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Into The Spider-Verse concept art

1 year ago

Into The Spider-Verse concept art

Pictures 1
He's here.I'm so scared.                                                        H͜ᴀᴘ̡ᴘ̴ʏ ́F͡ʀɪᴅ͘ᴀ͜ʏ͢ ͠13ᴛʜ͠..̕.

1 year ago

He's here.I'm so scared.                                               H͜ᴀᴘ̡ᴘ̴ʏ ́F͡ʀɪᴅ͘ᴀ͜ʏ͢ ͠13ᴛʜ͠..̕.

Sean doing what he does best

1 year ago

Sean doing what he does best

1 year ago

Van, your job thing is a big mood, because I also have a feeling that I signed the contract with the devil too,when I went to...

The Unholy Aviary


“House of Tumblr Mutuals & Friend Birds”

Enter, and this is the warning you see on your way out…


“Do not let the birds escape this barn. They are feral gremlins.”


Behold, the chicken friends.

@fear-is-nameless / @lum1natrix / @huffletrax / @viostormcaller / @d-structive / @wyverwithy / @dumbthinmint / @septic-dr-schneep / @basicflavortext / @nebula-starlight / @frostednebula / @divine-champion / @kgl-redacted / @xakumi / @bunchofdoodlesinspace / @save-jacksepticeye / @confusedbeansblog / @angelwings-234 / @dani-332 / @hey-wow-thats-me / @corrupted-truths / @bandit-kuriboh / @rogue-of-broken-time / @lostinegomayhem / @imallwaysconfused / @booperdoopcr / @nil-the-glitch / @taizu-lazure


Behold, the parrot mutuals.

@fear-is-nameless / @lum1natrix / @huffletrax / @viostormcaller / @d-structive / @kasper-the-ghost / @luci-morningstar812 / @rare-magpie / @turquoisemagpie / @rataccoonn / @fyjacksepticeye / @bucklethefckleup / @cyanacity / @wyverwithy / @dumbasticart / @septic-dr-schneep / @mrcamillaa / @cinnamon-grump / @glixbitch / @jacksoopticboop / @hotcocoachia / @cyborgsgrl / @easy-hard / @jessiefrance / @raimeyl / @van-arts / @spunketpunk / @markired / @ughmarkiplier

Turquoise, we aren’t mutuals, but I still love you a lot so I HAD to put you in there. xD Vio, you’re a fucking escape artist. You slipped out of the enclosure TWICE you shitlord.

I know some of you might be surprised you’re tagged, but even if we don’t talk, I’m super happy we’re mutuals and I admire the shit out of all of you. ;w; <3





So there you have it. The house of hellsite gremlins.

Yoooo this is dope!! Sorry I just see this now 😭💗💗💗 but hecc yeah now we all can make those wholesome parrot memes together!

1 year ago

The Minecraft Update You’ve All Been Waiting For...

1 year ago

Good luck with your job! I hope everything gets sorted out! :)

1 year ago

Van? Your art and use of lines and expressions and the huge color variety?? So, so, SO adorable and very recognizable throughout...


FINALLY got to @van-arts DTIYS!! Sorry it toke so long to get to it!!

1 year ago

FINALLY got to @van-arts DTIYS!! Sorry it toke so long to get to it!!

Pictures 1
Based on this post by @septic-dr-schneep 

1 year ago

Based on this post by @septic-dr-schneep 

1 year ago

I luv your PFP! It's so cute! x3


Local Irishman accidentally summon robo satan thanks to google translate


100% no offense to the Welsh people tho! His reaction is just hilariouas

1 year ago

Local Irishman accidentally summon robo satan thanks to google translate 😂😂 100% no offense to the Welsh people tho! His...

Pictures 8
JSE EDIT WEEK 1: gaming series [4/?]    ↳Party Hard

1 year ago

JSE EDIT WEEK 1: gaming series [4/?]    ↳Party Hard

Pictures 1
Working on a little resource pack

1 year ago

Working on a little resource pack

Pictures 1
magical girl ore  but with @van-arts

1 year ago

magical girl ore but with @van-arts

Pictures 4
“itsmarziapie: Yesterday, the 19th of August - after exactly 8 years since we met - we celebrated our wedding with our closest...

1 year ago

“itsmarziapie: Yesterday, the 19th of August - after exactly 8 years since we met - we celebrated our wedding with our closest...

So gentle with the birb

1 year ago

So gentle with the birb

1 year ago

Orange gold fish full of clever sass 😂😂 (in a good way of course!)

Pictures 3
ShowTime! “- -Well looĸ wнo'ѕ вacĸ! Hey, ĸιттy ĸιттy ĸιттy! Yoυ looĸ a lιттle grυмpy тoday. Dιd yoυr мaѕтe-  - Enough!!! …YOU!...

1 year ago

ShowTime! “- -Well looĸ wнo'ѕ вacĸ! Hey, ĸιттy ĸιттy ĸιттy! Yoυ looĸ a lιттle grυмpy тoday. Dιd yoυr мaѕтe- - Enough!!! …YOU!...

1 year ago

Orange gold fish full of clever sass 😂😂 (in a good way of course!)

1 year ago

A verrrryyyy wide smile and spatula 😂

Pictures 1
Nothing like traveling in the ether and messing things around…

1 year ago

Nothing like traveling in the ether and messing things around…

Pictures 4
I bet he reads it bed time story too

1 year ago

I bet he reads it bed time story too

Pictures 1
Ignite.   (Seen people explore the idea that Marvin is a Phoenix, thought I’d join in.) :) 

1 year ago

Ignite.  (Seen people explore the idea that Marvin is a Phoenix, thought I’d join in.) :) 


aww the developers featured Jack in the credits of the Kindergarten 2 game 💜

1 year ago

aww the developers featured Jack in the credits of the Kindergarten 2 game 💜


@therealjacksepticeye, I think the community would like to have a word with you


1 year ago

@therealjacksepticeye, I think the community would like to have a word with you

Reblog and tell me how you discovered Jacksepticeye

I was watching Mark play FNAF and Jack’s FNAF video was recommended to me by Youtube so I watched it and binge watched his videos since then lol

I was watching the Gang Beasts collab between Felix, Mark, Ken and him ( when I just subscribed to Felix and Mark and Ken that same week ;P). So his video got recommended to me and well, you know the rest 😂

I was watching marks video of Whose your daddy with jack,pewds and ken and went to have a look at jacks channel but didn’t stay long

Then when undertale was REALLY popular I was watching dan and Phil play it buuuuut they were taking forever to upload each video so I decided to look for someone else to watch it, turns out that jack did a series on it so I began watching, best 👏🏻 decision 👏🏻

I was binging some old collab videos from Mark when I came across OBEY with Mark, Bob, Wade and Jack. I was like “huh. He’s hilarious. I’ll check him out.”

I was binge watching Markiplier highlights and Jack appeared in a prop hunt vid as part of it. He had green hair and I remember a friend telling me about a youtuber dying his hair green for charity. He was getting ripped on for calling a trash can a wheelie bin and his reaction made me laugh. I was curious as my friend rated him quite highly so I checked out his channel and was hooked.

I honestly can’t remember how exactly :’D gosh it’s been years, but I think I found/heard about Jack first time from either Felix’s or Mark’s video and then I subscribed to him. But I didn’t watch his videos for quite a time until he uploaded the Unravel series and started to binge watching his videos ever since XD

1 year ago

Reblog and tell me how you discovered Jacksepticeye


i was tagged by @angelic-holland to do this cute lil thing :’) thanks love!!

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i did it the other week!! here’s mine 🥺



was not tagged but hello


it me!


I wasn’t tagged but I wanted to make one of these cute little avatar thingys

- imma tag @eeyore101247 to do it because Lolo you’re cute as heck


I tag @marvelrreigns @spidey-waffles11 @unholyhaz @parkerpuffwrites and @louistwinslover


Thank you @eeyore101247 💖 (thank you lovely!)

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These are so cute! (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)

Tag: @cozys-corner / @myscarsaremystars / @coololdsoulpoetlove / @justfangirlingaround / @youngscrappymostlyhungry & anyone else!



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Wasn’t tagged either but I love doing those :D

@thedarkenedkeeper @amycampbell00 @viostormcaller @van-arts @turquoisemagpie @little-merry-go-round

!!! Thank you for the tags these are super pretty!! ❤❤❤


This is basically me but a lot skinnier hahaha XD the artstyle so gorgeous

I tag: everyone that see this and wanna do it :)

1 year ago

i was tagged by @angelic-holland to do this cute lil thing :’) thanks love!! tagging: @spideypeach @heycasbutt @astrospideys...


‘there is no 6th ego week in Ba Sing Se’

1 year ago

‘there is no 6th ego week in Ba Sing Se’


I had to draw the bagel Vine with Aziraphale and Crowley!

1 year ago

I had to draw the bagel Vine with Aziraphale and Crowley!

The veteran had seen a lot of a colour in the art galleries in the community hub. The last five weeks saw the egos in array of scenarios and styles and they loved the range the community had. From photo realistic to stickmen, the varying skills warmed their heart.

Soon though it would come to an end and the activity would return to the mixture of comments, memes, art, gifs, edits and writing. It had been very nice to experience.

As Chase's week came to a close, the veteran sat in the atrium of the hub. They listened to members of the community as they began to wonder if that would be it for ego week. People were starting to question whether leaving Anti out would be a good idea.

They got their answer when Jack posted saying thank you to the community for participating in the ego art weeks. An uneasiness fell across the hub. Leaving Anti out would have massive consequences.. They quickly ran outside when they could feel the place rumble like an earthquake.

"Oh god, what have you done, Jack?"

In the distance they could see green flashes of lighting. The air itself felt pressured and the wind kicked up fiercely. With that one post, Jack unleashed Anti's fury and the community would burn once more.

They ran back into the hub.

"Brace yourselves!" They shouted as the grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher.

I love the idea that the rest of the egos already prepared fire extinguisher in case Anti ever have a breakdown at any moment 😂😂

1 year ago

The veteran had seen a lot of a colour in the art galleries in the community hub. The last five weeks saw the egos in array of...


I got tagged by @quietblogoflurk

ONE / name/alias lulu when i’m on tumblr

TWO / birthday 8 march

THREE / zodiac sign pisces

FOUR / height 5′7 (okay, more like 5′6 and a half)

FIVE / hobbies writing, knitting, video games

SIX / favorite colors blue

SEVEN / favorite books i’m gonna say *spins wheel* record of a spaceborn few by becky chambers

EIGHT / last song i listened to the last one i remember is “only the good die young” by billy joel

NINE / last film i watched into the spiderverse

TEN / inspiration for muse all sorts, but especially music and conversation

ELEVEN / dream job professional author

TWELVE / meaning behind your url it’s the latin translation of another username of mine, centreoftheselights, which comes from the quote in my header “you and i and all that we are came from the centre of these lights” which is a version of “we are all stardust”

THIRTEEN / top 3 ships i’m in sanders sides fandom atm (but y’all haven’t seen much of it cause i have a sideblog). fave ships are probably lamp, analogical and moxiety

FOURTEEN / lipstick or chapstick neither. i put lip salve on if my lips get too bad.

FIFTEEN / currently reading i’m halfway through “a darker shade of magic” by ve schwab but i haven’t actually read it in months cause fanfic exists

people who can do this if they want but don’t have to: @cynassa, @scienceandstarlight, @astercrash, @blargha-the-mighty-elven-warrior, @evayna, @rosesisupposes, @blinksinbewilderment, @notveryglittery, @tulipscomeinallsortsofcolors, @hawthornshadow

! thanku lulu!

ONE / name/alias: blink

TWO / birthday: august 27!

THREE / zodiac sign: am virgo

FOUR / height: 5′4.5″

FIVE / hobbies: drawing, watching tv/movies, reading

SIX / favourite colours: dark blue!! (tho i’ll never say no to a nice caribbean blue)

SEVEN / favourite books: le petit prince by antoine de saint-exupéry, aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe and the inexplicable logic of my life by 

EIGHT / last song i listened to: what baking can do from waitress

NINE / last film i watched: love, simon

TEN / inspiration for muse: lots and lots of music, lots of other artists on instagram and tumblr, 

ELEVEN / dream job: man i have absolutely no clue

TWELVE / meaning behind your url: i was thinking about writing one day, as one does, and i thought “hm blinks in bewilderment is a funky phrase i should write that down somewhere so i don’t forget it” and instead of finding a sticky note i saved it as a tumblr sideblog. it just happened to be one of my empty blogs when i started reblogging sanders sides content

THIRTEEN / top 3 ships: analogical, the ineffable husbands, and royality and remile are pretty tied!

FOURTEEN / lipstick or chapstick: chapstick but only at night because i always lick it off otherwise and that’s not supposed to happen

FIFTEEN / currently reading: six of crows by leigh bardugo!

i never know who to tag for these ummm @stardustlogan @teacupfulofstarshine @hijabi-princex @fanartfunart @do-your-socks-have-holes-in-them @purediscordhell


ONE / name/alias: momo!

TWO / birthday: november 4

THREE / zodiac sign: scorpio

FOUR / height: 5′5

FIVE / hobbies: drawing, reading, writing

SIX / favourite colours: blood red

SEVEN / favourite books: The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and The Namesake by jhumpa lahiri

EIGHT / last song i listened to: fiddle cover of old town road

NINE / last film i watched: into the spiderverse

TEN / inspiration for muse: usually tumblr posts, music, friends, and random day to day things that happen

ELEVEN / dream job: some sort of successful freelancer

TWELVE / meaning behind your url: so the last url i had was a joke url (jesussanders lol) and originally i was going to change it to thomaskin, but that was taken so i decided to take on a more serious one that would describe either me or my content. I’m a hijabi and NB royalty, so i couldnt have done much better i think, 

THIRTEEN / top 3 ships: at the moment probably roceit, intrulogical and dlamp 

FOURTEEN / lipstick or chapstick: neither, ever. i feel bad for anyone in the future who attempts a kiss 

FIFTEEN / currently reading: uhh nothing atm, i should get on that

errrr tagging off the top of my head: @kaioanxiety @raterina-and-rayla @mason-does-a-thing @robintheghostboys @towersandmyrtles

and anyone else who would like to that sees this i guess, i don’t mind getting to know you a bit 

ONE / name/alias: Rayla

TWO / birthday: February 22

THREE / zodiac sign: Pisces

FOUR / height: 5′5-6″

FIVE / hobbies: drawing, reading, writing, painting, singing, just creating in general lol

SIX / favourite colour: blackish blue and pale, pale purple

SEVEN / favourite books: That’s to difficult of a question, moving on lol

EIGHT / last song i listened to: Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time by P!ATD

NINE / last film i watched: Detective Pikachu

TEN / inspiration for muse: Random thoughts and sometimes spurs of random creativity. Sometimes its my friends or even a Pinterest post.

ELEVEN / dream job: A freelance artist or maybe a therapist with art as a side job

TWELVE / meaning behind your url: Technically i share this Tumblr with a friend of mine so we added “rat” in our names and put an “and” lol

THIRTEEN / top 3 ships: Currently it’s princxiety, solangelo, and maybe analogical

FOURTEEN / lipstick or chapstick: Chap stick when its a necessary 

FIFTEEN / currently reading: The books i’m not reading that aren’t fanfiction is Be More Chill and Thirteen Reasons Why

Ummmm, im really bad at tagging people but, @crazyfangirls-stuff @yeet-ceit @impatentpending @bluejay272 @winterswishing and anyone else because i love getting to know people!

I don’t even know how I got tagged but alright! Let’s do this!

ONE / name/alias: Winter

TWO / birthday: February 11

THREE / zodiac sign: Aquarius

FOUR / height: About 5'2 or 5'3

FIVE / hobbies: Dawing, writing, painting, cosplay, singing, cooking, etc.

SIX / favourite colour: Darker, cooler shades. Like purple, blue, green. I also like neutral shades.

SEVEN / favourite books: Don’t really have any. But Soldier Doll is great. Also, kids’ books are fun to read.

EIGHT / last song i listened to: “Emperor’s New Clothes” - Panic! At The Disco

NINE / last film i watched: I think Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.

TEN / inspiration for muse: Muse? As in a drawing? … Stories and random thoughts or prompts, mostly.

ELEVEN / dream job: Oh. I dunno. Maybe an author with YouTube as a side gig.

TWELVE / meaning behind your url: Winter is my favourite season and I remember the compass by “Never Ever Stop Wishing” and West is left and I like the left, for some reason. It also sounds nice and magical.

THIRTEEN / top 3 ships: I like a lot of ships… I’d say Analogical, Loceit, and DLAMP are my favourites right now.

FOURTEEN / lipstick or chapstick: If for a cosplay, lipstick. But I prefer chapstick.

FIFTEEN / currently reading: Soldier Doll by Jennifer Gold, Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter, and some fanfics.

I'mma tag 12 people if they wanna do it: @eat-moar-veggis @emologan @heathers-dorkness-0923 @xxnekopotatoxx @randomfactscenteral @therubyjailcell @so-many-ships-i-have-a-fleet @bleepblopbloop56 @lefaystrent @yourelost-itsokay @julia-loves-cupcakes @imnotcameraready

ONE / name/alias: Rowan

TWO / birthday: June 11

THREE / zodiac sign: Gemini

FOUR / height: 4′11 and HALF AN INCH

FIVE / hobbies: drawing, writing, singing, listening to podcasts, playing video games, playing piano, playing violin, acting

SIX / favourite colour: uh the whole rainbow? but right now i like sunset orange

SEVEN / favourite books: it’s hard to pick, y’know?

EIGHT / last song i listened to: “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen (I still have trouble trying not to cry)

NINE / last film i watched: Lalaland, I think. I didn’t end up finishing it.

TEN / inspiration for muse: idfk? mostly i take cute couple stuff that i want to happen to me, then apply it to ships because im lonely as f*ck

ELEVEN / dream job: it’s hard for me to choose, y’know? i have so many interests, but to pick a few: musician, author, actor/voice actor

TWELVE / meaning behind your url: That line of that song means a lot to me.

THIRTEEN / top 3 ships: uh only three? i plead. no but DLAMP, LAMP, and Dukeceit are what im obsessed w right now

FOURTEEN / lipstick or chapstick: uh neither, dry lips for me

FIFTEEN / currently reading: Welcome to Night Vale: a Novel. also Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour (which is gay btw)

@thesentientmango @whispers-stuff-in-your-ear @imstillnotokay @patt0n-sanders @fullcircle807 @bi-streetcat @icantpayattentiontoanything @celeste-tyrrell  @birbtails @corracii

Thanks for tagging me!! Wow, we have a lot in common @yourelost-itsokay!

ONE / name/alias: Beth

TWO / birthday: June 11!!

THREE / zodiac sign: Gemini

FOUR / height: I say 5'1 but it’s probably closer to 5'0 and a half… it’s fine I’m rounding!!

FIVE / hobbies: karate, drawing, writing, singing, I’ve been trying to learn piano again, knitting, just kinda walking in the woods

SIX / favourite colour: I love all the colors! I’m known for liking blue, but recently I’ve gained a new appreciation for red.

SEVEN / favourite books: How dare you try and make me pick between all of my babies! I can’t do that! This isn’t my favorite necessarily, but i would recommend The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to anyone into sci-fi!

EIGHT / last song i listened to: Well I am currently listening to Requiem from DEH, I’ve been listening to the whole soundtrack for the past couple of days now!

NINE / last film i watched: um i honestly don’t remember, maybe spiderman far from home?

TEN / inspiration for muse: uh well most of the time it just kinda happens, but sometimes (bare with me) I’ll be out in the woods, and I’ll see some trees and my brain will just kinda make a story around them? It’s kinda strange

ELEVEN / dream job: well recently I’ve been thinking about going into genetics, I just love to help people ya know?

TWELVE / meaning behind your url: well I saw a pear that looked like a mango, and a commented, “hey, that looks like a mango!” Then my brother went, “You look like a mango!” We all just kinda went with it, so I’m a mango now.

THIRTEEN / top 3 ships: oh it’s so hard to pick! I ship most things. Um i think if I had to pick it would be Logince, Logicality, and Analogical. I think I’ve written the most of those

FOURTEEN / lipstick or chapstick: I don’t wear either except maybe in the winter I go for chapstick

FIFTEEN / currently reading: I’m reading Circe, and Born a Crime for school

If you guys want to! -

@mferge7 @theshippingroyalty @your-friendly-neighborhood-enby @4ngstyc00kie @fullcircle807

thank you for tagging me!

ONE / name/alias Eden

TWO / birthday Feb 18

THREE / zodiac sign pieces and i will fight you if you tell me different

FOUR /  height  5’2

FIVE / hobbies reading drawing singing listening to “and thats why we drink” podcast

SIX / favorite color black or dark green

SEVEN / favorite books harry potter or percy jackson

EIGHT / last song i listened to “Round abd Around” by Kolohe Kai (thats a cool song me and my grade sang it with him during our “graduation”)

NINE / last film i watched Now and then

TEN / inspiration for muse idk

ELEVEN / dream job i think teacher but idk anymore maybe therapist or a cosmologist(space scientist)

TWELVE / meaning behind my url idk where fullcircle came from but 807 was supposed to be 808 but that was taken

THIRTEEN / top 3 ships um prinxiety, harmione, and logicality

FOURTEEN / lipstick or chapstick chapstick

FIFTEEN / currently reading nothing! cause i keep trying to reread harry potter and i never can

@soakinforsif @ewitsemile @strickenwithclairvoyance @strong-bi-fi @euphoria-my-love @hogwarts-my-love  and any one who wants to!

Awwww thanks Eden!

One / Name/Alias Jo (or any variation like Joey or JoJo)

Two / Birthday September 18th

Three / Zodiac Sign

Four / Height Last I checked I was 5'2 but I think I’m 5'3"

Five / Hobbies baking, drawing, writing, reading, YouTube etc.

Six / Favourite Colour Violet or Carribean Blue

Seven / Favourite Books My favourite right now is probably Ready Player One (Ernest Cline) and Twelth Night (William Shakespeare) is second if that counts as a book lol

Eight / Last Song I Listened To It was a version of You Need To Calm Down (Taylor Swift) in the style of Rick Astley done by YouTuber Ali Spagnola

Nine / Last Film I Watched … It was the Cat In The Hat movie because I work at A summer camp. I think the last movie I watched for my own personal enjoyment was Perfect Date.

Ten / Inspiration For Muse IDK I still kind of need to find one… Usually my own negative feelings or Tumblr posts.

Eleven / Dream Job if I could be a Lawyer but incorporate some sort of biology and maybe statistics (so an environmental issues Lawyer?)

Twelve / Meaning behind my URL I don’t remember how it started, but @thirstyforthor , another friend and I were coming up with alliterations for being attracted to characters from Thor and the general Marvel universe.

Thirteen / Top Three Ships I’m kind of obsessed with Sanders Sides right now so Analogical, Logicality and LAMP (Logan needs love, ok?)

Fourteen / Lipstick or Chapstick chapstick I guess

Fifteen / Currently Reading nothing at the moment. I’ve been reading mostly shorter fics (if anyone knows any good longer ones I’ll happily accept recommendations)

@your-friendly-neighborhood-enby @your-dragondads-hoard @anxiety-has-anxiety @yourelost-itsokay @its-nikki-bitch @gh0st-patr0l @carydorse @stillinaclosetbunny @depressedbutoptimistic @woodyguthrietattoo @justalesbianloser @thedinodad @chocolatedragonegg @amayapuppy @theswordofpens

Whoo!! Thank you @soakinforsif and@mferge7 for both tagging me!! Luv ya both 💛

One/name/alias: Emien or Loui or dad! I went by Loui for a long time because I was still figuring out my name but yea that’s a story

Two/birthday: 28th of April!!

Three/zodiac sign: Taurus ♉️

Four/height: between 5’11 and 6’

Five/hobbies: arting, writing, reading, procrastinating doing those things

Six/favourite colour: yellow and purple, and red, and blue, and green, and orange, and……


Eight/last song I listened to: the dukes theme TS

Nine/last film I watched: Disney’s Hercules I think

Ten/inspiration for muse: hahaha inspiration? Who’s she? Never heard of her.

Eleven/dream job : blacksmith

Twelve/meaning behind my tumblename: I am a dragon, I am your dad, this is my hoard.

Thirteen/ top three ships: logince, wolfstar, and nicoxhappiness

Fourteen/lipstick or chapstick: a) it’s called lip balm, b) just lick them cowards

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One/name/alias I go by Haze or Iggy

Two/birthday 12th December

Three/zodiac sign Sagittarius uwu

Four/height the pitiful height of 5’2 or 160cm

Five/hobbies drawing, singing, writing, that sort of stuff

Six/favourite colour between black and silver at the moment

Seven/favourite books the entire Percy Jackson series. That includes the Kane chronicles, Magnus Chase, Heroes of Olympus and Trials of Apollo. And all the side books

Eight/last song you listened to Left Behind by Dagames

Nine/last film you watched I think it was The Hunger Games

Ten/inspiration for muse I have no idea what this means so yay (I thought of the band when I saw muse-)

Eleven/dream job anything that involves art or geography. I might take the route of a teacher but might not because speaking to people I don’t know-

Twelve/meaning behind your tumblr name well, I’m fabulous and I’m also an emo mess

Thirteen/top three ships oh gawd. Um. I’m not sure. Prinxiety, TS, (is that how it’s spelt?), PruCan, Hetalia, and Klaine, Glee

Fourteen/lipstick or chapstick neither

Um, @chiera99, and @throughthedoomdays (yes I’m putting you on here Rodie). That’s about it

Awww thanks Iggy!

One/name/alias: Kira, I have too many other nicknames to list them

Two/birthday: 3rd of August

Three/zodiac sign: Leo

Four/height: Proud height of 5'9 or 174cm

Five/hobbies: Drawing, singing, writing, dancing, I also play the flute

Six/favorite color: Red and magenta/pink/whatever variation of that

Seven/favorite book series: Insel der Nyx, or the entire Percy Jackson series. I haven’t read Heroes of Olympus or any side series. Only Percy Jackson

Eight/last song you listened to: Bisexual Anthem by Domo Wilson

Nine/last movie you watched: Rise Of The Guardians, my absolute favorite movie

Ten/inspiration for muse: Honesty, I get inspired by all the fandoms I’m in, and I get a lot of weird ideas while texting with @throughthedoomdays

Eleven/dream job: I’d love to be a musical actor

Twelve: Meaning behind your Tumblr name: I use this name on almost every platform, and it was created when I was very young. He told me that “chiera” would be pronounced “Kira”, so I used it, because it looked cool. Even though I now know that it’s not pronounced like that, I’m sticking with it.

Thirteen/Three favorite ships: I have too many, I don’t know, uh, Ineffable Husbands, Prinxiety, and Gwenvid. Yeah.

Fourteen/lipstick or chapstick: Neither

All the people I know have already been tagged, but I haven’t seen @throughthedoomdays doing this yet, so, DO IT

Okay okay kiddos I’m doing it lmao

One / name/alias: I go by Peridot or a short version of it (just Peri or just Dot). my friend calls me avocado seed and I’m not even kidding. Also Rodie because Haze (@fabulous-emo-mess ) calls me that!

Two / birthday: November 8th

Three / zodiac sign: Scorpio

Four / height: Last time I checked 5'6. Might be 5'7 by now

Five / hobbies: I like writing, reading and listening to music. And playing the guitar

Six / favorite color: Orange and purple

Seven / favorite book series: The Magisterium series. I love those books with all of my heart

Eight / last song you listened to: My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light ‘Em Up) by Fall Out Boy (yes I had to type the whole song title out-)

Nine / last movie you watched: I’m 99% sure it was Gone Girl

Ten / inspiration for muse: @chiera99 yyyeah our ideas are always pretty on crack so that’s definitely something. Also when I text with @fabulous-emo-mess though (Haze you know)

Eleven / dream job: I have no idea. When I was little I wanted to be an author. Now I want to do something with psychology. Maybe I should combine those things lmao

Twelve / meaning behind your tumblr name: It’s from a Bastille song called Doom Days, and I love Bastille so that’s why

Thirteen / Three favorite ships: Ineffable husbands, Lapidot (Lapidot as queerplatonic partners is an amazing headcanon too though) and Davesport. don’t @ me ili

Fourteen / lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick, but I barely ever wear any. I just prefer it over lipstick, definitely

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One / Name/Alias: Ilaria, everyone calls me Ila

Two / Birthday: January 27th

Three / Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Four / Height: 155 cm or 5'1 for y'all Americans

Five / Hobbies: reading, listening to music, fangirling, cosplaying

Six / Favorite Color: cobalt blue and orange

Seven / Favorite Books: Game of Thrones, LOTR, and last but not least Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons

Eight / last song I listened to: Angel of Sweet Death & the Codeine Scene by Hozier

Nine / Last Film I Watched: it’s not a movie but anyway, the last thing I watched was the first season of Masters of Sex

Ten / Inspiration for muse: things that I watch on the internet, my friends’ ideas

Eleven / Dream job: I hope to become a good doctor eventually, it’s what I’m studying for

Twelve / Meaning behind my Tumblr name: cobalt= my favorite color, muser= my favorite band, Muse (also the first fandom I joined this site for), 27= my birth day (it is also, incidentally, the number for the element Cobalt on the Periodic Table!)

Thirteen / Three favorite ships: there are too many to count but atm it’s Ineffable Husbands, JosuYasu and Spirk

Fourteen / Lipstick or Chapstick: I often wear lipstick when I go out, I forget to apply chapstick when I need it, so lipstick it is

I tag @isthismadness @cloudiness @cruccabastarda @softest-ioporco @azirafuck @triciaastra @ineffably-angsty and any other who wants to join!

Awwww, thank you so much for the tag, @cobaltmuser27  💖💖

One / Name/Alias: Martina irl name, Tricia/Tri/Trillian as, by now, my alias everywhere!

Two / Birthday: December 2nd

Three / Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Four / Height: 1.58/5″2. Hobbit height

Five / Hobbies: reading, drawing, writing, cooking and singing (badly) while blasting some good music!

Six / Favorite Color: Blue/Red/Black

Seven / Favorite Books: The Hitchhickers’ Guide to the Galaxy and Icemark Chronicles

Eight / last song I listened to: Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Nine / Last Film I Watched: Labyrinth 💖

Ten / Inspiration for muse: Basically everything I’m reading/watching atm BUT my longest inspiration by now is absolutely Jojo

Eleven / Dream job: Comic artist or (or even together) cultural mediator in Asia!

Twelve / Meaning behind my Tumblr name: It’s a blend between Tricia McMillan and Trillian Astra, who are the same character (Trillian Astra is the name Tricia uses as galactic journalist) in the Hitchhickers’ Guide to the Galaxy! She’s my favourite character and I liked a lot the name Tricia, so I blended it, as, when I signed up, I was also a super nerd about astronomy and “Astra” perfectly fitted! 

Thirteen / Three favorite ships: Ooooouh, uhm… BruAbba, my weak weak heart, OskanxThirrin from Icemark Chronicles, HiyorixYato from Noragami

Fourteen / Lipstick or Chapstick: Both, depending by the situation! I love cherry chapstick and when I put on lipstick it’s usually a dark red or a brick red matte lipstick!

Aaaand I’d like to tag @giogio-xp, @goldenjoestars, @kidgoober and @callmederok if you want to do it, of course!

Thank you my sweet cinnamon roll @triciaastra 🥨♥️

One/Name/Alias: Amanda or Amy

Two/Birthday: November 12th

Three/Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Four/Height: 157 cm

Five/Hobbies: reading books, manga and fanfictions, playing Pokemon, watching anime and horror movies. I am also a makeup addicted ;D

Six/Colors: White, Blue and Green

Seven/Favorite Books: The Neverending Story, Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie books, The Virgin Suicides. Many classics especially from John Steinbeck

Eight/last song I listened to: Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

Nine/Last Film I’ve Watched: Annabelle 2

Ten/Inspiration for muse: everything Jojo and many kpop female singers 

Eleven/Dream Job: costumist for the theatre 

Twelve/Meaning behind my Tumblr name: just one in theme with Jojo, they are all golden fluffy babies :,(

Thirteen/Three Favorite Ships: as for Jojo Bruabba, Jotakak and Giomis, I’m also into Versaille tv series and my heart is made of Monchevy

Fourteen/Lipstick or Chapstick: both, I love all makeup although I’m poor as hell and need to save money to buy jojo figures too, to be a responsible adult

I wll tag @thewarldu, @homocidehusbands, @greasyoppa, @smol-sunnie, @cerolinda, @starjota, @akimao ❤️❤️

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One/Name/Alias: Mao

Two/Birthday: October 16th

Three/Zodiac Sign: Libra

Four/Height: 167 cm

Five/Hobbies: drawing ♥️ music, reading, watch tv show and movies, I love lego but it’s too expensive :/ my hobbies include dying my hair in many different colors :D

Six/Colors: red and blue

Seven/Favorite Books: there are too many to count … The Dream Thieves, L'eterna notte dei Bosconero, Il Bar Sotto il Mare, the Sussex Vampire, The Canterville Ghost, Red Dragon/hannibal, ,,too many.

Eight/last song I listened to:  The Real McKenzies - Chips

Nine/Last Film I’ve Watched:  it’s not a movie but I watched some episodes of Peaky Blinders waiting for the new season

Ten/Inspiration for muse:  music, it’s always the music that gives me good advice and see the excellent art of other artists

Eleven/Dream Job: no idea, I’m still looking for my dream job

Twelve/Meaning behind my Tumblr name: “Aki”  means autumn in japanese, my favorite season ♥️ and “Mao” is just .. me xD

Thirteen/Three Favorite Ships: again, too many xD the first three that come to my mind: kidlaw, pynch and johnlock ( but right now I’m obsessed with good omens )

Fourteen/Lipstick or Chapstick: i love matte lipsticks

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One/Name/Alias: Fish. (On Tumblr. Either that, or D.)

Two/Birthday: February 1st

Three/Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Four/Height: 1.65 cm

Five/Hobbies: Drawing. Music. Fishkeeping. Videogames. Baking sweet stuff, I guess.

Six/Colors: Blue and black

Seven/Favorite Books: ….I dont read that much, I’m afraid..Hecc, I don’t even know if I do have a favourite book, to be honest.

Eight/last song I listened to: Mötley Crüe - The Dirt

Nine/Last Film I’ve Watched: I guess it was Avengers - End game

Ten/Inspiration for muse:  Usually it’s music. But even looking at other people’s artworks can do the trick sometimes.

Eleven/Dream Job: Hehehe…Dream job. That died years ago. Probably I should work in some place who sells fish and fishtanks though.Anything is better than whatI do right now.

Twelve/Meaning behind my Tumblr name: No real meaning and two different ones at the same time. It’s a pun bro. A pun.

Thirteen/Three Favorite Ships: You got me here…I dont know. I don’t really ship people or characters..I just watch what’s around me and I accept it.

Fourteen/Lipstick or Chapstick: I REALLY do hate the feeling of that stuff smeared all over my mouth…BUT! If I have to use one of the two -and I do it veeeery rarely- is lipstick.

I’d like to tag @mexicanesecat  @raimeyl @kasper-the-ghost @van-arts

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Thanks for the tag @d-structive! And dudee hecc yeah breed and sell some fishes and tanks accessories ain’t a bad idea :D That sounds so neat!

One/Name/Alias: Van :D But rl friends often call me by “Melo” which is a nickname of my last name.

Two/Birthday: June 28th

Three/Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Four/Height: 150 cm

Five/Hobbies: Watching youtube, drawing, contemplating whether I make good life decisions :’)

Six/Colors: Blue, and basically anything in pastel

Seven/Favorite Books: Is comic book counted? XD If so, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa

Eight/last song I listened to: Timmy Trumpet - Freaks

Nine/Last Film I’ve Watched: Spider Man Far From Home

Ten/Inspiration for muse:  Real Life event, like convos between me and friends? And also songs and other people’s artworks :D

Eleven/Dream Job: An illustrator and designer specializing in printing medias and packaging (gosh I know that’s super specific but I love print works SO much! XD)

Twelve/Meaning behind my Tumblr name: A pun from my name and because I draw fanarts a lot :P

Thirteen/Three Favorite Ships: Currently…..It’s all South Park ships lmao. It’s StanxKyle, CraigxTweek and KennyxButters X’DDD

Fourteen/Lipstick or Chapstick: I’m not so sure what’s the difference between those tbh :’3 but I use lipstick

I tag: @huffletrax @fairykats @easy-hard @obviouslypancakes @anyone wanna do this feel free to :)

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FOURTEEN PEOPLE I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW BETTER I got tagged by @quietblogoflurk ONE / name/alias lulu when i’m on tumblr TWO /...











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Just Gave In To The Dark Lord Of Minecraft 👀

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Just curious, what's your favorite JSE Ego?