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“Coupe Dreams” - Episode Review

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“Coupe Dreams” - Episode Review

Here we are at the end of the week’s new episodes and the end of episodes for season 4, ‘Coupe Dreams’.. How did Lori’s attempt to get a new car for college fare? Let’s take a look..

Great to see Lori & Leni along with Lynn Sr. and Rita at the car dealership. It was sweet to see Lynn Sr. get all nostalgic for when Lori was younger. Got a good laugh at the Leni thinking Lori was talking about the inflatable guy instead of the car she just saw..hehe. It really is a sweet car with a lot of great features and I liked the fantasy sequence. Looks like the car is out of her price range tho.

Looks like Mr. Grouse has a car to sell.. got a good laugh when it almost rolls away.

Was fun to see Lori excited for her last job, using Vanzilla to do ride shares. What could happen? hehe Got a good laugh at Lynn Jr. helping her dad go to his band practice..hehe.

Was really fun seeing all the riders she had to pick up, starting with Scoots and a stolen pudding machine..hehe. Then there was Luan and her clown friends and the mortician’s club which made for some hilarious interactions. Then Liam and his ‘family’ being dropped off. 

Was sad to see Lori upset at not making a lot on her first day despite all the rides. 

Looks like Lori’s taking on more responsibility with two more services. Another good laugh came from Lola taking Lynn Sr. to the store in her princess car.

Was funny seeing her trying to juggle all the jobs at once, like picking up food, babysitting the Fox quints (who are more than a handful..hehe), driving Lynn Jr. and her basketball team to their game..and later Flip to who knows where. Also some good laughs at the mixups along the way and all the hijinks in the van. Too many cameos to mention..hehe

Felt bad for Lori for getting fired from all her ride share jobs with only a fraction of what she needed to get the car. Looks like Mr. Grouse’s car is still available. I liked that it was a really nice old car that with Lana’s help could be fixed up. All she has to do is drive Mr. Grouse around for the rest of the summer and it’ll be hers..a nice happy ending.

This episode was so much fun to watch with so many funny scenes throughout and a lot of callbacks to previous episodes and so many great cameos. I liked the resolution a lot. All in all, a very fun way to wrap up Season 4. :)

Rating: 100/100

And that’s the end of week’s episodes and the end of Season 4!. It’s been a wild ride but a very fun one to be sure. Next up is the premiere of Season 5 who’s premiere date is currently unknown (tho I’m betting on October based on the last wait between seasons). As soon as I know, I’ll do my best to share it along with other information about the upcoming season. Until then, I will be sharing more Loud House based content including a ranking of all the season 4 episodes and lots more fun things. Stay tuned to this page for fun and I will see you all for season 5 when the Louds age up a year. :) Until then, stay Loud everyone! :)

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