabric along a particularly jagged tear, “ I thought, ‘I’m not working hard enough. She worked so hard to fix the problems she faced. What would she think of this?’” despite himself he grinned, “So I followed Kaede about a bit and took on some of the mending. Found I was pretty lousy at it at first but was for the best. Now I’m the go-to in the village.” Pride radiated from his tone, shoulders squared despite his slight hunch. “I fix things for these people like you fixed me. For a while it felt like you were with me and it made things easier.” 

He started some when he felt her weight rest against his arm, head rested on his shoulder. For an extended moment she said nothing, the two working in a newfound and contented silence before she murmured with a voice full of what he had come to know as love:

“I had nothing to fix.”

13 days ago


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Mug Tag Game

Does it only have to be the last one that I used? I hope not, because since I’m not home right now (and won’t be for a while) so I don’t really like the mugs I have to use now lol. I’ll just use my fav mug back home instead.


I have to day, the picture is not the best at expressing how much I love cats, since there are two hanged ones illustrated just above it, but I asked my sister for a nice picture of my mug and I must say she does love her irony. This is one of those mugs that you unreasonably like and don’t stop using, so it’s definitely a 10 out of 10.

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You can, of course ignore this lol


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Mug Tag Game.  I meant to do this sooner, but I kept forgetting and then it was lost to my drafts. Whoops. Anyway- the mug I’m currently using and yes… I realize I hold mugs weird. 

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Bwahaha I do the pinky part thing lol.

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Had to wait until I was at home again before I could take a photo of my favourite mug.


Any writer peeps that wanna share a pic of their favourite mug, consider yourself tagged!



It has portraits of all 6 wives :D but Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr (5&6) only they the little circular ones

Also I had this in drafts for days and totally forgot about it

Tagging: @fantastiqueparfait @lemonlushff @lavendertwilight89 @kstewdeux and anyone else who has a fun one to share :)

I have my first free afternoon in two weeks, so am I going to binge watch 90 Day Fiancé while drinking tea from my famous first lines of literature mug?

You bet I am.


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Tagged by - @artbykei​. Thank you!! Mug Tag Game Does it only have to be the last one that I used? I hope not, because since...

So. Y’all. I think this is my first personal post. 

Please share with others? Or maybe this already exists? If so, just point me, pls?

Lately, I’ve been lurking around our wonderful, exploding fandom (I know, pls don’t hate me, it’s ingrained so deeply…I do comment though! I swear! I’m better than I used to be!)…

And every once in a while, I come across some fabulous music, a quote, poetry, art, funny random items…just things that have inspired people, and thus inspire me, too (music especially, personally). 

I’d love it if everyone could contribute something to a list that we can share? 

Any genre, any mood, any era: I won’t judge. Maybe even a comment on a character/couple it reminds you of? Or what it inspires? 

Is it hilarious or angsty? Good fodder for action sequences? A totally AU thing? 

Or just “Hey, dear, this isn’t a bad song/poem/pic, but it isn’t great; and it isn’t inspirational…but I thought you’d enjoy it” would be  appreciated! 

Just something fun to share, basically.

Like @heavenin–hell mentioned a song by Dorothy that inspired her art of Toga (’Taisho)/Izayoi.

And @dangerouspompadour mentions songs from time to time that inspire fics.

Someone even drew a little comic to an adorable lullaby, I remember…though I can’t find it now. (Thunderstorm…Inu being an adorable papa…)

I did notice that “Music Mondays” is apparently a thing! Such a noob still, I swear I always will be. I’m gonna be all over that, though. (Pls Note, Beloveds, don’t feel like you have to write stuff down if you’re saving it for a great drabble sometime! Or, if you wanna PM me, I won’t share it!)

Hope everyone is having a good week. And sorry for the ridiculous length of this request. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

Only going to tag SOME people that I don’t think would mind (I hope - I’m only tagging ppl I’ve basically talked to before)….please SHARE??

@disgruntledbeast @fantastiqueparfait @superpixie42 @smmahamazing @alannada @heavenin–hell @inupotter @meggz0rz @dangerouspompadour @kstewdeux @elohiniar @sticky-llama-perfection @eleonorrose13 @cstorm86 @witchygirl99 @clearwillow @petri808 @lemonlushff @myverysweetescape @aurora-darlene @mythicamagic @thunderpo @britonell @sarah-writes-stories @umacaking @miyori999 @ajoy3fanfics @theinuyashareader @cammysansstuff @itzatakahashi @inukag @lavendertwilight89 @ayosdesignz-blog @sassybratt9791 @hanmajoerin @tilltheendwilliwrite @redflamesofpassion 

I have a whole playlist for Adverse Effects, but this was the song that made me realize the tone it needed. Hope it helps!

14 days ago

Inuyasha Fandom Request: Couples of IY Inspirational Rec's (Music/Art/Poetry/Quotes/Randomness/not necessarily fanfics or...