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Listen with Lana and... SAM!? [Listen Out Loud Episode 3.5 Review]

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Listen with Lana and... SAM!? [Listen Out Loud Episode 3.5 Review]


Yes, I’m not kidding! Sam does indeed co-host this podcast alongside one of her girlfriend’s siblings, that being Lana. See, as a follow-up to the third episode, this one features Lana and the animals she was looking after in that scene taking us to a brand new location in Royal Woods and learning more about Sam and the Royal Woods Animal Shelter itself. Lana really loves pets, but what happens when she learns she has to give her recent friends away for adoption?


First of all, I was just as surprised at seeing Sam ready and able to support an episode of the franchise without Luna present as everyone else. It’s sort of like how the Loud Crew threw us off-guard last audio drama by only getting Howard to appear without Harold. I still don’t know whether it was down to executive meddling or the result of plucking names out of Lana’s cap to write episodes starring randomly-starring characters. I’m not mad personally that this happened since, for all I know, an audio drama featuring Luna and Sam with their band could very well happen in the next bunch of episodes after this one.

Lana gets to go through a Rule of Three scenario in trying to find the right owners for the right pets, and through her we learn a tiny bit more about minor characters Mayor Davis and Dante, as well as a nod to some pieces of lore that has been with Flip since Season 2. Fans of Lana won’t be disappointed with this episode, as she is on top form as always in this audio drama. Seriously, this and recent TV episode “Sister Act” makes me think that, while they’re not going to go through as much radical changes in their lives as Lincoln and Lori, Lola and Lana would be the third choice to get more than one episode post-Timeskip exploring the differences and challenges they’ll face in the next grade, unless the Loud Crew want to drop Royal Woods Elementary to focus on just the middle school and high school settings. In which case, I hope the twins get more episodes anyway. Those previously mentioned episodes have strong justifications for doing so!


Even though the possibility of an episode starring Luna and Sam may have gone away for Saluna shippers, they will at least enjoy Sam’s co-hosting of this podcast. She gets to sing and play her ukulele, and if you’ve been catching up with the Louds, you know how awesome a singer/ukulele player Sam is! Lana is also just as supportive of the pairing as her older sisters (see below), and she enjoys hanging out with Sam and the animals of the Aninal Shelter in spite of her pickiness of potential owners, so really this episode is full of wholesome, fluffy moments.


I wonder if we’ll visually see the Royal Woods Animal Shelter in Season 5? Hope so!

Rating: 4/5 animal noises. (Woofs, meows, chirps, and ribbits. In that order.)

Other Items of Note:

*Among the one-off animals tagging along with Lana in this episode, Captain Ron the cockatoo seems to have the same wisecracking attitude Sergio has! I wonder if that’s the typical attitude all talking birds have in the Loud Universe?

*In another awesome use of continuity, Dante pops up to sort out the events from the third episode of this season, namely replacing his unruly raven with something a bit more tame, yet dark and brooding. Like I said, that was the same episode where this one was referenced to be coming up. We also learn that Dante looks after Fangs just as brilliantly as Lucy, even taking him to the movies!

*Is Flip now just following the Louds everywhere they go? This is the THIRD time this season that he’s popped up in a podcast! He’s also starting to rival Mr. Krabs in the stinginess department, which I think the Loud Crew need to be careful about if/when Flip returns in Season 5 to avoid him becoming a human Expy of the Krusty Krab crustacean boss.

*Favourite line in this episode is from Lana, responding to Flip eating a dog biscuit with “That’s probably the healthiest thing he’s eaten all day!”

*Favourite moment in this episode is when Lana, after learning the Aesop of this episode, says “I can see why Luna likes you.” Awwwww!

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