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The Shepherd’s Girl | Alec Volturi x Female Reader [PART I]


Ursprünglich gepostet von withthestarsandmoon

She never said anything, but she had always felt those eyes on her. They burned like the embers that would jump at her feet as she slept. She’d felt them for years, she knew exactly who’s they were but she didn’t dare to say a word.

She didn’t want them to hurt him. And she knew if she gave him something as simple as an eye bat, he would be rotting in the ground because of her.

She felt the same way he did about her. Once in a blue moon they would walk through the village to trade. It was the only time she was allowed to gaze at him.

She was enchanted by the teenage boy. His violent blue eyes always made her heart flutter and her stomach flip. They were gorgeous, as was he.

She watched with the others as they walked hand in hand with weaved rabbit traps in at their sides. Only two. They only ever came with two.

Y/N’s head fell as the two retreated back into the woods after her father reluctantly traded the twins with wool. They hadn’t eaten in days. The crops died and many of the villagers were blaming the twins and their widowed mother for the famine.

She sighed as everyone continued on after the two were out of eyesight. She wiped her hands on her white dress and continued to feed the young sheep.

They crowded around as she feed them flowers and weeds. A small smile danced upon her lips as the animals began to rub against her legs.

Alec watched as the angel like girl laughed. He was hidden behind a large oak watching the village beauty. She was only 15 while Alec was 17.

He had been watching her for two years now. That’s when his infatuation began. He and Jane had been hunting squirrels for their mother when they stumbled upon her at the edge of the pond near their home.

They knew she wasn’t supposed to be there. None of the village children were allowed to venture out into the woods because of them.

They also knew who she was. She was Y/N Shepherd. Her father was the only shepherd in the village. They knew from the nice dress she was wearing and how beautiful the girl truely was. Along with her silky H/C hair. A signature of her fathers.

Jane and Alec decided to stay quiet as they watched from a far. She was sobbing as she looked at her reflection in the water. Her face was bruised and beaten.

Alec’s heart wept at the sight of the angel in front of him. Her pain was deep and he could feel it, while Jane felt remorse for the girl. Her father was known to be an evil man. Her mother died years ago and he blamed Y/N for her death.

Every man in the village wanted Y/N to marry their sons. She was beautiful and to them that’s all that mattered. But unknowing to them her beauty outside reflected that what is was inside.

She was a very timid girl. She didn’t like the attention she was given and was know as the village recluse. To the teenage boys she was an enigma.

Men and boys started asking for her hand in marriage at the age of eleven. Though her father angeredly declined them all. He hated his daughter, but she was still all he had left of his wife. He was determined she would never to be wed as long as he was alive. He wouldn’t have her taken away as well.

Alec has grown more and more attached to the girl as he grew older. He watched her from a far to cowardly to approach the girl. Now here he was again watching his living fantasy.

He gasped as his eyes met hers across the field. The lump in his throat grew as she timidly looked around to make sure no one was watching. Then, she did something no one had ever done to him, she smiled at him.

Alec’s mind flooded with confusion at the gesture. Does she know who I am? She has too. She just saw me and Jane. Does she know?

That night Y/N was determined she would meet the boy she had been lusting over these past few years. Even if that meant her life could be on the line.

In the middle of the night as her father slept on the bed she stood from the floor and climbed out the window. That afternoon she had hidden some coats she had knitted behind the lamb house.

She smiled watching the lambs sleep somberly. This year they were a rowdy bunch, which she liked. She was careful not to wake them as she knew they would cause commotion. She grabbed the filled basket as fast as she could and ran across the field in the cover of the night.

She hadn’t a clue where the house was. She assumed it would be by the pond. It would be logical since they didn’t have access to the well in the center of the village.

She walked for what felt like hours in darkness, till she quietly gasped at the sound of rushing water. She gazed at the other end of the pond and saw the outline of a small cottage in the moonlight.

She pranced to the other side of the pond.

Jane and their mother was sound asleep in their bed, while Alec laid near the fire staring at the roof. She was on his mind.

He couldn’t fathom that she of all ladies, would be the one to smile at him. She was so beyond him and he couldn’t understand what her intentions were.

He was ripped from his thoughts at the sound of two tiny knocks on their door. Confusion and fear ran across his face as his sister and mother woke.

No one came to visit them. Specially not at these hours. Fear pounded itself through their veins. Alec timidly raised from his seat on the ground.

His mother jumped from the bed and grabbed his arm before he could make his way to the door. She looked up at his tall figure and shook her head motioning him to sit with his sister.

Alec reluctantly walked to stand with his sister. They watched as their mother gulp as she opened the door.

Y/N smiled as the door opened. It had taken her over ten minutes to gather the courage to knock. She knew they would understand why she came at these hours but she was scared for their reaction.

A frail woman opened the door to meet the girl. Her face was freightened but it lightened at the sight of the small girl.

“Hello, I am so very sorry to wake you. I am Y/N Shepherd. May I come in?” Y/N smiled.

Guinevere was confused why the shepherds daughter was at her door at such late hours. She knew Alec fancied her, as Jane had reportedly to her.

She smiled and welcome Y/N in. Alec froze as he watched the cloaked girl entire his home. Jane audibly sighed in relief.

“I’m Guinevere. These are my children, Alec and Jane.” Guinevere smiled motioning to her children. Y/N bowed her head to them both. A blush rose to her cheeks as Alec raised to his feet.

Guinevere walked and stood with her children leaving Y/N on the other end of the fire place. He wrapped her arms around them both rubbing their backs comfortingly.

“Hello, I am Y/N Shepherd. I know you must be wondering why I’ve come at this late hour. I know your children struggle with trade in the village. As today my father reluctantly traded our wool for your weaved rabbit traps out of desperation.”

“Yes, it has been hard. Please, thank your father for the wool he has given us. It will be enough for Alec and Jane here to keep warm this winter.” Guinevere looked to the pile of tan fluff on the floor.

“That’s why I came here this fortnight. This winter is said to be a harsh one. I came here without my father knowing to gift you these.”

Y/N uncovered the basket in her hands. The family gasped at the sight of the dyed thick cloths the girl was carrying.

“I made these for you and your family. I even made the dye myself. I hope you like them and they keep you warm this winter.”

Y/N placed down the basket and pulled out a deep red cloak. She smiled as she looked to Jane who was hiding behind her mothers arm.

“Jane, I made this one for you. I thought you might like the red color, as I noticed when you come into the village you always have the red tint of raspberries on your lips.”

Y/N smiled holding the cloak out in her arms. She didn’t want to approach the girl, she didn’t want to overstep her boundaries. She knew they weren’t used to this behavior, which saddened her.

Jane slowly let go of her mothers arm as she nudged her forward. Jane stared down Y/N she didn’t trust her, but something told her that she should. She grabbed the red cloak and gasped at the softness of the wool.

“I’ve never felt wool so, soft.” Jane stated as she ran her hands over the gift.

“I wove it myself. My mother taught me how to make it like that.” Jane nodded her head as she walked back holding it in her hands.

Y/N held out a medium length green cloak.

“This is yours Guinevere. I didn’t know what would fit you so I made it rather long. I hope it will due.”

Guinevere’s hand went to her heart at the sight of the high quality cloak. She hugged and thanked the beauty as she graciously accepted the gift.

Alec and Y/N blushed as they looked to one another. Both were as red as summer strawberries and Jane and Guinevere has noticed.

“Alec, I made you this blue one. I thought it would go well with your eyes. I went over to the neighboring village to buy some blueberries to make the dye. It took me quite a long time to get the color right but I hope it turned out alright-” Y/N looked to the floorboards as she rambled on.

“It’s beautiful.” Alec stated causing her gaze to shift back to him. Her face turned to an even deeper scarlet.

Alec slowly approach the girl he liked to call his angel. His heart was pounding out of his chest as his hands grazed hers taking the cloak.

“I can not thank you enough, for showing my family this kindness. Will you come see us again?” Alec grabbed the girls hands in his making her turn her head in embarrassment of her face.

She knew she was blushing out of her mind. The contact and warmth of his skin made her body come to life.

Alec was tired of hiding his affections for the girl. He had waited so long to speak with her, he wasn’t afraid anymore.

He slowly took his hand and delicately placed his fingers upon her jaw, making her look at him.

“I wish to see you again.” He stated bluntly causing his sister and mother to smile. Alec has never shown interest in anyone before, specially a girl. And romantic at that.

Y/N fought in her head if she should tell him she knew.

“I- I know you’ve been watching me.” She stuttered our embarrassed as she looked at her feet. Alec’s handsome face and touch was taking its toll on her.

Alec’s cheeks blazed like fire. He thought he had been sneaky enough. But he had been very wrong. He was ashamed, now he had freightened her more than he probably already had.

“I’m sorry.” Was all he could get out. He felt revolted in himself.

“D-Don’t be. I had been watching you too. I was too scared to speak to you because of my father. I- I find you to be very handsome.”

Alec’s heart fluttered. He was in utter shock that something so ethereal could find him to be enchanting. He had always thought of himself as relatively unappealing and plain.

“You’re very pretty.” Y/N giggled. She had heard the statement many of the times but she didn’t truely believe it till now.

She stayed silent in flattery. She looked out the window to see the sun slowly rising. She took is a sharp breath.

“Oh my lord, I must head home! If my father sees I am not in bed he will surely have all of our heads.” Alec’s smile fell as she picked up the basket and ran to the door.

“Promise me you will return!” Alec yelled after Y/N before she went out the door.

“I promise.”


It had been four months since that night. It was now spring and Alec sadly had to retire his gift from Y/N.

Every night since Y/N had snuck out of the village to visit Alec. They had fallen in love deeply, to Guinevere’s delight. Jane was rather jealous of how much of Alec’s attention Y/N took up.

Occasionally Y/N would let out a sheep into the woods, claiming it had gotten out. At first her father had protested since the witches lived in those woods but she convinced him to let her go hunting for the lamb.

Those days she would spend ours with Alec picking flowers and talking. The more she got to know Alec the deeper she fell in love with him.

They were true soulmates. They never once felt uncomfortable or negative about one another. If it came to one another’s happiness, they would give up anything.

Alec wanted to ask for Y/N’s hand in marriage. He wanted nothing more than her. She was the light he never thought he needed. She made his family feel whole. Guinevere and Jane would agree. Even though Jane would never admit to it out loud.

He knew her father would kill both Alec and his mother and sister if he found out he had been seeing his daughter. Alec had discussed his intentions with his mother.

They agreed that if Y/N accepted him, they would run. Head south to a village their fathers brother lived in, who was highly respected for his service in the war.

Y/N would be safe and taken care of. And no one would know that Alec and Jane were twins. Now that they were older if a traveler were to see them, they could pass as just siblings.

That afternoon Jane went flower pick with Alec for Y/N.

“Sister, do you think she will accept?” He asked as he added the blue flowers to the basket.

“She loves you brother. I have no doughy she will accept. If she doesn’t, well, she is a fool.” Alec lightly chuckled. He knew Y/N was far from a fool. She was a clever little thing.

“I think these are enough. Let’s head home Jane.” Alec grabbed the basket from Janes hands.

“Go ahead. Tell mother I will be home soon. I’m going to pick her some flowers. I think she will like these.” Jane smiled as felt the petals of the white flowers.

Alec was uneasy at the thought of Jane being alone, but he knew his sister would protest if he mentioned staying with her. He had always been protective of her, which annoyed Jane to death.

“Alright, but be careful.”

Hummed to herself as she danced around in the flowers. It had been about an hour since Alec had left and Jane had collected an array of flowers she thought her mother would love.

She smiled as she invisioned her mothers smiling face. Guinevere loved when Jane and Alec brought her flowers.

As Jane decided it was time for her to head back she heard a twig snap behind her. Her heart dropped at the sound.

“It’s one of those damned witches.” A gruff voice said making Jane flinch. She slowly turned to see some of the older villagers sons.

“You fucking bastards, killed our crops!” Another one yelled making Jane whimper in fear.

“We’re starving because of you!” Jane shook her head and started to back away as the boys looked near.

“You’re wrong! We did nothing!” Jane yelled as she turned to run away. But before she could run an arm coiled around her waist slamming her into the ground.

The sobbed as the bows kicked and beat her for what felt like hours. That familiar feeling began to take over Jane’s body as she started screaming.

Her vision began to fade and the sounds of the boys vile laughter ceased. A series of visions displayed themselves in Jane mind before darkness enveloped her.

Jane awoke to her mothers weeps. She looked around frantically as she remembered. Her sobs began to blend with her mothers.

“I-i... felt it again. I couldn’t stop-” Jane choked as her mother petted her head.

“I know sweetheart, you tried to control it.” Guinevere cried as Jane noticed her blood covered hands.

Both their heads snapped to the hill above them as they heard Alec’s screams. A group of villagers appear with torches with Alec in their hands.




He screamed as the villagers approached the pair.

“Our boys have gone missing! And that little demon in your arms is the reason of this horror!” One yelled at Guinevere.

“Whatever you are accusing us of is false! Your boys attached my daughter! Now let my son go!” She screamed.

“We’ve searched for miles of horse back! She did something to them! Take them away.”

Guinevere and Jane screamed in terror as the men grabbed and tugged them up the hill.

As they entered the town all the villagers had gathered. Including Y/N father but Y/N was no where to be seen.

Two large stakes had been planted in the middle of the town. The family screamed in terror at their doom.

Villagers gathered around the twins taring at their clothes and spitting in their faces. They tied Jane and Alec to the stakes. As their mother stayed in hand of the village men.

“Let my children go!” She sobbed thrashing her body as the village priest approached.

“These children have been accused of witchcraft. They now shall be burned for their sins. And their create shall be stoned.” Guinevere sobbed as she watched them assemble the sticks at Jane and Alec’s feet.

Jane and Alec watched confused as villagers began to pick up rocks. Until their mother looked to them and said her last I love you to them.

They screamed in agony as the villagers began to rejoice and laugh at Guinevere’s dead body. They watched in horror as they witnessed the true darkness of humanity.

Jane began to damn the village, releasing the anger she felt. While Alec’s soul had been ripped from his body.

Without hesitation the villagers lit the sticks causing the twins legs to catch fire.

Alec screamed in agony as he clinched his jaws in pain. Janes anger never left her body as she felt the flames licking up her legs.

They felt pain in every inch of their beings. Jane wanted them to feel it. She wanted to make everyone of them scream in agony like she was. And Alec wanted nothing more that to feel nothing at all.

A scream interrupted the villagers celebrations. Jane and Alec watched as Y/N screamed running into the mob.

Tears ran down her face as she sobbed.

“NO! ALEC, JANE! DAMN YOU ALL, YOU ARE ALL MONSTERS!” As she ran to reach them her fathers arms snakes around her body slamming her back into him.

She screamed and thrashed in agony. She wanted them to stop this torture. She wanted to make every single one of them listen to her. Make them see beyond their fears. She wanted them to listen to her, she wanted to control these monsters. To stop them from hurting innocences.

Alec cried as his vision began to blur. When suddenly he and Jane began to hear screams of fear.

The last thing Alec ever saw as a human was Y/N’s tear stained face.

The masters and Felix and Demetri had slaughtered the entire village. Only one remained as Santiago doused the flames.

She screamed as Demetri’s hands squeeze on her shoulders. Aro turned before Demetri could break her neck.

“No! Not that one. She was fond of them. She will be changed.”

Y/N looked at the long haired man in fear as he approached. Y/N’s shrikes filled the air as he sinked his teeth into her neck.

“Take her far north, and leave her away from civilization.”

4 months ago

The Shepherd’s Girl | Alec Volturi x Female Reader [PART I]


Summary : You are Tim’s girlfriend, and today, you play some strip poker with the batboys…(Tim is a bit older than he is currently in the comics, like he’s around 19 or something).

for @gobydana, hope you’ll like it (I’m always stressed the people who requested things are gonna be like : “that’s shit”) : 

You can find my masterlist here : @ella-ravenwood-archives


It was a Saturday afternoon on a rainy day when everything happened, when you gain your boyfriend’s older brothers’ respect. And also embarrassed them more than they ever been embarrassed in their lives. 

Dick, Jason, Tim and you were spending some times altogether, getting to know each other, as in five years of relationship with Tim, you never really had time to hang out with his family (busy people). 

Bruce was at work, Alfred had a day off, and Damian was hanging out with some friends (which was so rare that no one dared to tell him to stay to spent the day with you guys). 

-No Jason, we  are NOT playing strip poker right now. 

-But I’m bored and a movie is…

-I said we’re not ! 

-Why nooooowwwt ? 

-Because it’s only you, Dick, (Y/N) and I, I don’t need to see my brothers naked. 

-And (Y/N) ?

-We’ve been together for five years, what, you think I never saw her naked ? 

-I never saw her naked. 


Jason gives his brother an infuriating smile and, taking some soda cans while Tim takes a giant bowl of pop-corns, they go back to the living room where you and Dick are waiting. 


4 months ago

Naked Birds - Tim Drake x Reader

damian: i only got 9 hours of sleep.

y/n: nine? i only got 7.

jason: psssh, i got 4.


tim: wait!



poor tim

5 months ago

damian: i only got 9 hours of sleep. y/n: nine? i only got 7. jason: psssh, i got 4. tim: tim: wait! tim: yoU GUYS ARE GETTING...

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i’m worth five fucking dollars

6 months ago

i’m worth five fucking dollars

7 months ago

Nsfw headcanons or short thingy for Lotor x a small female reader???? (only if you're comfortable with it)

Slow Dancing

Keith x reader

Prompt: Imagine teaching Keith how to slow dance.


Ursprünglich gepostet von spectralspecter


Music filled the room, its upbeat melody resounding through the hallways of the castle. It wasn’t often that the Paladins had enough time off to relax, but recently Allura thought it would be a good idea to give the team a little down time. So Lance and hunk set up a small party in the living room, and recruiting Pidge to set up a type of sound system. Hunk had worked all morning preparing a spread filled with delicious looking food.

The team laughed and talked, the atmosphere light, everyone seemed more relaxed already. Suddenly the music changed, the upbeat tempo replaced by a slow orchestra. Allura’s eyes light up and she instantly grabs Shiro’s arm, dragging him with her to the open space in the middle of the room.

“You must dance with me Shiro! Alteans are fantastic dancers.” Allura gushed.

“S-sure, Princess.” shiro responded quietly, a light blush reaching his ears. You chuckled at the interaction, but the laugh died in your throat at the feeling of a finger tapping your shoulder. You reflexively rolled your eyes, at the cheesy one liner Lance cooed in your ear. Forcing a smile, you turned to him, your drink clasped tightly in your hand.

“Hello Lance, how can I help you?” you asked politely. Lance stood smiling, charmingly throwing you a wink. He was such a handful, how did Allura do this everyday? From the first moment you stepped foot in the castle, Lance had started flirting with you, the only time he wasn’t was when he was too busy arguing with Keith about something. Lance, always so resilient, reached forward taking your free hand in his.

“(y/n), it would be my deepest honor, if I could have this dance.” he proclaimed. The look in his eyes was enough to make any girl swoon. Lucky for you, over the months you had been with the team, you had built up quite an impressive tolerance to Lance’s charm. Gritting your teeth to keep your smile in place, you glance around, searching for a way out, without hurting Lance’s feelings. Spotting Keith across the table from you, a genuine smile formed on your face, as an idea formed in your mind.

“Actually,” you began, gently pulling your hand from Lance’s. “I already promised Keith I would teach him how to dance! Right Keith?” you said confidently sidestepping the table to take Keith’s arm.

“WHat?” both of them asked in unison. You simply nodded continuing to smile, while pulling Keith to the makeshift dancefloor.

“Yup, that’s right, sorry Lance.” you called, leaving Lance confused, while Pidge and Hunk chuckled as his rejection. Out of earshot, you let out a relieved sigh, loosening your hold on Keith’s arm. “Sorry about that Keith.” you apologised, keeping your voice low enough, that only he could hear. “I would appreciate it if you could pretend to let me teach you how to dance, I would owe you one.” Keith chuckled nervously as you guided his hands to your hips.

“That’s actually no problem, because uh- I don’t actually know how to dance.” your eyes shot up to meet his, wide with surprise.

“Are you serious?” you asked incredulously.  Keith simply nodded, averting his gaze, blushing in embarrassment. Regret filled your stomach, feeling bad for embarrassing him, you jumped to try and make him feel better. Smiling softly you took a step closer to him.

“Don’t worry keith, I’m a great teacher. And with the way you fight in battle, dancing will be easy.” you offered, placing a finger under his chin to draw his gaze back to yours. A small smile lit up Keith’s face, the sight of it caused your heart to jump in your throat. Clearing your throat you focused back on teaching him the basics of ballroom dancing.

He picked it up quicker than you thought, soon he was sweeping you across the dance floor, twirling and spinning you with ease. You couldn’t hold back you laughter, as he lowered you into an exaggerated dip, your laughter was contagious, as soon, Keith found himself laughing along with you, his forehead resting against yours. Keith brought you back up, smiling brightly, opening your eyes, your gaze met keith’s heated stare. Your breath caught in your throat, his intense gaze holding yours. Heat rushed over your skin, feeling Keith’s hands grip the fabric around your waist tighter.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone clapping, no, multiple people clapping. Tearing your eyes away from Keith you saw the team gathered around you applauding your performance. Your blush deepened and you gently pushed yourself away from Keith’s arms, smiling sheepishly. Keith tried to hide his disappointment, clearing his throat he rubbed the back of his neck glancing at you once more as you walked towards the team, glancing back at him long enough to catch his eye one more time.

Seeing you smile in that moment made his head swim, and his stomach feel like it was doing cartwheels. How was he ever supposed to look at you the same after that. Keith nearly jumped out of his skin, as Lance came up next to him. “You totally already knew how to dance loser…”


Part 2


Could you do something where the reader is like part of the blade of mamora and they meet at the blade’s Hq then they start liking each other and krolia is like all over the two of them? thx 

7 months ago

Slow Dancing (Keith x reader)