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I promise I’ll be back soon, y’all. I’m cooking up some good angst with @particularlygeeky

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I promise I’ll be back soon, y’all. I’m cooking up some good angst with @particularlygeeky

Not angst, just a whole lot of salt

This is Timari not Daminette. This is for you @particularlygeeky

Marinette had to admit she was nervous to be seeing her old classmates again. It had been years since they had spoke last, let alone seen each other face to face. Nevertheless the class reunion was quickly approaching and somehow Chloe Bourgeois, the only one she had kept in contact with, had convinced her to go. Something about being the only one there who wasn’t “utterly ridiculous.” Marinette smoothed out her dress for the upteenth time when she felt her husband’s arms loop around her waist.

“You look amazing, Bean, the dress you made flatters you,” He hummed, laying his chin on the top of her head. “Though admittedly, you always look beautiful, your hand-made clothes just accentuate that.”

Marinette smiled at that, a small flush rising to her cheeks. Her husband always knew how to make her flush, even after the many years they’ve been together. 

“You know we don’t have to go tonight if you’re really worried,” Tim Drake mumbled into her hair, his grip on her tightening a little. 

“I know, but I promised Chloe and I intend to keep that promise.”

Tim hummed lightly, but didn’t push the matter further.

When they arrived at the reunion, Tim realized that despite how much he already disliked her classmates based on their past treatment of his wife, it was still possible to think even less of them. They all sent her glares or uncertain looks the moment she stepped through the door, and he resisted the urge to confront them. Marinette instead grabbed his arm and pulled him over to Chloe the moment she laid eyes on the blonde. Tim followed along, though his gaze lingered on a sausage-haired girl clutching onto the arm of a green-eyed blonde boy, both looking at Marinette.

Tim found he didn’t like the man just from that single look.

Throughout the night Tim made sure to stay next to Marinette, usually with his arm around her waist. He had heard the whispers and murmurs of scorn and insults that surrounded his wife. She was the only one keeping him from snapping at anyone foolish enough to utter such nonsense. When she stepped away to the ladies’ room with Chloe, however that was a different circumstance entirely. 

“Yea, I still can’t believe she really came! Is that her husband?”

“No one would marry her, she must have hired him so she wouldn’t look so pathetic.”

“You’re probably right, she’s always been desperate,” laughs and accusations filled Tim’s ears until he began to see red.

“You would do well to shut your mouth and quit speaking ill of my wife like that,” he heard himself grow out. The startled faces blinking dumbly back at him was the only evidence they heard him.

“You don’t have to defend her you know, whatever she’s paying you she probably lied and can’t afford it anyway.”Tim clenched his fists to the point his knuckles were white as a sheet. 

“My wife has never done anything to any of you, and does not deserve the slander you throw at her,” he all but hissed through his teeth. He had half a mind to send Damian after the lot of them. His younger brother had grown rather fond of Marinette, as had the rest of his family.

“Clearly she never told you how horrible she was to Lila in school,” A redhead spoke up and Tim resisted the urge to roll his eyes. 

“You mean the liar? Oh she told me all about Lila and every single easy-to-disprove lies you all fell for. She also told me about a spineless man who knew of Lila’s lies and still did nothing to help Marinette when you all turned on her in favor of the liar,” Tim stated with clear disinterest and disgust. 

“What would a nobody like you know? How about you check your facts before taking Marinette’s word for it?” The redhead spoke up once more, Tim was almost certain this was that Alya girl now.

“What, like you did with Lila? And I’ll have you know I always fact-check everything. It’s part of my job as CEO of Wayne Enterprises,” Tim shot back. Stunned faces greeted him. 

“Tim?” Marinette had returned from the bathroom and was looking at him with concern. He sent her a reassuring smile as he walked over and wrapped an arm around her waist once more.

“I’m feeling rather tired, Bean, shall we get going?” He asked. Then, knowing what would happen but figuring it would be worth it, he added “I only got two hours of sleep last night.”

“Timothy Drake-Wayne why didn’t you say so!” Marinette cried. Tim knew he would likely be in trouble for not taking better care of himself, but he had been right; the pale faces that stared at him as they heard his full name were completely worth it.

“Sorry, Bean. Shall we go?”

“We shall, because you are going to sleep, mister,” Marinette shook her finger at him before grabbing his hand and tugging him out to the car while he merely chuckled, his anger gone as adoration shone in his eyes for the wonderful girl who had captured his heart.

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Breaking Point

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t update early. This week has been kinda hard for me. From time to time, I suffer from depression and it causes me to withdraw. But I’m doing better now, so hopefully you’ll have more updates faster! Anyway thank you all for for your likes comment and reblogs. I tried to tag everyone, if I missed you, let me know. If you have any questions suggestions or comments, let me know. Anyway, I hope ya’ll enjoy! Peace!

The silence that followed the duo’s departure was almost amusing. Everyone, including some of the teachers who had come out to investigate the noise, were still in shock trying to process what they had witnessed. Damian could feel his amusement grow. The French class had no idea what they had unleashed. It was one thing to lie about a Wayne, but it was another to insult one, official or not. And Damian had a suspicion that Marinette was going to become an official part of the family, sooner rather then later. Another thing he knew was that Todd was no where near done with the Italian, and he was looking forward to the show.

“… Did that just happen?”

Claude’s question seemed to echo through the crowd. Everyone looked at each other before slowly turned to look at the French class. The silence lasted for all of 30 seconds before the student body exploded. The Gotham students who had understood French where trying to explain what had happened to the rest of them, while the French class was torn between comforting the crying Italian and talking about Marinette and the ‘weird guy with white hair’.

“That it did. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have damage control.” Damian said, turning to leave before pausing. “Claude, thank you for helping her.” He added, leaving a chocking Claude and even more freaked out student behind.

He hadn’t gotten far when the liar’s voice broke through the crowd.

“I, I was j-j-just trying t-t-to w-w-warn her.” She cried. The red head from before was back to comforting the girl, assuring her that Marinette was in the wrong and the ‘Lila was too nice to her’. But what really caught Damian’s attention was when some of the class, he did bother to remember their names and barely spared them much thought, said that if Marinette got hurt, then it would be her own fault. After all, that guy looked like ‘he had just gotten out of jail.’ He couldn’t be safe and how could Marinette to that?

“Marinette is safer with Jason more then she ever would be with any you. Judging someone on the their appearance alone is immature at best. His style is more ‘street’ or ‘biker’, not criminal. Seeing how you claim to a consultant to the head of Hearts Fashion House, you would know something as simple as that. Furthermore, if you continue to insult my brother or my family I will lose my civility with you.” He growled, his eyes narrowing slightly. While he may not like Jason most of the time, Damian really did, deep down, care for his brother. Being in the Wayne family for the last few years taught him the importance of family. They always had his back, and now was a time to have one of theirs.

Not bothering to wait an answer, Damian stocked off in search of the headmaster. Anyone on his path scurried out of his way. Everyone knew never to get in the Ice Prince’s way when angry, not unless you had a death wish.


When Damian finally arrived at the manor, he was not happy. Explaining what happened to the headmaster was simple, putting up with the exchange class wasn’t. None of them were stupid enough to approach him the rest of the day. So they settled for throwing glares his way, and whispering behind his back. The liar learned to keep her mouth shut about both Marinette and the ‘biker guy’ after being outright laughed at by a few students.

When he entered the manor, the first person he met was surprisingly his father. With Dick and Tim behind him. They all looked like they were waiting for him.

“I’m sure you are well aware of what happened, seeing as the Jason showed up at your school to take the girl who happens to part of the exchange program in your class.” Bruce asked, arms folded, his face not quiet readable.

“I was unaware that she was even in the class until this morning. I spent 3 hours trying to contact Todd in order to let him know. What happened after that wasn’t my fault.”

“So you didn’t think that Jason would come as soon as he heard the news?”

“I speculated, yes. Now why the questions. I already did damage control with the school. They are expecting a call for you later Father, to confirm.”

“Confirm what exactly, Damian?”

“That Todd and Marinette knew each other when they were younger, and that they haven’t seen each other in years. He was worried when he saw her again due to the footage on the news. And that Marinette will be coming back to classes as soon she is able.” Damian said, mimicking his father’s posture, “Now why all the question? Why not just ask Todd?”

“He’s hiding.” Dick said, a small pout in his voice.

“Then why not ask Alfred where they are?”

“Because Alfred won’t tell us where they are. He made it quiet clear that he would only inform us where they were when all of us are present.” Tim informed him, slightly tired and very irritated.

“That I did Master Drake, and seeing as you all are here, you may follow me.” Alfred said, seemingly to appear at he mention of his name. “Now I feel it prudent to warn you that the injures Miss Marinette are very evident. Please try not to draw attention to them. She had enough to deal with as it is.” Alfred instructed them, leading them far into the older part of the house and into one of the rarely used sitting rooms. Inside, a fire was burning softly and curled up on the couch facing the door was Jason and a tiny girl wearing what appeared to be one of Jason’s old hoodies. The girl was curled against Jason’s side, her entire body tucked under his arm. The girl appeared as if she was sleeping. Her face was relaxed, her breathing even.

Damian, who had seen her bruising before, could help but think that the glow of the fire made it look worse. Before the bruise just looked purple, but the firelight made her face look black, almost like an infection. She looked horrible.

The older Wayne’s stiffened at the sight of her. One quick glance was all Damian need to see the looks of shock and anger filter across their faces. Dick looked about ready beat whoever did it. Tim’s face had gone blank, his eyes sparking with furry and no doubt planning his own investigation. No one get bruises like that unless they where in fight or an abusive relationship. The person who hit her did not hold back. Bruce, well Bruce seemed be channeling his inner Batman. Silent anger shimmered around him and the aura that would send common criminals running. But there was also this strange air of fondness at the sight of Jason gently stroking the girl’s dark locks. If they reacted like this to just her bruises, Damian almost didn’t want to see what they would do when they saw her eye.

Turning back to the duo, Damian had to admit that they look a little strange together. Jason was big. He was made of solid muscle, standing 6’2”.  His personality was loud and confident. The girl, Marinette, on the other hand was so tiny. Damian guessed that she stood maybe 5’ 2”, weighing 95lb or less, with a personality more along the lines of a rabbit. Timid. But that could be due to whoever gave her the injures.

“If you guys wake her, I’m going to be seriously tick. She just fell asleep.” Jason’s voice, quiet as it was, snapped all of them out of their own thoughts.

Snapping his attention back to the pair, the group found that Jason wasn’t even looking at them. He was just looking down at the girl tucked against him with what could only be described as the look of a dotting and worried older brother. A look that none of the family ever thought they would see on Jason Todd’s face. While the look was strange, it appeared natural. It almost looked like he had found himself again. Everyone could only remember how he had always pushed them way, never letting them get too close. Even after he had come back, while he had relaxed more, he had never displayed this side. It almost felt like they were witnessing something sacred.

“Bruce, we need to talk.” Jason said, his tone serious as he finally turned his attention to his family who still stood in the entrance.

“What happened to her?”

All eyes turned to Dick as he stepped closer, studying her face. No one missed the slight tightening of Jason’s arm around her, nor the flicker of protectiveness that flashed through his eyes. And for a split second, Damian could have sworn that he saw a spark of green flame leap from the corner of Jason’s eye.

“That’s what we need to talk about.”

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Broken Angels Ch.11

You frickin bet @2sunchild2 is

8 days ago

You frickin bet @2sunchild2 is

10 days ago

This is for you @northernbluetongue Warning: This does mention death, nothing in detail just says that people die, but that can...

10 days ago

Hi, can I please be added to the tag list for Getting An Angel? Thank you! Absolutely! Thank you!! 💜

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This is angst and it does mention characters dying, it doesn’t go into detail of their deaths but the fact that they are dead is...

Hi everyone! Guys, I have reached 449 followers! That is insane! Thank you everyone! I know I’ve said this before, but this story wouldn’t be what is it without all your encouragement. I may write this, but you guys are the breath behind this. All your comments are read, so have made me laugh and squeal with happiness, and others have made me cry. One of the asks I received honestly made me cry. I have so grateful that my story has helped and hopefully inspired a lot of you. Anyways, this chapter was suppose to come out yesterday, but work was short on staff. So, here’s the next installment. I tried to tag everyone, but if i missed you, I’m sorry it was an accident and let me know and I’ll get you on the next one. Again, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let me know. Hope ya’ll enjoy! Peace!

For years, Jason would have these dreams. Dreams where he would find Nettie, where he would be holding her, only for her to be torn away again. Whether by someone physically tearing her away or her just ‘disappearing’. The worse ones were when she died. The method always changed, but the outcome never did. He would always be forced to watch. Never able to do anything. They were always so real that sometimes, he thought they were. But this, this was real.

Dream Nettie was never this warm. She was never this small. Dream Nettie was never this strong, hugging him as if he was the one that might disappear. She never smelt so ‘Marinette’. Jason had spent years trying to identify her scent, though nothing ever came close. He could never describe it to someone. If he ever had to, he would say it was calm, underlined with something powerful. Something not quite discovered. And that relaxing, intoxicating scent, that no dream could ever fabricate, filled his senses as he nuzzled his sister’s hair. She was real. She was real! Jason wanted to laugh and shout it to the world that she was real. He could hardly wait to show her off to Alfred and everyone! They would love her just as much as he did. If they didn’t, then he and Nettie would leave. Jason had enough money saved to support them for a while. They could get a real apartment and he would make sure Nettie got actual schooling this time, and …

His planning was cut short when he adjusted his arms, his hand lightly brushing the side of her face. The flinch and whimper of pain snapped Jason back. Pulling away, Jason tilted Nettie’s face up and his stomach dropped. The small utopia he was imaging was shattered when he saw her face. It was almost like looking at a prettier version of Two-Face.

The left side of her face was normal, a little pale and thin, but normal. It was Nettie’s right side that turned Jason’s blood into fire. The first thing he noticed was her eye. Her eyes, that were always so large and expressive and bright with that unique bluebell colouring, was maimed. The right eye had turned blood red, only a small section of white remained closer to the bridge of her nose. Her bottom lip, which had always been full, was swollen and he could plainly see where her teeth had gone straight through. The red glare of the hand print screamed at him, as purple bruising bloomed around it and her eye. She looked like two totally different people.

Gently cupping her face, Jason brushed his thumb across the underside of her eye, barely skimming. The slight wince and hitching of breath confirmed just how much pain she was in. Just how hard was she hit? Better yet, who would have the gulls to do something like this to Nettie?

“Nettie, who did this to you?” Jason asked, keeping his voice soft and hands gentle as he cradled her face. He saw the same look filter through her eyes that he had seen in so many other victims: hesitation. Something or someone had dug their claws in so deep, that his pixie was afraid to say what happened. Leaning down, Jason gently touched her forehead with his, just letting sit in that position. Providing them both with comfort from the familiar gesture. “Please tell me who did this to you, Pixie-pop.” Jason prodded again, nearly begging. He needed to know who dared to hurt her. He needed to know who to kill.

For a few heartbeats, Marinette was silent, her large eyes studying him. He held her gaze, trying his hardest to express everything he was feeling into them. She slowly blinked, keeping her eyes closed slightly longer then necessary. Jason could’ve sworn she was going to answer, but then a very annoying voice cut through their bubble.

“What are you doing Marinette? Snuggling up with Gotham’s lowlifes? I hope you’re careful, wouldn’t want you to make a ‘mistake’. Mind you, I guess that would run in the family.”

The sound of the girl’s voice would have been enough to grate on Jason’s nerves on a good day, but today was not a normal day, and that fact alone made it much, much worse. How dare this … this snake insult Nettie like that! The laughter of the other students and how Nettie curled up, shrinking away from their taunts fanned his anger to the breaking point.

Turning his eyes from his sister, Jason cold, anger filled eyes found the group that dared, not only to interrupt them, but to also slander his sisters name. As soon as his fire filled eyes locked onto the group, most of them seemed to freeze. Many of them had the sense to look afraid. Anyone in their right mind would, but some of them apparently didn’t. The snake included.

One look was all it took for Jason to know she was a manipulator, and in this instance, a threat. Her skin was darker, tanned to perfection. She had sickly olive green eyes, hooded by blunt bangs. Two short ponytails fell on both sides of her face and the rest of her hair was pulled back into a long, low ponytail. She was queen of her class and she knew it. Her eyes held so much malice and anger and a sick sense of satisfaction as she continued to bad mouth Nettie to the red head beside her.

“What did you just say?” Jason growled, tucking Nettie closer to himself.

The anger radiating off his voice caused the rest of the student body, which were all trying to disappear into the back-round, to freeze and watch the drama unfolding in a morbid fascination. They all knew who Jason was and while they didn’t know the black-haired beauty with him, they knew she was someone special. And no one messed with someone Jason Todd-Wayne deemed as his. It always ended badly for the other person.

The girl, hearing him, turned with the beginnings of a sneer on her face.

“I’m sorry, what was that? Unlike some people, I don’t speak criminal.” She said, her eyes glancing at Nettie, who had curled up tighter into Jason’s chest.

‘She’s f*cked’, was the only thought of every student who understood French. Those who didn’t know could only guess what she had said to make the others grow that pale and Jason that angry. Everyone could feel the kill intent coming off the young adopted Wayne, and they all took a step back. The snake seemed to feel it too. Her eyes widened with uneasiness. Her next words stuck in her throat.

Jason’s blood was on fire. She called him a criminal. The very people Jason spent countless nights stopping. Now, he might, might have let it slide, but she had called his Pixie-pop a hooker! And she was gonna pay for that.

“Takes one to know one.” Jason hissed, eyes flashing dangerously.

Everyone, especially the snake and her group, were shocked and a little unsettled that Jason understood and spoke French. What were the chances of a guy that dressed in leather jackets, ripped jeans, and combat boots would be able to know French? Before the girl could attempt to flounder with a comeback, Jason cut her off.

“If you think you can get away with call me a criminal, fine.”


“But if your stupid enough to think …”


“That you can call Nettie a hooker Or a mistake and get away with it …”


Nettie shouted over his, her voice sounding so desperate, cut Jason off his tirade.

“ …Just, let it go. Please?”

“But …”

“NO! Please, let it go. Please, Jay-Jay, let it go.” Nettie begged, pulling her face slightly away from his chest. The desperation in her face and the fear in her eyes made Jason clamp down on his anger. He remembered the last time he had seen her scared, the last time he heard her beg. And he never wanted to see her do that again. He would stop. For now. But right now, he needed to get her away from all the prying eyes.

Not sparing their spectators a glance, Jason scooped up Nettie. The squeak and smile that left her was worth the adorable glare she sent him.

“Jay-Jay, what are you doing?” Nettie asked, squirming in his arms. For a moment, Jason was brought back to when he would carry tiny her to bed when she insisted she wasn’t tired. Smiling at the memory, he just adjusted his hold on her so she would be more comfortable.

“We’re getting outta here, kiddo.”

“I, I can’t just leave, Jason. I have school, classes … my teacher.” The last part was whispered so quietly that Jason almost didn’t catch it. The way she said it was like she was expecting repercussions.

Pushing that thought to the back corner, Jason turned his head slightly, catching sight of Damian. Their eyes locked for a few moments, and a message passed between the two brothers. A faint nod from Damian was all Jason needed to know that he would have his back. Looking back down at his sister, Jason smiled.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be ok.” He said softly, placing a feather light kiss on her forehead.

Striding over to his bike, Jason only put Nettie down to strap his helmet on her. The feeling of protectiveness washed over him again just by seeing her wearing his helmet. It wasn’t a possessive feeling. Far from it. It was more like what a knight would feel when the princess he was protecting wore his colours. It was a sense of pride, and loyalty, and the overwhelming desire to protect. Putting her on the front of the bike, Jason climbed on behind her, wrapping her in a protective cage.

“Where are we going, Jay-Jay?” Nettie asked as Jason started the engine. The roar startling the gawking students, causing Jason to smirk. Before taking off, Jason shot the snake’s group one last glare, flashing the middle finger at them over Nettie’s head.

“We’re going home, Nettie.” He whispered, before tearing off, the sound of screeching tires filling the air.

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Broken Angles Ch.10

As always, a big thanks to my beta readers @mysnis @animusmelodiam @rhub4rb @justarandomtumblerblog @royalchaoticfangirl and @particularlygeeky as well as the awesome beta readers in the Maribat discord!!

“So the Winged Menace finally got himself a ward, and then he neglects to invite us to see her for months?”

Damian groaned as soon as the voice reached his ears, turning to fix the speaker with one of his nastier glares. He was met with four amused expressions and one simple quirked brow from Alfred.

“Father, Alfred, Grayson, Drake, and Todd. What are you doing here?”

“Well, Bruce and I already know Mari, but everyone else wanted to get a look at your ward,” Dick spoke up, drawing Damian’s gaze away from Jason. The only response he got was a click of the tongue. Jason Todd walked over to Marinette, eyeing her closely as if looking for something, though no one knew what he would be looking for in the first place.

“How on earth did Winged Menace get such a cute ward?”

“Actually, I already knew Mari because of Clara Nightingale since Nathalie is her assistant, I just hadn’t been made aware she was Damian’s ward,” Tim spoke up, giving a small wave to Marinette when she sent a smile his way.

“Hi Tim, Bruce, and Dick,” she greeted warmly, then she turned toward Jason with curiosity. “It’s nice to meet you,” she paused, waiting for his name. “Jason Todd, nice to meet you too sweetheart,” he quickly supplied before turning towards the rest of his family. “So you all knew her before me? That’s not fair!”

“Don’t pout like a baby, Todd”

Jason sent a withering glare to Damian, which Damian returned until Marinette stepped in.

“So, Tim, how is Nathalie doing? I know you said things were rough when she quit being Gabriel’s assistant and it was a little rocky when she first started working for Clara.”

“She’s doing a lot better, Clara is really good for her.” 

“Good, I’m glad, I was the one who recommended Clara after all,” Marinette grinned.

“Wait wait wait, you’re the one who recommended Nathalie work for Clara?” Jason cut in. Marinette nodded, explaining how she had known Clara since she was very young, she was a family friend. When Clara had been in need of an assistant, and Nathalie needed out, she informed Tim of the opening and spoke to Clara herself.

“So you’re the one Tim told me about, the one who likes to design, knows Clara Nightingale personally, and knows Jagged Stone on top of that!”

Marinette nodded slowly, shyly even, as if she hadn’t expected anyone to talk about her.

“Guys you kept the coolest person from me while the rest of you got to meet her?” Jason pouted even more. Marinette couldn’t help but giggle at his antics, which caused him to shoot her a mischievous grin.

“Don’t you people have your own wards to bother? Marinette has work to do,” Damian finally cut in, fixing his family with a glare. They all shrugged before slowly departing, Damian letting out a sigh as the last one left. Marinette fixed him with an amused look, which earned her a glare with no real heat behind it that quickly softened. He never was able to stay angry at her, even if the anger was in jest.

“I was serious about that work, get your homework done now so you won’t have to wake up early and do it.”

The next morning everyone at school was talking about some new girl, Lila. Marinette took notice of how she immediately went for Adrien. Mari hadn’t initially liked the boy, assuming that he was as bad as Chloe, but he had apologized and she had given him a chance. They were friends, as she was with Nino and Alya, so she worried about Adrien being taken advantage of by those with greedy intentions. Especially when Marinette saw, and heard, most of the ridiculous tales she was telling. 

Then there was the book, and Lila’s bigger lie, being rescued by and friends with Ladybug, as well as being a superhero herself. Marinette was angered by the girl trying to take advantage of her friend in such a way, and quickly exposed the liar for what she was. Lila didn’t like that, but Marinette found she didn’t care. She wondered if Damian was rubbing off on her a little bit. 

Volpina was quite the annoying fight. Marinette couldn’t deny she was disappointed with how quickly Chat Noir fell for her tricks. The supposed meteor would have raised alarms long before it would have been visible in earth’s atmosphere for crying out loud! And no human she knew of, magical powers or not, could leap at a raging ball of fire and catch it without so much as a small burn. Frankly, she worried Chat Noir would believe just about anything except for when she says she doesn’t have feelings for him.

Then there was Lila’s parting words, and how she seemed to despise Ladybug now.

“I really messed up with Lila, didn’t I?” Marinette sat in her room, shoulders hunched and head low. 

“You were protecting your friends from harmful lies that could provide false hope,” Damian responded matter-of-factly. 

“Well, yea but she got akumatized because of me.”

“She would have gotten akumatized no matter when her lies were exposed, Marinette. You simply accelerated the process a bit,” he reasoned. She gave him a blank stare.

“Marinette sometimes people make bad choices and are upset when they get caught and, seeing as Hawkmoth preys on negativity, situations like these will happen. It’s not something that can be avoided forever.“ 

Marinette sent him a soft smile, and he smiled in return. He pat her shoulder comfortingly before picking up the book they had grabbed from the trash.

"Now, shall we bring this book to Fu?”

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Getting an Angel Chapter 4

Everytime someone I follow reblogs something of mine I’m like ??? You know my blog exists???? Hi?? I love you???

17 days ago

Everytime someone I follow reblogs something of mine I'm like ??? You know my blog exists???? Hi?? I love you???

Hi everyone! Thank you all for your support! You guys have been amazing and I love you all! So here’s the next installment, but before you read, let me explain something. The last chapter I posted when I was half asleep and I was suppose to post it after this chapter. So this one should answer your guys questions on how Jason ended up at the school and such. Anyways, I tried to tag everyone, but if I missed you, let me know. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please let me know, I love reading them all! Hope ya’ll enjoy! Peace!

Gordon should have paid better attention to the signs. If he had, this may not have happened. The station was still noisy and busy, but it was suspiciously quiet in the lobby. No reporters or random civilians in sight. That in itself should have set off red flags, but for some reason, that fact just didn’t click. He would later blame his inattentiveness to lack of sleep and too much coffee. After spending all night in the office poring over Marinette’s files, Gordon was sure that he alone had consumed well over 7 pots of coffee. He had been awake for nearly 48 hours, running on a little over 3 hours of sleep he had managed to get when he napped on some files.

Hoffman had left on her assignment at 6:00 a.m., but so far hadn’t reported anything in.  Which was good and bad. Good in the sense that Marinette was alright, and bad because they where looking for a solid reason to intervene.

Both Spencer and Jackson had given Gordon the files he had requested, though Jackson was still gathering information. Spencer had provided Gordon with a 30+ page dictation of everything that he and Marinette had talked about, what the doctor had said when she visited, and what the teacher and class had said. Reading what those plain clothed villains said was enough to make Gordon’s blood boil.

“Oh my gosh, look at Marinette’s face!”

“Wow Als, you got a good swing.”

“Yeah, I think I made an improvement. Though to eye looks really creepy.”

“No kidding, Marinette looks like a freak!”

“She was already messed up inside, and now she’s just as messed up on the outside.”

“Do you guys think we should’ve done more, I mean after what she did to Lila I think that letting her off with that small bruise isn’t enough.”

“Are you kidding, Marinette isn’t getting off that easy. The next time we do it, it’s gonna be fun.”

“Oh, you guys are so sweet to stand up for me. I just feel bad that she caused such a ruckus down here just for attention.”

“Attention whore.”

“Marinette, I expected you to act better then this. You know you’re suppose to set a good example for the class, and instead you do this! You destroy one of your classmates projects, you start a fight, and then you run off! And you have the police call me down here to come get you. The class had plans for this afternoon and we had to cut them short on your account. You need to apologize to Lila and the class right away. Marinette, you need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around you. I already informed the school of your behaviour and I will be calling your parents, young lady.”

Gordon hadn’t realized how anger just thinking of that transcript made him until his mug off coffee shattered when he slammed it on his desk. Gordon knew they had them on verbal abuse, but again, they didn’t have enough to warrant an investigation. If they requested it, the only thing the government would do would be to file it and maybe report it to the French government. And all they could nail on them right now would be verbal bullying.

The social worker was still studying Marinette’s drawings, though they had commented on how halve of them were of clothing designs. Jackson had pulled everything from Marinette’s immediate files, ranging  from her adoption papers to every foster home and parent she had for those sixteen month, and he was working on getting her more in-depth files. Gordon had only very briefly skimmed through the stack of files, most of them outlining her life in the system. Though her last I.Q. test score before her adoption had caught his attention. At nine year of age she had scored a 128 on her I.Q. test. That was a very unusually high score. If she was that smart at 9, Gordon wanted to know what she was at now.

The sound of yelling and pounding feet was the only warning Gordon had before his office door was thrown open, nearly getting yanked off its hinges.


A very angry Jason Todd stood in Gordon’s office door, looking ready to tear something apart. Gordon had known the adopted Wayne for years. Barbra was an unofficial member of the family and would share titbits of information. Gordon himself had been over to the Wayne Manor multiple times. He had seen them all in varying stages of anger, but nothing this bad. Jason looked like he hadn’t slept for days. His eyes had taken on the glassy look that someone would have when they had been crying. His hair, which had always been in some form of disarray, appeared both limp and excessively wild.

“I’m sorry chief. I tried to stop him, but he barged in.” Hill said, but neither of them seemed to hear him.

“Jason, I don’t know what your talking about, but I have work to do and I don’t know where your sister is.” Gordon informed him, assuming he was talking about Barbra.


Most of the office were now paying the two of them full attention. No one knew what to do, or what was really going on.

“What are you talking about?” Gordon shouted back, his temper far to short from Marinette’s situation and lack of sleep to deal with anyone acting like this.



Jason hadn’t meant to come in yelling, but that idiot at reception told him that Gordon was busy and wasn’t seeing anyone. He had been arguing with her for nearly an hour before he snapped. Honestly, he was impressed he had lasted that long. Mind you, he had promised Alfred that he would attempt to be civil when he left, but he had his sister to find. Forcing his way past her, Jason ignored any and all attempt to stop him before throwing Gordons office open. The yelling match that resulted was entirely his fault, he wasn’t going to deny it, but he was at the end of rope. He need answers and he needed them now.

Slamming his hand onto Gordons desk, Jason slid the only picture of him and Nettie towards Gordon. Taking the photo, Gordon spent a few long, painful minutes studying the photograph. Jason willed himself to breath, giving Gordon time to study the picture.

“That’s the only picture I have of her. It was taken Christmas of 2010. She was 7 at the time. It … It was her Christmas present to me. She said she wanted me to have something to be able to look at and remember that time by.” Jason said, choking at the last part. Shaking his head, he moved on. “I know you have a program that can scan a person and show you what they would look like in 5-10 years. Use this and I guarantee you that she’ll look the same, minus the swelling.”

Jason watched as Gordon handed the picture off to Hill to scan, before turning back to Jason.

“Jason, assuming what you’re telling me is true, I need you to tell me everything. How you met, I’m assuming that’s what happened because you two look nothing alike. Any distinguishing attributes or marks she has. And how you two got separated. I want to help her as much if not more so then you do, so I need you to answer everything. Do you understand?” Gordon asked, leaning forward as he rested his hands on the desk.

Jason didn’t hesitate before launching into the exact same story of how they met that he told his family. Gordon listened without interrupting, only asking for clarification on some key points.

“And how did you get separated?”

The question, though he knew it was necessary, made him sick at the memory.

“I … I had ripped off the wrong people I guess. They came looking for payment and Nettie was with me. It was dark and I didn’t see them until one of them hit me in the back. One went to grab Nettie, but she’s stronger then she looks, dirty fighter too. I tried to get up, I was gonna help her. I was gonna grab her and run, but then I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head, and … and Nettie screaming. I woke up in the hospital three week later and I couldn’t find her anywhere.” Jason said, giving what was needed, but nothing more. What went on that night was something Jason was determined to keep as little known as possible.

“Ok, that’s good enough for now. But we are going to need more details later. Now do you know of any distinguishing traits or features she has? One that wouldn’t be well known.” Gordon asked.

For a second, Jason froze. He knew of one, of two actually, but he was hesitant to tell Gordon, not sure how he would react. Hell, Jason still didn’t know what to think of it. But is was his best way of proving his story true.

“… She’s got two. Both are behind her right ear. Both are brand marks… One is of two snakes intertwining with each other and the one right bellow it is a symbol. I don’t know what it is. I tried looking it up, but I cant find anything even similar.”

“Someone burned her?”

“I don’t know how it happened. They were there when we met, and she didn’t remember who did them or how they got there.”

“Do you think you can draw it for us?”

“Yeah. I uh, I scanned it on my phone, hold on.” Fishing his phone out of his pocket, Jason turned to back on only to find over two hundred missed messages and 14 missed calls from Damian.

“What the heck?” Jason said, disbelief leaking from him. Demon Spawn never messaged him unless absolutely necessary. Highway Too Hell blared through the station, Damian’s icon illuminating the screen. Regardless of their relationship, Jason knew something had happened to make Demon Spawn call him.


“Oh finally you answer! I’ve been trying to call you the last three hours.” Damian snapped, the sound of school chatter filled the back round.

“Look Damian, I’m in the middle of something right now. If it’s not life threating, it can wait.” Jason growled. Of course the brat would take now of all times to call.

“It’s not, but it is important, I swear. You know the class I was telling you about. About the student that was missing yesterday. Well she’s here.”

“This is what you called me for? To gossip?”

“No, Todd. Listen. The girl’s, Nettie. Pixie-pop!”

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Have I mentioned how much I am LIVING for this story?? Because I am LIVING for it!

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Broken Angels Ch. 9

Inspired by @ozmav Maribat AU

Prologue   Beginning   Previous

“Uncle Jagged it’s really not as bad as it looks.” Damian let out a scoff and Marinette sent him a glare before she continued. “But we’re going to press charges, I’m going to change schools, and Damian’s been glued to my side since it happened. Given that he managed to get my entire class to back down with a few words and a glare I think I’m in good hands.” Damian actually blushed a little at her praise though he would deny it should anyone say so.

“That’s all well and good, but you should have a full security detail while this is being resolved, and after just in case they or their families try to retaliate. Definitely a chauffeur and you should have a set schedule so that we can find you and know where you are at all times.” Penny was just listing things off while writing them on her tablet. He could feel Marinette’s song turning into a frenzied panic and it took him a minute to realize that she was worried about how being on lockdown would affect her role as Ladybug. Surveillance wasn’t an option.

“Mme. Rolling.” She blinked at Damian as he interrupted her. He got the feeling that didn’t happen often. “I believe Marinette and her parents should discuss options and decide on a course of action While I think all the things you’ve mentioned should be part of that discussion, the final say in the matter needs to be theirs. And while Marinette’s safety is my primary concern I don’t think locking her up and smothering her with security is the best option.” Marinette gave him a grateful look, and her parents seemed to be deep in thought. Jagged opened his mouth to protest but Sabine spoke first.

“Damian’s right. This whole thing has stifled her light and creativity enough. Locking her into a schedule and having her constantly watched isn’t going to help that. It might even cause her to do something reckless to get away from it and that’s the last thing we want. Now that we know there’s a problem.” She shot a glance a Marinette that he couldn’t quite interpret, but he felt his Angel’s unease and guilt causing him to tighten his arm around her in an attempt at comfort. “We can decide on and take appropriate steps. All of your suggestions are more than welcome, and Bruce we’d like your input as well. Since your family is always in the public eye I have a feeling your insight will be helpful.”

After that the evening dragged on. He and Marinette stayed silent for the most part as everyone else offered ideas for her safety. Even Chloe had some good suggestions and was surprisingly helpful at dissuading Jagged from hiring a full security team then and there. She mentioned a number of stunts Adrien had pulled in order to get privacy and freedom and that seemed to quell even his enthusiasm. She was also the one to effectively end the evening.

“Well as nice as this has been I should go. Unlike some people I have school tomorrow.”  She shot a mock glare at the two of them before standing and saying her goodbyes to everyone. Marinette stood and hugged her, which she still didn’t seem to know how to react, and whispered something that brought a small smile to her face. Once she left, Jagged and Penny weren’t far behind. When Marinette’s parents said they needed to get home and to bed, he swore he could feel the gears turning in his Angel’s head. 

“Maman? Would it be alright if I stayed for awhile? I’d like to get to know Damian’s family better and you two won’t let me help out in the bakery right now anyway.” Tom huffed out an ‘I would hope not’ while her mother considered her.

“I don’t see why not. But if it gets too late text us to let us know you decided to stay here. I don’t want you two out in the streets in the middle of the night.” 

“Of course. Thank you Maman.” They said their goodbyes and Damian could practically feel his brother’s about to burst. Any doubt that Alfred had informed them that Marinette knew their identities was gone. Bruce could obviously tell as well.

“Why don’t we go upstairs? I think we’ll all be more comfortable.” And they needed the privacy. Damian wasn’t sure what his soulmate had planned, but he could tell she wanted to stay behind for more than just small talk. As soon as they hit Bruce’s suite, his brothers exploded. Damian watched as they all talked over each other creating a lot of noise that was in no way understandable. He could feel Marinette’s confusion but it was the sense that she was getting overwhelmed that caused him to snap. He placed his hands over her ears again before letting out a shrill whistle. 

“If you can’t behave like civilized people and take turns talking I’ll just take Marinette home and you can continue this nonsense without us.” He felt more than heard his Angel giggle in front of him.

“Easy Demon Spawn, we just want to know how she figured us out, Alfred seems to think she’s a perfect fit already.” Jason’s words were met with nods from the other two. Damian just sighed.

“Well given that Alfred gave her the clue to put it together I’m not surprised.” Bruce frowned at his words.

“What do you mean Alfred did? I thought you were going to tell her.”

“I told her about me and you but that was it. Alfred sent her a list of all of our measurements which included adjustments for Kevlar and she figured out the rest.” Bruce just sighed and shook his head. They’d all given up understanding some of the things that Alfred did. Especially since he always ended up being right. Always.

“And now that I do know I have a few things I need to discuss with you.” Her tone was purely professional and Damian had a feeling she was slipping into her Ladybug mode. Her song was more confident and intense.

“Oh? And what would that be?” Dick sounded amused and Damian glared at him over her head. He felt her irritation spike as well.

“First, as my parents mentioned to Bruce, Ladybug hasn’t had any luck getting the authorities to work with her and it’s severely limiting her ability to track down Hawkmoth. She’s fairly certain she knows who it is but hasn’t been able to find proof. I think all of Paris would be grateful if you could help with that.” There was dead silence. Confusion seemed to be the prominent emotion.

“It sounds like you know a lot about Ladybug.” There was an implied question in Dick’s words and Marinette just shrugged. Apparently she wasn’t ready to out herself just yet.

“My balcony somehow became a normal resting place for Paris’s heroes. They show up, I feed them, we talk. It helps that I’ve never been Akumatized so they feel a little safer giving me information. Not to mention Ladybug likes to check up on me after I had that really bad week.” Bruce nodded in thought while his brothers looked even more confused.

“Of course we’ll do what we can to help her. Do you have a way to contact her?”

“Yes, if I need to. But for now I can tell you what I know and we can go from there.”

“Fair enough. What else did you want to talk to us about?”

She took a deep breath and Damian felt her wince as it aggravated her ribs. “This is going to sound really bad, but if you can manage to help in the next five days that would be best. After that it would be best if as many of you as possible were out of Paris.” His brothers started protesting immediately, talking over each other again. Bruce just looked thoughtful for a moment before glaring the other’s into submission.

“And what brought you to that conclusion?” Bruce’s voice was soft, comforting even, but Marinette still fidgeted nervously when she answered.

“You’re all trained. You all have combat experience and if any of you were to become Akumatized it would be a disaster and make things harder on Ladybug. If Damian is any example you don’t have a lot of experience controlling your emotions.” They all went to argue with her but his Angel just kept going. “I don’t mean the front people put up so that others don’t see their emotions. I have no doubt you’re all well versed in that. I’m talking about actually controlling them. Being able to weed out negative emotions and replace them with positive ones. Hawkmoth doesn’t care what you show to others, he takes advantage of everything that’s festering inside you. Any one of you could be extremely dangerous to Paris.”

Before any of them could argue an alarm sounded outside. Marinette’s shock reverberated through him as she grabbed the TV remote and found a news channel. They watched as a blonde boy in what looked like a costume strolled down the middle of a street.

“I guess your theory of who Hawkmoth is was wrong.” Marinette didn’t even seem to hear him, she was too busy studying the screen. She kept inching forward until her nose was almost touching it. She reached out a shaky hand to trace an object on the boy’s chest before she gasped.

“He’s not Akumatized.”

Prologue  Beginning   Previous 

Tag list for Broken Harmony

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Daaaaaang. He better not cause Mari more trouble! She needs to heal

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Broken Harmony Pt30

Pictures 1
Let’s do this #EthicalMemes

18 days ago

Let’s do this #EthicalMemes

happy halloween! here is a ghost duet

18 days ago

happy halloween! here is a ghost duet



Id be delighted

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Reblog if you write fanfic and would be totally down with your followers coming into you askbox and talking to you about your...

19 days ago

You're always so kind and encouraging and thoughtful! You really help me out a lot and I love chatting with you and our little...

19 days ago

You're always so kind and encouraging and thoughtful! You really help me out a lot and I love chatting with you and our little...

19 days ago

Hi, I love your work so much, Can I be added to your broken angel and getting an angel tag list? Thank you, keep being awesome...

20 days ago

Hi, I love your work so much, Can I be added to your broken angel and getting an angel tag list? Thank you, keep being awesome...

20 days ago

I’m gonna continue that positivity tag we started in summer! Go to people’s inboxes and tell them what you like about...

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Hiya! Can you add me on the «getting an angel» maridami au? It look really interesting so far :3 Absolutely! I'm glad you're...

Once again a big thanks to my beta readers @mysnis @animusmelodiam @rhub4rb @justarandomtumblerblog @royalchaoticfangirl and @particularlygeeky as well as the awesome beta readers in the Maribat discord!!

Bet you weren’t expecting another update so soon! I had already had this one finished and in revision when I posted chapter 2 hehe. Chapter 4 is still in the writing phase though so it won’t be posted as quickly. Please enjoy!

“I don’t know what you mean,” Damian huffed, averting his eyes from her calculating gaze. 


“Damian, actually.” Marinette blinked, she hadn’t expected him to give her his name so quickly. Many angels that stayed out of sight took a very long time to open up and give their names to their wards.

“Damian,” Marinette was almost frustrated how happy it made her that he gave her his name when she was trying to be serious. “You’re my angel, you know that I’m Ladybug, so why did you freak out on Chat Noir like that?”

“Tt, the way you were treated tonight was unacceptable, that’s why,” Damian stated, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. 

Marinette blinked several times, her mouth dropping open slightly. “It’s really fine Damian-” “No it isn’t,” he cut her off, his voice firm. “He was flirting with you both as Marinette and Ladybug despite him claiming to love Ladybug so much, he belittled your feelings when you were clearly upset, and he spent most of the time showing off, what was up with his flexing and over-the-top movements that, frankly, wasted energy instead of being useful? You had to work even harder because you were being both yourself and your alter ego, you were on a date you never wanted to be on, and you could have been hurt. Nothing about that is okay,” by the time he had finished, he no longer averted his gaze and she could see the concern that lay beneath his anger. 

“You’re right,” she sighed, “it wasn’t okay, and frankly I didn’t expect him to show up while I was walking home. I’m glad you were there, and thank you for bringing me home by the way. But we’re here now, safe in my room, so let’s just calm down and get some rest, okay?”

Damian took notice of how her shoulders drooped and she seemed to be struggling to keep her eyes open. With a small sigh, he grabbed some pajamas out of drawer for her and sent her to get changed while he cleared her room up a little and got her a glass of water. As soon as she came back he gave her the glass and shuffled her into bed.

“Thank you for showing yourself to me. I know that technically that’s against the rules, but it was really nice to be able to put a face to my angel.”

It was spoken so softly Damian only just barely heard it, but once he did, he couldn’t forget it and suddenly he found himself thinking that maybe breaking a rule now and then wasn’t so bad. Just as he was about to leave, Tikki flew up to him.

“Thank you for taking care of Marinette tonight, I know you weren’t happy about her being Ladybug at first.” “Tt, regardless of how I feel about her being a superhero at such a young age, that choice is hers to make and I would never take that freedom from her. And I will always take care of her regardless of those choices, I am her guardian angel after all,” Damian stated.

“Of course, how could I forget,” Tikki laughed quietly, patting him on the cheek, to which he scrunched his nose a bit in surprise and confusion but didn’t pull away. “Are you going to remain out of sight for a while after this? I know how much you care about the rules.”

Damian’s gaze trailed over to Marinette, lingering for a long moment before he answered, “I will stay out of sight for a bit, yes. I would not want to give Alfred too much work so suddenly. However, showing myself to her more often may not be so bad. It is one of the less serious rules.”

Tikki smiled, amusement dancing in her eyes. “Of course,” she laughed, “wouldn’t want to strain poor Alfred, it’s not as if your brothers and fathers don’t show themselves much more often than most angels would dare to or anything.”

Damian shot her a glare, but there was no real heat behind it. He knew she was right, and he knew that she knew it. He shook his head slightly before his form slowly faded from any human’s sight, leaving Marinette to get some decent rest for the remainder of the night.

Many days passed without much trouble, excluding the akumas she had to fight each day and the flirting from Chat she had found amusing and almost endearing at first had begun to irritate her. Then came Princess Fragrance and the discovery of Master Fu. 

Damian had evidently had a few choice words to say to the old man about making Marinette a superhero and putting that much stress on her, but Marinette had managed to calm him down some. They were able to take care of Tikki and cleanse the akuma, and if Mari noticed how her angel had actually worried about the kwami she didn’t say anything, merely smiling softly. Damian had taken to showing himself to her every couple of days, and she cherished the time they spent talking, although admittedly he did more listening than talking.

Damian had quickly adopted the task of helping her when and where he could, catching her if she fell too far too fast to swing her yoyo during a battle, getting things ready for her to get ready for bed faster in order to get more rest, even helping her with homework she didn’t understand.

She had begun referring to him as Robin whenever she was wearing the mask, on the off chance anyone heard her and realized her angel was one-and-the-same with Marinette’s. So far Paris was unaware of her angel, though people suspected she had one as most humans did. Others thought that perhaps she didn’t, as Chat Noir was certainly not her angel and they hadn’t seen any angel come to help her in battle.

Damian and Marinette had been spending more time together, something that his family had taken notice of. Particularly, one of his older brothers. Dick Grayson had always wanted Damian to become Marinette’s angel, he had always been of the belief that the two would be good for each other. When Damian had become her angel? Dick almost squealed with delight, not that he would admit that out loud.

“What are you thinking of?” Dick’s ward, Tom, asked startling Dick out of his thoughts. 

“Damian and Marinette. When Damian first came to us he was so… mechanical almost. He was raised being told he had to be perfect and that others were beneath him. It’s refreshing to see him actually behaving like a child and having fun, and to see him show that he actually cares about someone,” Tom listened carefully as Dick answered.

“He’s a good kid,” Tom spoke up, “I know she was happy before, but she seems even happier now that he’s around and sometimes he can actually get her up and moving so she isn’t late to school. He’s good for her, and I can see on your face how proud of him you are.”

“Yea. I really am proud of him.”

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Getting an Angel Chapter 3

Hi everyone! I can’t believe I’m on chapter 6 already! Your guys support has been the lifeblood of this story. I could not have written this without your support. I’m really glad you liked the last chapter. I thought the story could use a little bit of sweetness. I tried tagging everyone, though some of them Tumblr is saying aren’t real accounts so I apologize for that. Anyways, here is the next installment of Broken Angels. Again, if you have any comments, suggestion, or question, please let me know. While I may not answer many of them, I do read them all. Anyway, hope ya’ll enjoy! Peace!

In all his years of service, Gordon had never met someone as infuriating as this woman. When they had finally gotten in contact with Marinette’s teacher, Gordon expected them to at the very least sound concerned. Maybe a little worried. This was Gotham. Gotham! And they had lost one of their students. That would be reason for anyone to panic. But this … this woman barley batted an eye. She didn’t even come down to the station as soon as she got called, and when she did show, she brought what looked like her entire class.

“Let me get this straight. Marinette, got into a fight with one of your other student. She destroyed said student’s property and was about to get physical with her. So the rest of the class defended said student, which resulted in Marinette’s injuries. After that fact, she ran, nearly got hit by a truck, and ended up here. Is that what you’re saying?” Gordon asked, forcing his tone to remain professional. The teacher, Bustier, nodded, opening her mouth to say something, but Gordon cut her off. “And you saw this happen and did nothing?”

The teacher seemed a little taken back by the question, no, the accusation. Her face quickly becoming annoyed.

“I was at the front desk at the time, fixing some last minute changes. I heard the commotion, but when I got there, Marinette was already gone. The entire class described what happened, and their stories collaborated. Marinette has a … tendency to draw attention to herself. She’s disappeared multiple times on numerous trips. This is just another case of that.” She informed him, and Gordon caught the underlying sharp edge to her tone.

“And you didn’t think of reporting it? Ma’am, this is Gotham. I don’t even what to think what could have happened if we didn’t find her.” Gordon asked, his voice rising minutely. ‘You would’ve had a casualty on your hands,’ was unsaid but everyone in the station heard it. At least the personal did.

“Of course I reported it, I’m not inept. As soon as I learned what happened, I reported it to the school, like always. But as I said, Marinette had done this before and I couldn’t leave my other students alone. Hopefully this will teacher her not to run away.” Bustier said. “Now, I want to get my students back to the hotel. So if you could get Marinette for me, we’ll be on our way. And if you have any more questions, talk to the embassy.”

“… Officer Hill will come by with the paper work you need to sign for Marinette’s release. I’ll get her and you can pick up her items at the front desk.” Gordon said, his tone dropping in temperature as he rose, motioning Hill over.

He had wanted to question that teacher more, but she pulled the embassy card. She knew her rights and she wasn’t afraid to use them, and that didn’t sit right. If things happened the way she said, then she would have never pulled that card. No one in the class bore any signs of bullying. They all had been chatting rather loudly in French, so he couldn’t quiet understand what they were saying, but he did get a sense of self-righteousness. He did not like it.

Halting in front of the door, Gordon took a few, deep, calming breaths. The last thing he needed was for Marinette to see him riled. Opening the door, he was greeted with the sight of Marinette trying to teach Spencer proper techniques of drawing. Though most of the papers surround the duo were of very badly drawn stickmen. But she was smiling, looking more content then Gordon had seen her all day, chattering away softly in French. The sight brought a bitter smile to his face. This kid didn’t deserve anything that was happening to her. He just prayed that they could find a loophole for them to investigate. They just needed that loophole.

“Marinette, your teacher’s here to take you back.”

As Gordon spoke, he watched her closely, looking for any signs of anything. The small curl of her shoulders, the slow darkening of her blue eyes as the happiness was replaced by resignation, the way she seemed to shut herself off. Gordon knew it had something to do with the teacher or the class and he felt bile rise at the thought of turning this sweet little girl over to them. But at the moment, his hands were tied.

She slowly rose, arranging the papers and putting them into neat piles, obviously staling for time. Before they left the room, Gordon gently put his hand on her shoulder, catching her attention. He felt his heart constrict at the sight of her large eyes looking up at him questioningly, her one red eye fanning his growing anger. Rummaging through his pockets, Gordon pulled out a card, handing it to her.

“Marinette, listen. If you are in any trouble, or you don’t feel safe, or if anything happens, call this number. Call this number and I will get there as fast as I can. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, ok. Just promise me you’ll call. Ok?” Gordon spoke slowly, giving Spencer time to translate without rushing.

Marinette went to grab the offered card, only to pull her hand up short, hesitation shining in her eyes. Gordon didn’t push it on her, he just continued to hold it out to her, silently offering the lifeline. Her eyes searching his, looking for something. After a few moments, she seemed to find it. Taking the card, she slipped it into her pocket, hiding it from the world. Smiling at her, Gordon turned to lead her out, but was stopped by a small tug on his sleeve. Turning around, he found Marinette gripping his cuff, her eyes glued to the ground.

“Thank you.” She whispered in flawless English, her voice carrying the familiar Gotham accent. So she hadn’t lost it after all.

“Marinette, I want you to know that we, that I’m on your side. Alright. I’ll believe you.” Gordon assured her, giving her an encouraging smile. The next thing he knew, he had his arms full again. The hug was quick, like she was afraid of crossing a line. When she pulled away, Gordon watched as she took a shaky breath before giving a swift nod. Leading her back to the main office, he gave her shoulder one last squeeze of comfort before they came into view of her classmate’s.

As soon as they entered the room, the chatter ceased. Most of the officers knew of her injuries, but hadn’t actually seen the extent of them. When the class finally saw her, Gordon couldn’t quiet tell what they were thinking. Whatever it was, was quickly discussed on French. He heard Marinette’s name mentions multiple times, but it didn’t appear like they were addressing her. When her teacher caught a look at Marinette, her face went sour. Rapid fire French flew out of Bustier, though none of seemed out of concern. It sounded disappointed, like she was reprimanding her. The more she talked, the more Marinette seemed to shrink, her eyes never leaving the ground.

Gordon caught Spencer’s eyes, who had come in behind them, and they flashed in shock before turning angry. Silencing Spencer before he could speak, Gordon shook his head, signaling they would talk later.

“Ms. Bustier, it’s late and I believe you said you wanted to get you class back to the hotel.” Gordon stated, pulling the red haired teacher’s attention away from Marinette for the time being.

“I did, thank you. Marinette, go get your things. Everyone else, head out and wait by the bus.” She ordered, corralling the other students outside, leaving Marinette in the station to gather what little belongings she had from the front. As she was leaving, Gordon called out one last time.


Turning, she met Gordon’s eyes for the last time that night. The contrast of the blue and red created a haunting picture.

“Stay safe, kid.”

A small smile light up her face as she nodded. Waving to all the personal in the office, Marinette disappeared through the GCPD doors, but somehow, everyone felt that wouldn’t be the last time they saw her enter or exit through those door.

“Why didn’t let me say anything?”

Spencer’s question came before the doors finished closing behind her.

“They all assumed we couldn’t understand French. That would have caused them to be more loose with what they said. Now what did they say?”

“… I couldn’t quiet hear what her classmates where saying it was too quiet. But what I could make out was them saying that the bruising suited her and she doing it for attention and they should have done more. And the teacher, she was saying that she expected more from Marinette. That she was setting a bad example for the rest of the class. That she needed to apologize to ‘Lila’ and that she would be informing her parents.” Spencer said, one hand making gestures while the other was running through his hair.

“Hmm. Hill, call GNN. Tell them they can run the story. Videos included, just no names.”


“Marinette’s from Gotham. Somebody is bound to know her. If we can find someone who does …”

“We may just find our loophole.”

“Exactly. Jackson, I need you to pull up everything you can on her, especially the adoption papers. Find something we can use. Clauses, conditions, something that was neglected in the signing. Anything. Hoffman, I want you trailing her. Be discreate. Don’t let yourself be seen.”


“Chief, you can’t be serous? Hoffman’s still a rookie.”

“She’s also one of the best we got. They might notice one of you hanging around. Hoffman’s the least conspicuous out of the bunch.” Gordon explained. “And Spencer, I want a full report on everything you heard and get a social worker in here to look at those drawings. There might be a clue in them.”

“Chief, why are you doing all this? Not that what you’re doing isn’t good, but, you could get into serous trouble for this. I mean, you very well could be risking your carrier for this. Why?”

“Like you said Hoffman, she’s one of ours. And Gotham protects its own.”

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Broken Angels Ch. 6

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Another very big thanks to my lovely beta readers @mysnis @animusmelodiam @rhub4rb @justarandomtumblerblog and @royalchaoticfangirl as well as the awesome beta readers in the Maribat discord!

Damian swore he never wanted to throttle someone more than that day when his ward was thrown straight into the deep end with no guidance or anything to help her. Naturally, he donned a new outfit and went to go help her fight this “akuma” as Tikki had called it. He couldn’t have people recognizing him, should he ever need to show himself while his ward was a civilian. Damian did his best to help during the fight, but Tikki had gotten him alone and asked him to be careful, and remain unseen. If he remained unseen he could be their secret weapon later on. He agreed to as much and found himself relatively unimpressed with her partner, but figured if he had been chosen there must at least have been potential there.

Oh how wrong Damian had been. 

Then there was the first time Marinette saw her guardian angel, rather than just feeling his presence or hearing his small, slightly awkward reassurances. She appreciated that he tried, and it tended to get his point across even if he couldn’t always find the words. Damian had been a stickler for the rules for as long as he had been a guardian angel, after all, how else could he prove himself to everyone? Even if his own family tended to disregard the rules themselves. She was content just knowing he was there, and noticing when the gifts she left for him were gone always seemed to bring a smile to her face. She also noticed that Tikki seemed to enjoy talking to her angel, so that must be a good sign, right? 

Nothing had prepared her for seeing her angel for the first time. He was a boy her own age, she noted, with dark hair and light brown, glowing wings. Marinette’s thoughts came to a jolting stop as soon as she realized. Angels’ wings only glowed when they were mad beyond measure, which meant she had better calm her angel down as soon as possible.

“It’s really okay!” Marinette stumbled forward, laying her hand gently on his arm. Damian barely turned his head to acknowledge her, his eyes not leaving the- stupidly confident- form in front of him. Evidently they were either too dumb to realize the danger they were in, or too dumb to care. Marinette was worried about this confrontation being seen. She had de-transformed rather far from home when her time ran out, and she had been walking back when Chat had noticed her, asking her if she was okay now that the danger was taken care of. That had set her angel off as he seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“If you had done your job without goofing off, flirting, and treating all of this like some big game,” Damian spat the last word out as if it disgusted him, “Marinette wouldn’t have been in danger in the first place.” Chat Noir, clearly, did not pick up on the icy tone that promised that whatever came next would not be fun for the leather-clad superhero, as he merely shook his head with a cocky smile, as if to say he had everything under control. 

“Everything was under control, I had the little lady in my sight the whole time!” He insisted. Damian all but growled at the nickname both Chat Noir and Evillustrator had given her that night.

“Is that so? Because the way I see it,” Damian’s voice was dangerously low as his wings grew brighter, “she was coerced into a date by an akuma, caught up and trapped in some box with you when things went wrong, and forced to get you both out of the situation. Something which you took credit for when you said she could thank you later.”

“Hey! My baton got us out of there and Mari was safe when I left her!” Chat Noir frowned, feeling the angel wasn’t giving him enough credit. 

“She was the one who told you to use the baton! Then you grabbed her waist, something she was clearly not comfortable with as she removed your hand! And that’s another thing,” Damian’s wings were almost blindingly bright by this point. “As soon as the akuma ran off you left her with no way to get home!”

“Angel, please,” Marinette begged. That’s what fully caught Damian’s attention, his eyes finally leaving the cat-themed hero. “I really just want to go home,” she offered, hoping that would keep the guardian angel from killing her only partner. Damian stared for a long, hard moment, his jaw clenched as his eyes flicked back towards Chat Noir. Suddenly the tension in his body seemed to be released, though he was far from calm, and he gently scooped the smaller girl into his arms. The glow of his wings had faded, and he merely sent one last glare towards Chat Noir before flying Marinette home to rest. Shaving a stray cat could come after making sure Marinette was well rested and doing okay.

Once they were home, Damian set her down expecting her to get ready for bed. He hadn’t expected her to turn to him and ask a question.

“What was that about?”

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Getting an Angel Chapter 2

Hi everyone! It’s me again. I’m really glad that you guys like the last chapter, I had a lot of fun writing it. Thank you again to everyone who liked, commented and reblogged! I couldn’t have done it without your guy’s encouragement. If i missed you in the tags, let me know and I will get you the next time. Again, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know! Anyway, hope ya’ll enjoy! Peace!

The Gotham City Police Department was always busy. Gordon could not, in all his years of service, remember a single, quiet day at the office. Today proved to be no different. Ever since the first video of the ‘crash’ was uploaded, the station had been flooded with calls and visitors. From reporters wanting statements to just people wanting to know what was going on. Needless to say, the station had turned into a mad house.

The girl, Marinette, had adamantly refused to be taken to the hospital to be thoroughly examined. Gordon hadn’t pushed the issue. The girl was already on edge enough as it was and she didn’t need another reason to panic. So they managed to compromise. Between Gordon and Spencer, they had convinced Marinette to allow a doctor come to the station. ‘Just to be safe.’ She was currently in one of the back offices, as far away from the chaos as Gordon could get her. Spencer and one of the female personal were staying with her. Spencer’s main job was to keep her distracted and try, discreetly, to get some information from her. But Marinette hadn’t spoken since she had arrived at the station. All she did was listen to whatever Spencer was going on about. She had started to doodle after an hour and currently had an impressive stack of drawings beside her.

The doctor had arrived around an hour ago and was currently examining her.

“Hill, tell me we got something on her teacher. We need to contact her stat, and Marinette’s not saying anything.” Gordon shouted over the clamour of the office. “And get those reporters out of the lobby! The GCPD does not have any comments.”

“Airport security is faxing everything over, it’ll be here in a few minutes. Jackson, you heard the chief, get those reporters out of here.”

“Once it comes through, I want you to find out where they’re staying and get in contact with that teacher. I don’t care if you have to call every damn hotel in the city, just get it done. We need to find out what happened and why she was alone.” Gordon ordered, his voice straining slightly.

Collapsing onto his desk, Gordon raked his hands through his hair, a frustrated groan making its way out. He could understand why the girl wasn’t talking. Anyone in her place was likely to do the same. While it was making things slightly harder on their end, Gordon couldn’t bring himself to blame her. The poor girl was terrified by just letting a doctor look at her. Heck, she wouldn’t even let Gordon leave. They had to bribe her with a giant bowl of skittles they had stolen from Jackson, and if he had an issue with his candy being stolen, he never should have left it in the breakroom.


Glancing up, he found Dr. Allen, one of the doctors the GCPD had a contract with, standing by his desk, waiting to give Gordon her report on Marinette.

“How is she?” He asked, offering the her a chair. Dr. Allen all but fell into the offered seat, a long, drawn out sigh escaping as she did so. This caused Gordon to tense. He had known Dr. Allen for years, and she only ever did this if something was seriously wrong.

“As far I can tell, nothing’s broken. But I can’t be sure until I do an x-ray, and …”

“ … And she refuses to go to the hospital.”

“Exactly. Now as I said, there doesn’t appear to be anything broken. The swelling on her cheek will go down, but she will have severe bruising for weeks. She also has severe subconjunctival hemorrhaging in her right eye. It should heal fine, but I would suggest that she goes to see an eye specialist to make sure.”

“Subconjunctival hemorrhaging?”

“Broken blood vessels in the eye. Like I said, it should heal fine, but a good precaution would be to go seen an eye doctor.”

A beat of silence stretched  between the two. Dr. Allen ran a hand through her hair, unconsciously biting her lip, a habit she had when she was contemplating what to say. Gordon just waited. Whatever she had to say was important enough for her to hesitate. When she finally spoke, she chose her words carefully.

“Physically, the girl’s going to recover fine. But mentally? Emotionally? Gordon, I’m gonna be frank, something’s wrong. I don’t know if it’s an environment or a relationship or something else, but something is wrong. Gordon, I’m scared for her. Something is going on and she needs help.”

As Dr. Allen spoke, her face revealed so much concern that it was almost palatable, leaving a sour taste in Gordon’s mouth. He didn’t even bother to mask his sigh. He agreed with her observations. He knew something was wrong, but unless they had solid evidence or if she told them what was going on, there was very little they could do. She wasn’t American. They couldn’t just send social services to investigate. They needed to have something solid in order to intervein. If they didn’t, they could have a very messy international affair on their hands.

“Listen Gordon, I have to get back to the hospital. But keep me informed, ok? Do some digging. Try to get more information on her.”

“What do you think I have my department doing?” Gordon said, a small, teasing smile making it’s way onto his face

“Just keep me informed.” With those final instructions, she gave Gordon on last smile before leaving.

For minutes after the departure of Dr. Allen, Gordon just sat at his desk. The buzzing of the office faded into the back round as he thought about what Dr. Allen said. While he had been sometimes known to misjudge something, she had never been wrong in an assumption. That alone worried him. If she noticed and brought it up to him personally, something was really, very, very wrong.

A stack of files slammed onto Gordon’s desk, knocking him back to the present. The bang caused everyone within a three desks radius to jump. Glancing up, Gordon found himself looking into the  triumph face of Detective Jessica Hoffman.

Detective Hoffman was new to the force. She had only been in service for six month. She was cocky, irritating, hardly ever listened to instructions if it involved her cases, but she was a good detective.

“Got something! And trust me chief, your gonna wanna see this.” Her voice nearly radiated with excitement.

“What is it?” Gordon asked, picking up the files.

“So I looked into the kid, you know, to verify that she is who she says she is.”

“We already did that, Hoffman. Airport security already confirmed. Her name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng, from Paris, France.” Gordan said, putting the file down. He didn’t have time for this.

“Ah, but that’s not her real name.”

That caught his attention. Looking up at her, Gordon tried to see if Hoffman was serous.


“Dupain-Cheng is her adopted name. Her parents, Tom and Sabine, adopted her when she was nine. Before that, Marinette was in multiple foster homes. I mean a ridiculous amount. In the sixteen months she was in the system, that girl was in fifty-six different foster homes. That’s more homes there are weeks in year. Anyway, according to the paperwork, Tom and Sabine couldn’t have kids, and they adopted Marinette because she looked like their niece, who had died in a car accident. And get this, she’s not French. Not by birth. It was an international adoption. And guess where she’s originally from?”



“Then couldn’t she speak English, Hoffman?”

“Think about chief, she was living in France for like seven years. She wouldn’t have had anyone to speak English with and she would’ve needed to learn French. It was the only language she was hearing and speaking for nearly eight years, it must have become her default.” Hoffman said, her hands moving as she explained. “But that’s not all chief, guess from where in America she’s from.”

“Hoffman,” Gordon growled. “I don’t have time for guessing games. If you have something to tell me, spit it out!”

By now, nearly the entire department was listening. Gordon didn’t get angry often, but this new detective was getting on his last nerves on an already stressful day.

“Chief, she’s one of ours.”


“She’s Gotham’s kid.”

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