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If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were. Richard Bach
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1 day ago

Why do we give up our hearts to the past? And why must we grow up so fast?

2 days ago

Isn’t it nearly almost funny how we always seem to know exactly what to do immediately after doing something else

21 days ago

While I will tell you that you can do it many of your dreams may actually come true my words will be but whispers in the...

21 days ago

No one will care…or reminisce about how successful we were when our road meets the ultimate end of its day they will however...

24 days ago

The Girl From Yesterday It wasn't really sad the way they said good-bye Or maybe it just hurt so bad she couldn't cry He packed...

Good morning my dear friends. I’m going to share something today that may seem a little depressing.  Nothing and no one on this earth will last forever.  There is definitely an element of sadness in this, but that is precisely what makes everyone and everything all the more special and precious.  Let me share a little story with you.  How’s your imagination today?  Suppose someone gave you the most beautiful flower ever grown, and it has a twist.  This flower will last forever, and it will always be perfect and beautiful.  Of course, at first you’re thrilled, but I wonder if you would even notice or appreciate the beauty in 6 months, or 20 or 50 years.  Now remember when you received a dozen roses from that special someone.  The flowers were lovely, the fragrance breathtaking, and you knew darn well that they would only last about a week.  I’ll bet you enjoyed them every single second.  Sadly I fear that we often take the beautiful people in our lives for granted.  “They’ll be around tomorrow and I’m angry with them, so I won’t talk to them today.”  Congratulations, you’ve just lost a day with someone you love.  It looks silly in black and white, but I’ve done it, and I’m sure that at least some of you have as well.  Most likely everyone you love will be here tomorrow, but that’s never guaranteed.  The way I see it, we have but two choices.  We can either sit around all depressed because everyone is going to die, or we can choose to laugh and love and be fully alive today.  If you see me smiling this morning, you’ll know that I picked the second option.  If I see you smiling, my heart will know that you made the same choice, and I pray that you do.  To close up; my little story about the perfect flower was just a fantasy.  The special people in our lives are much more like the dozen roses.  They are beautiful, delicate, and impermanent.  Please enjoy them, take care of them, and most important of all, love them.  Let your words and actions shout I LOVE YOU!  Maybe every new baby should be born with a label that reads something like: Fragile, Handle with Care.What if you fought with a friend todayand woke up tomorrow to find they were goneWould you really care what it was aboutwould it really matter which one was wrongOne More Dance - One of my first poemsYou are much loved,Mike <3

26 days ago

Nothing Lasts Forever