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I am musically illiterate. I know none of the technical terminology and honestly half the time I can’t tell what instrument is being played, but I know what kind of sound I find appealing. This is my attempt to describe what I hear in a song. 

The song I am choosing to dissect is Stepping Stones by Eminem. Now this isn’t one of his more complicated songs, or his better known ones, but it’s one I enjoy quite a bit. When it comes to Eminem I have a deeply unhealthy  obsession with him and his music, so I know the general backstory to this song.  The lyrics take the listener through the rise and fall of D12, the rap group Eminem was in with some of his childhood friends. He raps about how the group peaked in 2002 and were doing great globally until everything fell apart when Proof was murdered in 2006. Proof was one of the more prominent members and the group and Em’s very close friend. When he died Eminem sort of spiraled, dealing with addiction and depression and didn’t know what to do with D12. No one’s solo career ever ended up taking off and the group couldn’t survive without Proof. The core message of the song is Em loves D12 and everyone who was once in it, and he will always support his friends, but D12 is over. 


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The tone and flow of the song is works well with its message. The beat sounds like thunder at points. I hear a lot of kick drums and snare, those are the only beats I can clearly pin down. The track has the intensity of running if that makes any sense. Em sounds firm yet apologetic nope, guilty. He has a line that he delivers as if this has been weighing him down for a while now. The line is 

“And by the time your reign is over, you’ll hardly be missedYou start thinkin’ of all the artists you gift, all the carnage you leftIs this the kinda karma you getFor turnin’ your fuckin’ back on Bizzy, Kuniva and Swift?A Freudian slip, subconsciously, I honestly wishedI ain’t feel so much guilt and y'all didn’t harbor resentmentBut it’s hard to pretend that y'all ain’t got none of this”

There are also moments on the track where he’s singing, and in my experience, I could be wrong, Em tends to sing when it’s something deeply personal to him. Example include Hailie’s Song, which was a song to his daughter, Difficult, a tribute to Proof, Going Through Changes, a song about recovering from addiction, and many others. There are exceptions but that’s the theme I’ve picked up on. 

I can’t forget to mention the rhyme scheme on this song. Something that I love about Em is that he doesn’t just piece words together, he can string together entire phrases that rhyme. A great example of this is 

Bacardi in hand, never thought the party would endOne minute you’re bodyin’ shit, but then your audience splitsYou can already sense the climate is startin’ to shiftTo these kids you no longer exist”


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I will go on forever if I don’t stop now. I love the storytelling, I love the beat, I love the flow and rhyme scheme, and I all works so well together. Give it a listen, it a song that doesn’t get enough attention and I feel they are missing out.

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What’s in a Song?

Throughout this article I am going to link to every song I can think of that tells the more personal parts of Eminem’s story. Feel free to read about his rise to fame, or take a moment to listen to it.

Em was born October 17th 1972 and grew up as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, his bastard father gave him his name and then took off when Em was still very young. He was left to be raised by his mother Debbie, a single mother struggling with a drug addiction. The household was toxic and unstable. They moved around a million times before somewhat settling in Detroit. (Contrary to popular belief Em was not born in Michigan, he has Missouri southern roots.)


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It was in Detroit where he found his love for music and rap, it is also where he met his first love Kim. Kim and Em were teenagers when they first met, Kim had run away from home when Debbie invited her in. The relationship started from there, and was rocky ever since. They had their one and only child together in 1995. I’m sure we have all heard the name Hailie Jade by now, even if you aren’t an Eminem Stan. He struggled to raise a daughter while pursuing his dreams at the same time. He had to flip burgers by day, and do underground shows by night. He managed to release his first album 1996, it was titled Infinite. The album didn’t sell, well technically it sold 1,000 copies, with critics saying it sounded too much like Nas or the delivery was too soft. 1996 was a difficult period for Em, his album flopped, he was fired from the burger joint he was working at right before Christmas, and he had to move back in his mother’s trailer home, bringing his daughter and Kim with him. With the pressure building Eminem hit one of his lowest points, he downed a bottle of Tylenol and attempted suicide. 


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It’s crazy the difference a year could make. In 1997 Em competed in the Rap Olympics, a rap competition the gains quite a bit of attention. He ended up coming in second place to the rapper Otherwize (who, never heard of him?). Otherwize won in a slimy way. During Em’s turn in the battle the man walk off stage and left Em to verse no one. After the whole ordeal he was crushed. A man came up to Em right before he was about to leave and asked for a demo, Em chucked it at him, still fuming from the loss. What are the odds that chance encounter would result in Em’s music being passed along to Dr.Dre?


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 We all know the rest right? Hi, My Name Is  floods the airwaves and the public consciousness, the Slim Shady persona is born, The Slim Shady LP sells millions, Kim and Em get married and then divorced, The Marshall Mathers LP comes out, sell millions, forms a rap group with a few of his closest friends called D12, is critically acclaimed but politically demonized, Em stars in 8 mile, it wins a fucking Oscar, the best album ever made comes out and it’s called the Eminem Show, goes on tour after tour after tour, gets Encore comes out and it eh, Eminem gets married to Kim once again, they push out a greatest hits album, and it all comes to a screeching halt.

2006 was the next lowest point in Em’s life. On April 5th, three months after he got remarried to Kim, he was filing for divorce. 6 days later on April 11th, Eminem’s best friend of many years, a member of the aforementioned group D12, someone he was inspired by and looked up to, someone he loved like a brother, was shot and killed. 


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This sent Em into a depression that lasted for years. He retreated from the music scene entirely, spiraled further into drug addiction, something he has been dealing with for a while at this point, and disappeared from the public eye. During this time his health was deteriorating, he put on bit of weight, started to struggle with insomnia, and grew dependent on prescription drugs. The few glimpse the media could get of Em during this time were still exploited.


In late 2007 Eminem overdosed on the equivalent of 4 bags of heroin. The doctors told him if he would have gotten to the emergency room two hours later he would have died. He decided it was time to get into a recovery program. After trial and error Em got clean in 4/20/2008, and began dipping his toes back into music. His first album back was titled Relapse and it received a lukewarm reception. It was a very playful and experimental album, a sound his fans with used to, but he came back swinging with Recovery. 


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Again, I think we know this part. Put out Recovery and it returned him to the world stage, had record breaking hits like Love The Way You Lie and Not Afraid, released the sequel to the Marshall Mathers LP, released a collaborative album titled ShadyXV to promote Shady Records, toured (rarely because it was a trigger for him), dropped Revival which received mixed reactions, released Kamikaze with no warning as a huge fuck you to the critics of Revival, and finally released Music to Be Murdered By just this year. And that brings us up to date.

There are a million little details that I am missing, but to be fair his career has lasted longer than I have been alive. I think that plays into why I’m so obse-ssed with him, he as music for anything I could be going through or feeling. He is and will always be my goto. When I’m fed up with my own life I can fall completely into his world instead.


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Eminem’s Whole Life Story is Right There in his Music


Okay this is a very old piece I did....I was so proud of it back then

13 hours ago

Okay this is a very old piece I did....I was so proud of it back then