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Today is Tuesday, which can only mean two things! 1. FRIDA GETS A EPISODE ABOUT HERSELF TODAY! :D Finally! Us Frida fans have...

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Today is Tuesday, which can only mean two things!

1. FRIDA GETS A EPISODE ABOUT HERSELF TODAY! :D Finally! Us Frida fans have been waiting for what feels like 3000 years to get one…! (BTW, I hear there were some awesomely funny scenes showcasing Frida’s bubbly personality in Monday’s Casagrandes episode. I mean, I would’ve seen it already had Nicktoons UK not bloody trolled us last month with their accidental scheduling! :P)

2. The first glimpse of what I like to call The Loud House Future. (Cos it’s Season 5 and set post-Timeskip, though unlike Steven Universe Future it’s not a limited series. According to what I’ve read on Twitter, there’s supposed to be a comic book coming out next year that explains any potential/upcoming changes that take place between Seasons 4 and 5. At least, that’s what’s been rumoured. I may have read it wrong…) It’s an entire TV MOVIE (even more gripping than a special) where Lincoln experiences quite the first day at Royal Woods Middle School. I wonder if the pupils Lincoln met in Season 3 (the ones who seemingly threatened Lincoln and Clyde to a fight but was just teasing them and enjoyed the cookies they baked for them) will return in “Schooled” and/or become part of Team Lincoln, or as the promo seems to tease, a possible Team Lincoln 2.0? It also looks like Lincoln’s not gonna copy Steven and keep his pre-Timeskip look. [Well, he’s technically the second animated mascot for Nickelodeon after SpongeBob, so as if they’d drastically change him so soon!] Maybe some of the Loud sisters will actually change their traditional clothing though when we next see them? Probably not.

Oh, and Rusty is growing a moustache. That sounds…cool, I guess. *Shrugs shoulders*

Until then, here’s what I want from the first (?) post-Timeskip season!


1. Lori remains for half of Season 5, and a future special focuses on her and her decision on whether to leave to Fairway University or not. If she does leave, she next appears in Season 2 of The Casagrandes.

2. An episode or two where Leni is prepped to take over Lori’s role, with the older sisters helping her out. Oh, and more episodes set at Reininger’s - those have been really cool to see!

3. More episodes focusing on Lisa. She herself is ‘moving’ schools technically*, although it’s really to the first grade. Considering there were quite a load of episodes starring Clyde and the Twins (either one of them or both at once) respectively in the last season, maybe they could do loads with Lisa and either Darcy or David (or maybe a brand new character) going through the motions of change.

4. I expect to see more episodes featuring characters they heavily showcased in the last season. So that’s Clyde, Lola and/or Lana, Luna and Sam and the older sisters in high school. I mean, I’m guessing the Loud Crew were testing the waters for Season 5 episodes about those particular characters/mini-arcs by featuring those in Season 4.

5. More wholesome moments from the family. They’re much more better to watch than the live-action sitcoms these days. If this will be the last season as some are suggesting, then let it go out on a high note (but not too high, as there’s two more movies to come depending on if the coronavirus has anything to say about it) and make me cry like Frida when I realise that there won’t probably be another awesome Nicktoon like this one or their spin-off show.

And while I’m at it…


1. MORE BLOODY FRIDA AND CJ EPISODES PLEASE. I mean, seriously, they’re really great characters - they’re my first and second favourite family members respectively. There was a point in June when Casagrandes social media channels all seemed to brought up the question of why there haven’t been any more CJ episodes. I mean, I’m grateful for the fact that there’s all the comic strips starring CJ to tide us over until they find a good episode synopsis where they can feature him and not accidentally discriminate him due to his disability, but poor old Frida’s only had ONE comic strip starring herself and ONE television episode where Ronnie Anne learns more about her so far!

2. Team Ronnie Anne made a very strong impression on everyone when they all got together earlier this year for “Team Effort”. We should have more of those to balance out the Ronnie Anne & Sid stories. (For anyone wondering why on earth Laird is in this gang of buddies, I like to think that Ronnie Anne and Sid apologised to him profusely for all the calamities they inadvertently got himself involved in after “The Two of Clubs” and they became good friends.

3. A crossover episode with a Nickelodeon game show. Why let all the Louds have all the fun? There’s “G.U.T.S.” left, they could do that. Or how about something out of left field? “The Casagrandes x The Crystal Maze”! (Annoying CollegeHumor* host and all, but everything else about the US version of our beloved puzzle-based show seems to be top notch.) Yes, it technically isn’t a first-party property, but it’s something that could work. For one thing, CJ would be bowled over by the Ocean Zone!

4. More cameos from the Louds. Not just Lincoln and/or Lori! Maybe those two could be generous enough and introduce someone like Clyde or Stella to the Casagrandes? Or if it’s a sister like Luan or Lucy, let them have fun and cause shenanigans with a suitable Casagrandes family member to play off their traits and personalities. They haven’t really seen them since “Don’t You Fore-get About Me”, after all…

5. An episode about/starring Lalo AND Sergio. If Sergio can outperform most real-life parrots in the speaking department, then surely he can translate what Lalo’s saying for Ronnie Anne, or at least let him have most of the script to himself if it’s the latter option. Either that, or Dog must be a foreign language where Sergio’s concerned.

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