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art fight is like: you can attack now. no you can’t attack because you can. reload the site <3

4 days ago

art fight is like: you can attack now. no you can’t attack because you can. reload the site

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My niche head cannon has been prophesied

14 days ago

My niche head cannon has been prophesied

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The new cuphead show guys!! THe NEW CUPHEADD SHO-

16 days ago

The new cuphead show guys!! THe NEW CUPHEADD SHO-

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(Left is the Redraw, Right is the Original)    After 2 years, me and my friend FINALLY beat Cuphead the other day!  And in...

16 days ago

(Left is the Redraw, Right is the Original) After 2 years, me and my friend FINALLY beat Cuphead the other day!  And in...

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he likes hot dogs

19 days ago

he likes hot dogs

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I had to draw fan art after seeing the clips! I can’t wait for this show! 

21 days ago

I had to draw fan art after seeing the clips! I can’t wait for this show! 

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You thought I was done, but here’s a couple more boys

22 days ago

You thought I was done, but here’s a couple more boys

1. lewis (alive). he’s trained his whole life for this. warm. soft. strong arms will pick you up and make you feel so safe and loved. 12/10 the pinnacle of hugs

2. vivi. also very soft but she’s ICE COLD a lot of the time. makes up for it w/ her bone crushing hug strength though. 9/10 can you rub your arms first to warm up

3. lewis (dead). still good but does not feel NEARLY as safe and he’s almost uncomfortably warm? and you gotta watch out for his terrifying skull fangs. 7/10 it’s ok i guess

4. arthur. a bundle of twigs tied into the shape of a person but it makes you feel special. also his hair is soft and hell let you pet it. 5/10 too sharp

5. shiromori. her skin is literal tree bark and she’s probably only doing it to get close enough to bite your head off BUT she smells like flowers and dirt which is nice and she also has the “big strong arms” factor going for her. 3/10 nice up until the part where she kills you

6. ???. 0/10 no. stinky.


@sammy8d257​ HOW COULD I FORGET

mystery (dog): is a dog. will lay on your chest but will NOT lick your face. love the pressure stim but where are my kisses! 6/10 does this even count as a hug?

mystery (kitsune): the definition of an “enveloping” hug. so soft. so fluffy. use his tails as a pillow it’s incredible. good luck getting him to actually let you do that though, he’s so committed to his intimidating regal Look. 9/10 stop playing hard to get, we all know you’re a lapdog

28 days ago

msa characters RANKED by how good their hugs are

hey i really think y’all should watch this

1 month ago

hey i really think y’all should watch this

i made this a year ago and never posted it

1 month ago

i made this a year ago and never posted it

Mystery Skulls Animated belongs to MysteryBen.  Audio belongs to @pmseymourva (Minus an extra thunderclap effect I added for...

1 month ago

Mystery Skulls Animated belongs to MysteryBen. Audio belongs to @pmseymourva (Minus an extra thunderclap effect I added for...

imma say it. “kung fu panda” did more for body positivity and saying that  you can be fat and still be healthy and liked than ANYTHING any beauty companies trying to get your money.


kfp also respects women more than any beauty company too.

It also did “letting go of physical attatchments” MUCH better than certain other franchises did, as @tyrantisterror can clarify.

Well I’m not really an expert on that subject but people have yelled at me about it a lot so I’ll try my best.

Ok so, as many tumblr Buddhists and Star Wars prequel apologists have informed me recently, “letting go of attachments” is supposed to mean that you don’t let your love for others or yourself to become obsessive.  It’s sort of a combination “if you love it set it free” and accepting that bad things can happen without dwelling on them - an acceptance that you can’t be in control of everything, and that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po, compassionate and heroic though he may be, is weighed down by a great deal of anxiety about his life.  He still isn’t sure if he really deserves to be treated as a hero, he discovers he was adopted and is filled with anxiety about his family, and just as he’s finally making friends with his fellow martial artists a threat rises that is trying to kill them all.  Po’s friends, family, and very sense of self are threatened in this story.

His antagonist, Lord Shen, is a perfect foil for him.  Shen was born into a wealthy family that was renowned for making fireworks, but wants to use that technology to make canons and guns - weapons that, in the world of this story, are unthinkably powerful - which he can then use to conquer all of China.  He is warned that if pursues this scheme that a hero of black and white - a panda, he assumes - will rise to kill him.  Rather than pursue a less horrible goal, Shen opts to wipe out all the Pandas in China.  Horrified at what he has done, Shen’s parents exile him from their family home, and later die of grief.

Yet despite being given palpable evidence that his current course is wrong, Shen remains committed to his mad dream.  He refuses to question the morality of his actions, or accept the consequences of it.  He paints his parents as traitors who rebuked his love of him, believing that they were the ones who wronged him by exiling him rather than supporting his ambitions.  After all, wouldn’t his plan have benefited them as well?  Did they not see that he was trying to bring glory to his family, to increase their wealth and status?  Did they not see how special and important and perfect he was?

Shen is defined by his attachments.  He obsesses over what he feels he is owed, what he deserves, and is incapable of seeing any of his own actions as wrong as a result.  He’s incapable of accepting the consequences of his mistakes, even when they cost him things he loves and values.  Every setback he faces can’t be accepted as an accident or a result of his own mistakes - it HAS to be a result of other peoples’ faults, of some monstrous conspiracy to keep him from claiming his rightful place.

He assumes others think like this as well.  When Po finally confronts Shen, Shen assumes Po would be furious and vengeful at him for, y’know, exterminating Po’s race.  The fact that Po is unaware of their personal connection is amusing to him, and being the egotist that he is, Shen can’t help taunting Po about it.

When Po finally presses Shen to tell him what Shen knows about his family, Shen tells a horrible lie.  “ Oh, you want to know so badly? You think knowing will heal you, eh? Fill some… crater in your soul? Well, here’s your answer: your parents didn’t love you.”  Interestingly, this exact lie is what Shen has told himself to justify his actions - he knows how much it hurts to believe your parents hated you, how much of a betrayal that is, how much you suffer when someone you’re attached to does not share the sentiment, and tries to trick Po into suffering the same way.

Of course, we learn that this is false for both Po and Shen - Shen’s parents did love him, and were killed by the grief of what they allowed their son to become.

By Shen’s logic, Po should be consumed with grief and anger over what Shen has taken of him.  Shen expects Po to be just as deranged and vicious as he is - he expects Po to be broken.

Instead, when Po learns the truth, including what Shen has taken from him, Po… let’s go.  He let’s go of the sorrow. of the anger, of the grief.  He let’s go because he knows he was loved and, more importantly, is loved.  He let’s go because he knows that while there are bad times, there are also good times.  He let’s go because he knows he can’t control the past.  He can’t control what happened to his mother or to his people.  He can’t control Shen’s actions.  The past is history - it’s the here and now, the present, that matters.  Po has people he loves and who loves him, and he has the opportunity to act on their behalf now.

Shen: How did you find peace? I took away your parents. Everything! I I– I scarred you for life!

Po: See that’s the thing, Shen. Scars heal.

Shen: No, they don’t. Wounds heal.

Po: Oh yeah. What do scars do? They fade, I guess?

Shen: I don’t care what scars do.

Po: You should, Shen. You gotta let go of that stuff from the past ‘cause it just doesn’t matter! The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.

Even after learning everything that Shen has taken from him, Po tries to heal and teach Shen during their final battle.  He doesn’t dwell on the grief, he doesn’t succumb to hatred, he simply tries to stop the violence by any means, the ideal way would be to change Shen’s mind rather than to kill him.  Shen ultimately forces Po to fight back, and in the process kills himself.  Shen was the warrior of black and white who spelled his own doom all along.

But Po isn’t the best example of a character letting go of attachments in the Buddhist sense that this series has to offer.  No, the best, most literal example, would be Master Oogway.

In the first Kung Fu Panda movie, Oogway selects what is, essentially, an heir to his role as the ultimate master of Kung Fu.  His choice is Po, which surprises everyone since Po is a big, out-of-shape noodle vender, and has no training in kung fu.  Yet Oogway is confident that Po is the correct choice, even though everyone else, including his greatest student Master Shifu, insists it was an accident.  “There are no accidents,” Oogway says to Shifu, “You must learn to let go of the illusion of control.”

Oogway’s final words to Shifu are to accept that, while we can affect important change in the world, we cannot control everything - that we have to work with what we are given, and accept that things will not go the way we expect or want them to.  His plea for Shifu to believe in Po is also a plea to try and work with the situation as it is, instead of stubbornly trying to force it back into the plan that Shifu had concocted in his head.

And when Shifu agrees to do so, Oogway lets go in the exact way Buddha intended - he leaves the material plane and ascends to a higher existence.

In Kung Fu Panda 3, Po briefly ascends to the same spiritual realm that Oogway currently resides in, and Oogway explains how he knew Po would live up to his legacy - how he saw the past, present, and future of Kung Fu in Po, and knew that the world would be safe in the panda’s hands.  Oogway’s last attachment to the physical world was his concern for its safety in his absence, and since Po could and would ensure its safety, Oogway was finally ready to let go completely.

Completely letting go of attachments does not work for a traditional hero’s narrative, because the concept isn’t about heroism - it’s not meant to be, either.  It’s a philosophy geared towards breaking the cycle of reincarnation, and transcending the problems of a mortal life.  Letting go of attachments is what you do to prepare to die, not what you do to prepare for a fight with the Evil Empire.

But letting go of some attachments can be used in a heroic narrative, which is what the Kung Fu Panda series does.  It applies Buddhist and Taoist philosophies to a heroic story in a way that makes sense and stays true to both, because it was written by people who are much smarter than George Lucas.

bro tf most people are snickering about sniddies here you got a full on heavily sourced essay on this….hello take my post???

Thank you!  I’m just very fond of Kung Fu Panda.

1 month ago

imma say it. “kung fu panda” did more for body positivity and saying that  you can be fat and still be healthy and liked than...

“BEEcoming a Dad” - ShinigamiEater Animatic

Dad jokes are my one weakness

A very funny bit by a funny skeleton man and his friends

Check @kuueater on Twitch and Youtube!!

1 month ago

"BEEcoming a Dad" - ShinigamiEater Animatic Dad jokes are my one weakness A very funny bit by a funny skeleton man and his...

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Late night sketchies yaaaaaaaaay I realized recently I don’t draw enough Vivi and needed to rectify that immediately. There is...

1 month ago

Late night sketchies yaaaaaaaaay I realized recently I don’t draw enough Vivi and needed to rectify that immediately. There is...

alright i’m making a masterpost because i’m so tired. these never get notes. please give this one notes. i’m going to run through every single parroted argument. i’m going to run through every thought anyone engaged in this discourse has ever had. please give me notes. not because i want clout, i’m just so tired. so many of my posts get notes. i would trade them all for this post to get notes.

How old are Team Rocket?

25. They’re 25. 

But I thought they were teenagers? Lots of people have told me they’re 15/16.

so i’ve heard! i’m pleased to tell you exactly where that comes from.

1. this post, for some reason:


i have been on tumblr for 10 years now, and i never saw anyone debating their ages before this post started circulating. as you can tell by the low res memebase screencap, it was screenshotted and reposted all across social media until it became legend.

the ages you see in this bulbapedia screencap were edited. bulbapedia has either omitted their ages entirely, or put them at 25 for reasons we’ll discuss at the end of this post. 

because i’m a petty bitch, i googled the tumblr username of the person who added that bulbapedia screencap, found what their current URL was, and searched team rocket’s names on their blog. here’s what i discovered.

OP claims it wasn’t them who edited the ages–that they just found it like this. NOT sure i buy that, because I looked into it, and right around the time this post was made (January 8th, 2014) there was a random, unprecedented edit that erroneously put their ages at 15.


this resulted in mods locking the page, because this person was relentless. they would go on team rocket’s pages every day and try to edit the ages back down. again, i can’t prove this is the same person, but these edits happened within 24 hours of them adding to that post. this is, in my professional opinion, the biggest shift i ever saw in people talking about team rocket’s ages. but there are other things people bring up…

2. “Jessie said she was a teenager!”

she does this sometimes. here are the times she does this.

- In episode 218 of the original series, Plant It Now… Diglett Later, the following exchange happens:


This would make Jessie 12. This is a joke. A running gag in the show is younger characters calling Jessie variations on ‘old lady/old bat/old hag,’ and James gets this treatment to a lesser extent. Jessie, however, is incredibly vain and obsessed with youth/beauty, so she often lies to great extent about her age. When Jessie says something like “Oh, I’m 13 years old ;3c” it is meant to carry the same feeling as “Aren’t I the most gorgeous creature walking this very Earth?” To Jessie, calling her old = calling her ugly. Calling herself young = calling herself beautiful. This trope is common with her particular anime archetype–it is more of a Japanese thing, so while I understand it being lost on american audiences, it is NOT proof of her age. 

Right after this, Meowth calls her out on it, asking her where she learned that math, and Jessie angrily threatens him. It’s a joke.

- In episode 56 of the original series, The Ultimate Test, Jessie is in disguise at a Pokemon League qualification exam. When Ash starts giving her the ‘she looks vaguely familiar’ side-eye, she panics and starts muttering information about herself aloud. I will be using the original Japanese line for this one:


This is quoted constantly as proof that Jessie is a teenager–but she is blatantly stating false information about herself here because she’s in disguise and Ash is onto her. This is a false identity she’s crafted, marked even further by “I work as an idol.” That’s an actual profession she’s talking about, one she doesn’t work. Since Japanese Idols weren’t widely unknown to westerners at the time of this dub, her dub line is simply “Age: 17. Profession: Diva.” which makes it a little harder to read that she’s lying about who she is, but she is. The information she’s stating here is that of an alias. It is not her actual age or profession.

3. You literally just posted a screencap of James saying he should get a driver’s license. 

Okay, smart guy, that’s also jokes. The joke isn’t that he’s too young to drive–the joke is that he was a runaway at five years old and had his childhood & all his milestones taken from him because he defected from his abusive family in kindergarten. Also, he’s in the mafia and he just drives his damn balloon everywhere. The joke is that he’s a criminal driving without a license. The joke is breaking the law because he’s James. Its the same as when Jessie will casually say things like “Oh, that’s a good book! I’ve been meaning to shoplift one!” (EP157)

Also, it’s a dub-only line.


“Okay, I guess I see where you’re coming from. But why are you so sure they’re 25?”

Glad you asked!

You might notice the Bulbapedia article up there says “as of M02.″ M02 is the fandom shorthand for the second pokemon movie: Pokemon the Movie: 2000. It’s referring to one scene in particular, one that had its dialogue massively changed in the dub. Here, Jessie and James are addressing Ash & co.:


The subber condensed the point of what James/Kojirou actually says here–his sentence when translated literally is more like:

Jessie: You’re ten years too early.

James: And us, your elders, are five years too late.

this is… a very Japanese expression, but because Ash & co. are 10 years old, Jessie’s basically saying “You really don’t need to be thinking this deeply about romance until you’re 20.” and James is saying “And we’re past our prime at the tender age of 25…”

Some other times this expression has been used, regrettably, is when older men are perving on the female kids in this show–they’ll say things like “I’ll look forward to you in ten years.” Gross, I know, but the point is it’s a thing people say. 20 is considered the age you’re supposed to settle down and marry. 25, especially for women, is considered the age when you’re “off the market”–you missed your window and now no one wants you.

That ties back into Jessie’s thing about youth and beauty and how other characters call her an old lady. What they’re calling her originally is usually some variation on ‘oba-san.’ This term is so widely used in anime that there’s a TVTropes page on it. An english equivalent would be rolling your eyes and sarcastically uttering ‘whatever, grandma’ or, if you really want me to one-shot kill you, ‘ok boomer.’

Another derogatory term you hear in Japan for this age is ‘Christmas Cake.’ Simply put: Delicious to a point, but no one wants it after the 25th.


“That line is still super vague. Their ages could still be ambiguous.”

I regret to inform you that I am very autistic and I have prepared timelines and flowcharts for you.

Allow me to introduce you to The Birth of Mewtwo, an audio drama that released alongside the first movie and was never given an english localization. TBOM (the book of mormon) was about Mewtwo’s Origins that weren’t expanded upon in the movie. But, in order to get to the bottom of Mewtwo, the story had to get to the bottom of how Team Rocket got their hands on Mew’s DNA–and that all started with a Class-A Rocket Agent known simply as ‘Miyamoto.’

if you didn’t know, she’s Jessie’s mom.

TBOM is fully translated and available to listen to in multiple parts on youtube. It opens with Giovanni placing it in the timeline:


Twenty years prior to Pokemon: The First Movie, when this radio drama is said to take place. It then goes into a flashback, where we get to see Jessie’s mom in her pursuit of Mew.


Jessie’s already been born by the time of this flashback, meaning, with 100% certainty, that Jessie is at least 20 years old.

As time passes, Miyamoto stays on her quest to find Mew. Lost in the Andes mountains, she never stops sending reports back to Rocket HQ. Every few years, they trickle back in, detailing her progress. She keeps a picture of Jessie with her, often meandering aloud about what she anticipates Jessie is doing–the milestones Jessie is hitting, the life Jessie might have that her mom was never able to see. The last report she gives says “The daughter I left behind’s an old hag by now…” the word she uses here is, again, ‘oba’–25 years old and unmarried. Again, this is Jessie’s mom. She might be stranded in the mountains with little concept of time, but it’s clear Jessie is the one thing she never truly loses sight of.

“Okay. That sure is a lot of convincing evidence about Jessie. But Team Rocket has another human person in it you’re ignoring.”

Yeah nah I was prepared for that. I actually could’ve just whipped this out at the beginning but I am feeling incredibly spicy so I wanted to lay the law down and not deal with easy arguments about my special interest tonight. Here ya go!

- In episode 87 of the Sun & Moon anime, Filling the Light With Darkness!, Necrozma places an aura across the Alola Region. This blight makes Alolans lethargic, depressed, and unmotivated. This aura also ONLY affects the adults in Alola–leaving the burden on the kids & pokemon to figure out what’s going on. Ash & everyone in his class–including some who can be argued as teenagers–are entirely unaffected. 

Of the afflicted?


“Alright, one last question…why should I care?”

Because ever since that tumblr post started circulating, it’s been Stressful as all hell to be a Rocketblogger. I know that we all had a lot of fun watching the pokemon anime when we were kids, and we probably all have a lot of shared and fond memories of it. But, weirdly enough, because of that shared joy… Pokeani is the only fandom where people who don’t even watch the show anymore will try to explain to members of the fandom what our own lore is. And a lot of the time, they won’t listen to us when we correct them on their misinformation.

The reason this matters is because Rocketbloggers still to this day get called pedophiles & perverts for drawing/writing smutty art of our funny bad people. And when we try to shut them down pulling all this evidence out, people who have seen a handful of episodes of the show but understandably don’t have the time to watch 1100 episodes will pull the doth protest too much card. It’s annoying but more than anything, it’s exhausting.

So this is a masterpost I made with my autistic superpowers. I hope that, in the future, this one gets spread around more than the one claiming them to be kids. And I hope that maybe, if you’re a rocketblogger, when someone comes in your inbox trying to explain your favourite anime to you… you can quietly link them to this post and no longer have to rehash all the arguments we’ve been rehashing for years.

Thank you for reading. Reblog to save a tired Rocketblogger’s life.

1 month ago

“How old are Jessie and James?”

imageimage image imageimage imageimage imageimage

Some more discord doodles. Thanks to @isa for the amazing Blaze design and @sammy8d257 because I’ve wanted to redraw the cuddle pile at the end of your comic for a while!


1 month ago

Some more discord doodles. Thanks to @isa for the amazing Blaze design and @sammy8d257 because I’ve wanted to redraw the cuddle...

one fairly common experience of gifted children is wishing for pain. wishing you had some great big horrible thing in your past so that you can justify the pain you’re in, and so that you’ll deserve help. it’s exhausting and it fucks you up and to anyone out there who feels like they haven’t suffered enough to get help: you’re allowed to want help. you’re in enough pain. you deserve to feel better

holy shit yeah


is this one of those things that everyone actually does?? i just assumed i was a shitty person

Wait that’s normal?

It’s not “normal” as in “everybody feels this way so suck it up and quit whining”.

It’s “normal” as in “many people experience pain, loneliness, anxiety, self-hatred, and other symptoms of mental illness that feel like they ‘don’t count’ because there’s no real Thing they can point to to explain it, but their pain and suffering are real and ought to be taken seriously.”

However, when I say “many people” I actually mean “less than a quarter of the population”. The vast majority of people aren’t in massive internal pain most of the time. If this post resonates with you, I super recommend you look into mental health resources, because nobody deserves to feel this way, and there’s a very real hope that information, understanding, therapy, and/or medication can work together to help you feel better.

Fantasizing about being hurt or dying in some way so that everyone realizes how much pain you’re in isn’t a sign that you’re a terrible person. It’s a sign that YOU’RE IN A LOT OF PAIN. Pain that deserves help and that CAN be helped.

The notes on this post today make me wanna CRY.

2 months ago

one fairly common experience of gifted children is wishing for pain. wishing you had some great big horrible thing in your past...

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I’m caught up!!!!! ヽ( ºΔº ;)ノ=3=3=3

2 months ago

I’m caught up!!!!! ヽ( ºΔº ;)ノ=3=3=3


So, my friend @blue-jeweled drew raccoon mumbo as a joke,, so I took the time to finish him off

Heres here to dig through your dumpster for redstone you threw out after mining

2 months ago

So, my friend @blue-jeweled drew raccoon mumbo as a joke,, so I took the time to finish him off Heres here to dig through your...

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Picture Taken Seconds Before Disaster

2 months ago

Picture Taken Seconds Before Disaster

2 months ago

hi yeah i found out recently that the popular caramelldansen (you know. the one you know.) is actually a fucking nightcore remix...

CENTIPEDE NOW New animatic is out! This time featuring Sonic and Tails arguing about computers and the game Centipede Enjoy! :D 

2 months ago

CENTIPEDE NOW New animatic is out! This time featuring Sonic and Tails arguing about computers and the game Centipede Enjoy! :D 


So I used to make fun of this guy for using the same face over and over. And you know what? Kudos on this made for actually taking the criticism and breaking out of his rut.

This is also terrifying and I hate it.

“Kudos for actually taking the criticism and breaking out of his rut.“

Except it wasn’t criticism, it was constant daily harassment. Look, I’ve been making comics for the internet for 10 years. I made comics for BuzzFeed for about two years, but people love to focus on those comics for some reason. They were simpler and quicker because I needed to publish at least one thing a day. And I loved it! I learned a lot!

At some point when I was getting really popular, Reddit and Tumblr decided they’d had enough and launched a targeted campaign against me. Tried to doxx me multiple times. Sent death threats. 4Chan threads started popping up for the sole purpose of spreading rumors that I’m a pedophile. All because I was making “lazy” comics and getting a salary for it.

Also, it’s always the same 10 or so comics that got posted as proof of my laziness. I made 1,008 comics at BuzzFeed (I counted). I worked really hard for my extremely mediocre salary.

Now that I’ve left BuzzFeed and don’t have deadlines anymore, I can spend more time on comics and only draw things I’m passionate about (like my dick). But make no mistake—if you like my stuff now, it’s because I pushed myself so hard as BuzzFeed. I’m not better now because of the “criticism” I got from trolls on the internet. Don’t fucking take credit for that.


2 months ago

3 months ago

Inspired @connorsquarter ‘s post

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Some eaiser variations of push ups to help you build the strength to do a traditional one!

3 months ago

Some eaiser variations of push ups to help you build the strength to do a traditional one!

3 months ago

Hi! I recently created a master list of media where an Object Head is featured as a main or recurring side character. I've tried...

3 months ago

Huh... Object head is a very specific niche that I didn't know I needed until now thank you for introducing me to this

Masterlist For Object Head Media

LAST UPDATED: April 1st, 2020

Google Doc: HERE

Welcome! Ever wanted to find out if there’s any types of media that feature Object Head characters that aren’t just one-off or background characters?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

Here I hope to create a comprehensible list of all types of media that contain Object Headed characters!

But I’m only one person who doesn’t know every piece of Object Head media out there

SO IF YOU have a suggestion for a piece of media that would fit on this list

Send me a message through my Tumblr @sammy8d257 ​  

or on Twitter under the same name

With your help, I hope this list becomes very long with all sorts of amazing Object Head media!

Other than that, have fun exploring to your heart’s content!

- Sammy

(List under “Keep Reading”)


Saga - written by Brian Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples

Gene: Space/fantasy

Rating: M+

Language: English

Status: 54 issues, On Hiatus (as of 4/1/2020)

Read On: Physical Comic

Description: Saga is an epic science-fiction/fantasy drama about two lovers from long-warring extraterrestrial races, Alana and Marko, fleeing from authorities from both sides of a galactic war as they struggle to care for their daughter, Hazel.

Object Heads: TV Heads, in Saga there is a whole race known as Robots Kingdom that are made entirely TV Headed characters.

Character Status: The object head characters turns from side to supporting character in the main cast

Warnings: Nudity, Sex, Death, Violence, its a war setting, blood, drugs, etc.

MyStereoBot - by bioatomic

Gene: Sci-fi, Romance, Comedy

Rating: M

Language: English

Status: 537 pages + 24 page Epilogue, Completed on 6/6/2017

Read On: Smackjeeves or Tapas

Description: Infinity, a stereo head robot, finds himself conflicted with his worth as a person, as a partner, and as a friend. Having trouble with feeling at home on Planet Ribbon and finding happiness, his boyfriend, Cloudburn, and his cousin, Ohm, do the best they can to help him feel worthy. Things seem to go downhill when Quence, a new friend, worries Cloudburn about Infinity’s motives towards him. That is, until an outer-worldly encounter changes all of their lives, for better or for worse, and may just show Infinity what home really is.

Object Heads: Stereo heads, radio heads, tv heads, box heads, etc. There’s a lot of different Object heads in this comic

Character Status: Main characters and other side characters are object heads

Warnings: Swearing, partial nudity, drugs

Notes: You can find more information on Tumblr - @mystereobot

Sebastian - by Amanda Heard

Gene: Slice-of-Life, Romantic, Comedy

Rating: pg-13 to M

Language: English

Status: On-going, 80+ pages (as of 4/1/2020), Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays

Read On:, Tumblr: or @sebastiancomic

Description: Sebastian is about a pessimistic thief and a happy-go-lucky dork finding each other through unexpected circumstances and learning about forgiveness, love, and loss. Also CRIME!

Object Heads: Pumpkin Heads

Character Status: Main characters are object heads

Warnings: Swearing

Notes: Created by @batberryboo on Tumblr

The Property of Hate - by Sarah Jolley

Gene: Fantasy/Adventure

Rating: Pg 13

Language: English, translations in French, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Breton, Brazilian, Tagalog, German, Chinese, Swedish, Spanish, Esperanto, Latin, Korean, Italian, Hebrew, Greek, Czech

Status: On-going, 400+ pages(as of 4/1/2020), Updates Sundays

Read On:, Smackjeeves

Description: When offered a chance to be a hero by a strange figure with a TV for a head, a young girl is whisked away to a whimsical land in desperate need of a hero. This journey will take them across the lands where emotions manifest into physical forms and the inanimate becomes animate.

Object Heads: Tv Head, Radio Head, etc.

Character Status: One of the main characters and a few secondary characters are object heads

Warnings: None

Notes: Created by @modmad ​ on Tumblr

The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn - by Tri Vuong

Gene: Fantasy, slight horror

Rating: PG 13

Language: English

Status: 100 Chapters, Completed on 5/21/2019(maybe on Hiatus?)(as of 4/1/2020)

Read On: Webtoons

Description: Follow the journey of the world’s greatest paranormal investigator - Oscar Zahn. Friend to lost souls, enemy of evil, he may lack a body but that doesn’t mean he’s missing a heart!

Object Heads: Skull Head

Character Status: Main character is an object head

Warnings: Some disturbing imagery

Robot Dream - by Robot Dream, written down by Paulie Godbout, illustrated by Sandra Grygier

Gene: Action, Drama

Rating: PG 13

Language: English

Status: On-Going, 70+ pages (as of 4/1/2020) No Solid Update schedule

Read On: (up until page 73), Tapas (up until page 70)

Description: When a lonely human-robot-hybrid refuses to live a life of seclusion, he discovers a community of outcasts in the world of electronic music. But, when he begins creating his own remixes, and discovers they somehow have the power to heal broken hearts and minds, he must learn that revealing who you truly are comes at a price before he is captured by the people who “created” him.

Object Heads: TV Head

Character Status: Main Character

Warnings: References to manipulation and abuse

Notes: You can also read it on Webtoon under the same name but it is only up to page 32

Third Shift Society - by Meredith Moriarty

Gene: Supernatural, Adventure

Rating: PG 13

Language: English

Status: 24 Episodes, On Hiatus(as of 4/1/2020)

Read On: Webtoon

Description: Life’s funny. One minute you’re jobless, deep in debt and on the verge of eviction; the next you’re in a fight with a monster and getting a job working for a Paranormal Detective with the head of a Jack-o-Lantern. It’s an age-old story. Now the financially-challenged Ellie (who’s just discovered she has strong psychic powers) and her Pumpkin-headed boss Ichabod have to team up and fight the things that go bump in the night.

Object Heads: Pumpkin Head

Character Status: Secondary Main Character

Warnings: None

Notes: Created by @meredithmoriarty ​ on Tumblr

Rice Boy - by Evan Dahm

Gene: Surreal fantasy, Adventure

Rating: PG 13

Language: English

Status: 439 pages, Completed as of 2008,

Read On:, or on Soft/Hardcover Graphic Novels,

Description: Rice Boy is a simple creature torn from his mundane life by an immortal “machine man” called The One Electronic, who suspects that Rice Boy may fulfill an ancient prophecy. Now tasked with trying to fulfill a prophecy he did not choose, Rice Boy must explore the vast, fantastical, and surreal world of Overside and encounter the dangers that it hides.

Object Heads: Circular TV Head

Character Status: Secondary Main Character

Warnings: Chapter 19 contains one page of suggestive incest, Slightly disturbing imagery, violence, drug use

Notes: Dahm also runs a Rerun blog of Rice Boy where he does commentary on the pages as he posts them on Tumblr: @riceboycomic ​


FLCL (also known as Fooly Cooly) - written by Yōji Enokido, directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki

Studio: Gainax

Gene: Comedy, drama

Style: 2D Animation

Rating: PG 13

Language: Japanese, with an English sub and Dub

Status: 1 season(6 episodes), Completed as of 2001

Description:  A boy’s humdrum life turns upside-down when he encounters a maniacal girl who causes strange things to grow out of his forehead and draws him into conflict with a mysterious, otherworldly organization.

Object Heads: TV Head Robot

Character Status: Side Main Character

Warnings: Sexual innuendos

Notes: There are 2 more seasons of FLCL known as FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative, I haven’t watched them but I don’t believe there are any object head robots in them

The Amazing World of Gumball - created by Ben Bocquelet

Premiered on: Cartoon Network

Gene: slice of life, comedy

Style: Mixed Media Animation

Rating: PG

Language: English,

Status: 6 seasons(240 episodes) + a 6 episode miniseries, Completed as of December 2019

Description: The series revolves around the misadventures of blue cat Gumball Watterson and his adopted goldfish brother and best friend, Darwin. Together they spread mischief across the weird and wacky city of Elmore.

Object Heads: Bomb Head, Boombox head, whatever rob was

Character Status: Secondary and background characters

Warnings: None

Notes: This one really shouldn’t be on the list but I added it because I literally could not think of another show or film that has Object Head characters

Video Games:

Cuphead by StudioMDHR

Gene: Classic Run and Gun

Style: 2D Handpainted Visuals

Rating: E

Language: English

Released: 9/29/2017, DLC (coming soon 2020)

Playable On: Steam, Xbox, Windows 10, Mac, Nintendo Switch

Price: $19.99

Description: Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game heavily focused on boss battles. Inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era, i.e. traditional hand-drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.

Play as Cuphead or Mugman (in single player or local co-op) as you traverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves, and discover hidden secrets while you try to pay your debt back to the devil!

Object Heads: Cup Heads, Apple Head, Dice Head, Fork Head, etc.

Character Status: Playable Main Characters, some secondary characters, and some of the Bosses

Warnings: Cartoony violence

BattleBlock Theater by The Behemoth

Gene: Platforming, comedy

Style: 2D Graphics

Rating: E

Language: English

Released: Xbox Live-4/3/2013, Steam- 5/15/2014,

Playable On: Steam, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Macintosh operating system

Price: $14.99

Description: Shipwrecked. Captured. Betrayed. Forced to perform for an audience of cats? Yes, all that and more when you unlock BattleBlock Theater! There’s no turning back once you’ve started on your quest to free over 300 of your imprisoned friends from evil technological cats. Immerse yourself in this mind bending tale of treachery as you use your arsenal of weapon-tools to battle your way through hundreds of levels in order to discover the puzzling truth behind BattleBlock Theater.

If solo acts aren’t your style, go online or bring a buddy couch-side to play a thoroughly co-optimized quest or enter the arenas. The game also includes a level editor so you can craft your own mind bending trials!

Object Heads: Heads are customizable but the main game gives you many heads to choose from. Block heads, Shape Heads

Character Status: Playable Characters

Warnings: Cartoony violence, crude humor

Pumpkin Noir by PumpkinNoirDev

Gene: RPG Adventure

Style: Pixel Graphics, RPGMaker

Rating: E

Language: English

Status: Demo as of 6/19/2017

Play On: PC, demo link -

Price: Not available

Description: Stop, Drop, Noir!

Perched on the precipice of endless void– a single seedy city. Detectives “Smoke & Fire” Rem and Wednesday face a puzzling situation as the curtain lifts on Halloween night. Go broke, or investigate a rollickingly risky mafia mystery? The answer is clear.

Search for the void’s greatest criminal minds, uncover the shocking secrets of the underworld!

Object Heads: Pumpkin Head

Character Status: Main Character

Warnings: None

Notes: This game is still under development, for more information visit the dev’s blog- or @pumpkin-noir ​


Object Head Zine - hosted by @potentialforart on Tumblr

Style: Mostly 2D Illustrations and short comics

Gene: Genes differ per year

Rating: PG-PG 13

Language: English

Status: On-Going Project, This zine is a yearly thing

Read On: Tumblr- or @objectheadzine, Buy Physical/Digital Copies here -

Price: Prices Vary

Description: The Object Head Zine is a collection of artwork from different artists coming together for a common love of object heads. The Object Head Zine is a yearly project with a new theme chosen for each year. Such themes include Forks and Utensils, Spooky, Flora and Fungi, Superstitions, and Science and Technology.

Object Heads: Yes

Character Status: Main Focus

Warnings: None

And if you have any more suggestions for this list, please let me know!!

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Masterlist For Object Head Media

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So I “finished” Doom Eternal today and it was great and all.  But… correct me if I’m wrong…  DID WE JUST ABANDON VEGA ON...

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So I “finished” Doom Eternal today and it was great and all. But… correct me if I’m wrong… DID WE JUST ABANDON VEGA ON...